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Brexit: United Kingdom voted in favor of withdrawal from the European Union

In 1975, shortly after joining the EU, or Common Market as it was called, UK held a referendum on its membership in this organization. The population voted "yes", but since then the voices became louder, both among voters and politicians that the EU has changed so much over the past 40 years, it is necessary to hold another referendum.

Before the last general election in the UK Conservative Party promised voters to hold a referendum in the country until the end of 2017 on the question of whether the country should remain in the European Union. The party won the elections, formed a government, and kept its promise.

The formulation of the question was as follows:

"Should the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union or leave the European Union?", It was adopted both Office of the Prime Minister and Parliament.Britain EU referendum

More than 17 million Britons voted Brexit. These are the official data of the referendum held on 23 June released by the Electoral Commission of Great Britain. The turnout was 72.2%. At the same time, 15 thousand 207 ballots were annulled. Supporters of Brexit were in the lead after the half counting. For out of the EU expressed the majority of residents of England and Wales - against Scotland and Northern Ireland.

As a result of the counting of votes in all the 382 constituencies for the withdrawal from the European Union voted 17 million 410 thousand 742 people (51.9%), against - 16 million 141 thousand 241 people (48.1%).

Results of the referendum led to a rapid fall in the UK market - the pound fell to its lowest level since 1985, much cheaper shares of the leading companies. The data comes from the UK during the referendum had a significant effect on the world's stock exchanges and currency markets. The course of the British currency to the dollar at a minimum has fallen by more than 11%. The euro fell against the US currency by more than 3.7%. Even Asian indices started to fall on the news about the advantages of Brexit supporters. Japanese NIKKEI 225 lost 3.05%, Hong Kong Hang Seng - 3,33%, SSE Comp - 1,21%.

article 50Now Britain can formally start the operation of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which describes the procedure for exit from the European Union, announcing this either in writing or orally. Starting 50th article opens a two-year period, during which must be completed all the formal negotiations on the country's exit from the EU.

While the negotiations will be conducted on the 50 th article United Kingdom will be bound by all applicable laws and contractual obligations of the EU. But after two years the UK's EU membership may be terminated.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said he would resign before October in order to start the procedure of exit from the EU could his successor, who is expected to be elected at the conference of the Conservative Party at the end of September.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday that the European Union should not be rude and arrogant towards the UK in the negotiations on the country's withdrawal from the EU. According to her, holding the other countries from the exit from the European Union should not be a priority in the negotiations with Britain.

Merkel said she hopes for "good atmosphere" during negotiations with Britain: "Exit should not last indefinitely, but I would not have fought for the shortest possible time period."

The head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has predicted that the exit of Britain from the EU will take at least five years. However, EU foreign ministers called on Britain to start the procedure of exit from the EU as soon as possible.

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