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The joint global efforts to overcome the crisis of migration

In recent years, Europe has taken a lot of measures to address the migration crisis from building physical barriers to resettlement quotas. Tense created by this crisis is very strong for the EU.

EU reduces this tension taking successive solutions that reduce the flow of refugees to Europe. One such solution has led to the financing of Turkey, which can be a key point for the control of migration flows.

Livan IordanBut the problem is so great that the efforts of the EU itself is not enough. Fortunately, the international community and international institutions do not stand on the sidelines. Eight countries and the European Commission agreed to allocate to support the Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon for a total of more than $ 1.5 billion.

Lebanon and Jordan are the countries that hosted the largest number of refugees from neighboring Syria. Over the past five years in the region of Middle and Near East more than 15 million people were forced to leave their homes because of conflict or unstable situation at home.

These measures should help to ease the flow of refugees. The decision was made during the spring session of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which takes place in Washington.

Among the states that have accepted the financial support of refugees - Germany, USA, Canada, Japan, France, Britain, the Netherlands and Norway.

Financial aid package is part of the program, which launched the World Bank, the United Nations and the Islamic Development Bank in October 2015 with a view to supporting the Middle and Near East, and North Africa.

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As specified in the World Bank's press release issued on April 15, 141 million dollars is planned to provide free, one billion - as a loan and another $ 500 million - in the form of financial guarantees.

Pope Francis, in the morning on April 16 arrived on the island of Lesbos, where he met with Prime Minister of the Republic of Greece Alexis Tsipras.

The main topic of conversation was the critical situation of refugees and migrants, in particular, the situation on the island of Lesbos. It was pointed out that this crisis is a European and International problem that requires a comprehensive response, respecting European and International laws.


Ibid at the o.Lesbos was signed a joint declaration on the ecumenical and humanitarian cooperation between the Primates of the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church of the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Greek Orthodox Church. The document was signed by Pope Francis, Patriarch Bartholomew and Patriarch Ieronim.

According to this document, the signatories express their deep concern about the tragic situation of many refugees, migrants and asylum seekers who have arrived in Europe, in an attempt to escape from a situation of conflict, and in many cases - from the daily threat of their lives.

"... The tragedy of migration and displacement affects millions of people and is, in fact, the crisis of mankind requires a response of solidarity, compassion, generosity, and the immediate and effective involvement of resources...", - said in a declaration.

Also heads of the churches together and solemnly called for the conclusion of the war and violence in the Middle East, peace and dignified return of those who were forced to leave their homes, to their homeland.

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