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Diplomatic visit by US Vice President Joseph Biden to Ukraine

baiden in ukraineLate in the evening of 6 December, Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Kiev with two-day visit. No doubt it is a historical event for Ukraine. The visit of such a policy "caliber" in independent Ukraine is the first time.

The administration of US President said that one of the main goals of this trip - to remind the people of Ukraine and the world that even in the conditions when the international attention is focused on the events in Syria, the United States did not forgotten about the Ukraine.

The schedule of the visit turned out pretty dense, December 7, US Vice President held a meeting with Ukrainian MP.

At the meeting discussed four key themes: corruption, a reboot of the Government, violation of the Minsk agreements by Russian Federation in the context of constitutional reforms and the electoral law in the occupied territories, as well as - the annexation of the Crimea.

According to a spokesman of US authorities in the economic development of Ukraine there have been some success: GDP shows some growth, increasing industrial production and export of agricultural products, and the Ukrainian national currency has stabilized.

There Biden called for changes to the Constitution and the electoral law in the occupied territories. According to the vice-president, this step "would allow the United States to demand from the the Russian Federation retaliatory steps, and the Europeans - unity on sanctions."

Baiden PoroshenkoPresident of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko held a joint press conference with US Vice President. During which Biden gave assurances that the US will support Ukraine in the International Monetary Fund. Poroshenko, in turn, assured Biden that Ukraine will support the most anti-terrorist coalition forces in Syria.

US Vice President also visited the street Institutskaya, where paid tribute to the heroes of hundreds of Heaven

baiden yatzenukAt the joint briefing with Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk assured Biden that is willing carry out 5 important reforms in the country:

"First and foremost it is deregulation and reduction of the impact of authorities on the economy. The second - the reform of the tax system and fiscal services. Third - the fight against corruption at the customs. The fourth - privatization. Fifth - the introduction of new standards in the state. Companies", - he said

In his turn Biden said that the US Congress is planning to give Ukraine an additional $ 300 million to the security sector.

Baiden RadaDecember 8, Biden spoke at the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada. He assured Ukraine that the United States will continue to put pressure on the Russian Federation, as long as the Minsk Agreements are not fulfilled.

At a parting word to his Ukrainian counterpart Joseph Biden brought the quote: "Edman Burke still in 1774 said in his address to his constituents:" Parliament - is an advisory body of one nation, one people with a common interest, where are not local purpose, not local prejudices should control, and the common good ".

Of the 35-minute appeal the vice president to the government and people of Ukraine follows that as long as the Ukrainians alive the desire for freedom and democracy, they can count on the strong support of the United States.

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