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United Kingdom in June 2016 will hold a referendum on leaving the EU

David CameronThe referendum on the issue of withdrawal from the EU before the end of 2017 were among the campaign promises of Prime Minister David Cameron

Sociological Institute Pew Research Center conducted a survey, the results of which are as follows: 36% of UK citizens favor withdrawal from the EU, but 55% of respondents believe that the country should maintain membership in the European Union.

houses of parliamentJune 9th the British Parliament approved the holding of a referendum on the country's withdrawal from the EU - 544 deputies voted "for" and 53 - "no." Prior to this, Prime Minister David Cameron suggested that ministers, Euro-skeptics to resign if they are not prepared to support a referendum on the future of Great Britain in the European Union.

UK Cabinet ruled out the possibility of holding a referendum on the country's membership in the European Union on 5 May 2016. The referendum was moved to the summer 2016 because of the elections in the Kingdom. In late May, the British formulated the question in the referendum on EU membership as follows: " Should the United Kingdom to remain a member of the European Union ? ". A referendum will be held in June 2016.

Head of the British government, opposed the break in relations with Brussels and intends to make maximum use of the current internal and external political situation, so that eventually the UK remains in the EU,
Leaded his party to victory in the parliamentary elections, first, he said that a referendum will be held. Great Britain is not satisfied, in particular, a large number of migrants entering the country from Eastern Europe, and restricting the powers of the Parliament of the Kingdom.
 but at the same time get the implementation of a number of requirements to the European Union.

Cameron expects that 2016 will enhance his chances to advertise the reform package and select EU economic risks that threaten the UK if It will come out of the EU.

Earlier, US President Barack Obama said that the UK should remain in the European Union in order to preserve its influence in the world. According to him, membership in the EU Britain " gives us a lot more confidence in the strength of the transatlantic alliance. "

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