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Netherlandish referendum on the Agreement on the EU-Ukraine Association

In the Netherlands, April 6 held a referendum on the agreement on association with EU

referendum hollandIn the Netherlands, previously noted that a consultative referendum results are advisory in nature and are not binding. But if at least 30% of the electorate will take part in the referendum the Dutch government should consider this issue.

In January 2016 the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker warned Dutch voters of the dangers of refusing to support the European integration of Ukraine in a referendum.

Foreign Minister Bert Koenders said that regardless of the results of the referendum Netherlands wants to maintain friendly relations with Ukraine. Citizens of the Netherlands explained before the referendum, which means the signing of the Agreement with Ukraine on the association with the EU and talked about the benefits of free trade zones.

14 tnAs a result of processing 100% of the referendum ballot on the ratification of the Agreement on association with Ukraine, it became known that the majority of voters voted against. The referendum was declared valid, because he was overcome by a 30 percent turnout.

According to preliminary data, 61.1% voted against, "yes" in favor of 38%. Official results of the referendum will be announced on April 12

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said after the referendum that the country's authorities to thoroughly revise the agreement with Ukraine on the association to "satisfy all parties".

Netherlands remains the last EU country that has not yet completed the ratification procedure. The final decision on ratification of the Agreement after the internal discussions and procedures will make the Government of the Netherlands. While the Netherlands has not ratified the agreement on Ukraine-EU association, it can not enter into force. EU leaders are waiting for the decision of the Dutch government.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker sad result of the referendum in the Netherlands, however, according to him, the Association Agreement will continue to act as the provisional application mode.

The EU can continue to use it temporarily, as is the case in 2014. And from 1 January 2016 as a temporary is a free trade area (FTA) between Ukraine and the European Union. Regardless of the length of the ratification process, the temporary effect of the Association Agreement and FTA with Ukraine will remain in force.

1220957802295364128Press secretary of the European Commission Margaritis ┼×inasi in Brussels on Thursday, responding to a question whether the results of the referendum will affect the Netherlands on the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU on the decision of the European Commission to propose to grant Ukraine visa-free regime, said: "President Juncker last month reported that proposals will be submitted no later than this month".

Germany and France will continue to adhere to the agreement on the EU-Ukraine Association, despite the results of the referendum in the Netherlands. 7 April, it was declared by the president of France after a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Metz. According to Merkel, the Netherlands will work with the European institutions as to whether how to proceed with the agreement on the EU-Ukraine Association.

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"We are certainly interested in every possible way for Ukraine to continue the path to the EU and, above all, to certain standards that have been agreed in the agreement on association", - said Merkel.

USA 240 animated flag gifsUnited States of America disappointed with the decision of the Netherlanders. On Thursday, said State Department spokesman Mark Toner.

"We are saddened by the result of the vote, but we respect the views of the Netherlanders, and - the political process in their country", - he said.

The speaker stressed that only the Dutch government should decide what should be made in view of results of the referendum, who bore the consultative nature. Since this is an internal political issue.

The representative of the State Department said that the United States consider EU association agreement with Ukraine advantageous to Washington, Kiev and the EU.

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