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Independence Day in Moldova

August 27, 1991 the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova adopted the Declaration of Independence, following the example of the Baltic states, Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine. A few hours after the adoption of the document, Moldova's independence was recognized by Romania.


Traditionally, on the central square of Chisinau laying flowers at the monument to the Moldovan policy of the 15th century and is believed to be the most prominent historical figure in the history of Moldova - Stefan cel Mare.

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1469088189 turciya
Turkey expects EU membership no later than in 2023, the conditions for entry are not the most favorable, but it can change quickly.

This was stated by the Turkish ambassador to the EU, Selim Enel in an interview with Die Welt.

"This year (2023 - Ed.), Turkish Republic will be 100 years old. For my country, membership in the European Union would be the highest achievement." - He said.

According to him, Turkey is very interested in the discussion of further issues, such as the opening of the section on energy, law and fundamental rights, justice, freedom and security. Towards the opening of new chapters in the accession negotiations is the Cyprus question. In particular, Cyprus is blocking the opening of these chapters. The solution of the Cyprus conflict will give negotiations on accession a tangible impetus.

The Turkish authorities consider unacceptable timetable for liberalization of the visa regime with the European Union, which Brussels has postponed until the end of the year. They want this question decided in this year. Discussion of a visa-free regime is carried out in 2013. EU Turkey Visa

In March of this year, an agreement was signed, under which the visa can be canceled if it is carried out a number of conditions.

According to the agreement, the Turkish side will take back illegal migrants from Greece and accommodation costs of migrants, the EU should take.

But further negotiations deadlocked because of the refusal of the Turkish government to change the anti-terrorism legislation.

After a failed coup attempt, the country has faced a wave of changes

Authorities fired or detained suspects of having links with the rebels. Moreover, the Turkish authorities have started talking about the return of the death penalty. After that Brussels has repeatedly received statements that the death penalty will close the road to the EU. If Ankara decides to impose penalty, the EU will immediately cease any negotiations with it.

MFA Investigation

As part of the cleansing of the state structures of members of the movement Gülen Fetullaha (FETO), withdrawn from foreign countries about 300 Turkish Foreign Ministry staff working in diplomatic missions.

The investigation, which aims to identify FETO relations in the diplomatic sphere, carried out by the prosecutor's office in Ankara. In result of investigation diplomats, convicted of involvement in a terrorist flow of Gulen, will be dismissed. Other employees of MFA will return to their duties.

Gyurdzhan Balik, who served as Secretary of the Turkish Foreign Minister in the period when the department was headed by Ahmet Davutoglu, have been detained as well as former ambassadors Tuncay Ali and Findik Babalu

In headed by Gülen movement "Khizmat" many followers in the Republic of Turkey, including in law enforcement circles.

HizmetErdogan calls them "state within a state"

Speaking about the role of his movement in the investigation of allegations of corruption, Gülen said that many of the dismissed or transferred to other positions in the ranks of the police and the prosecutor's office did not have any links with the movement.

Fethullah Gülen, in the words of former US Ambassador James Jeffrey, is the spiritual leader of the movement that has millions of supporters in the Islamic world. Its effect is based on a system of charter schools, which are open in 150 countries. He is considered the second most powerful man in Turkey after Erdogan.

Now he leads retired life in self-imposed exile in the United States, where he went in 1999 and never returned.

1013464757Attempting to overthrow by military President Erdogan was a complete surprise to everyone, although the army intervention in politics - is one of the most long-standing and stable traditions in the Turkish Republic. The failure of the coup, which must be repeated the classical scheme of the twentieth century - a sign of fundamental changes that have occurred since then.

Statements of President and the prime minister left no doubt that the bloody incident will be used for the radical cleansing of the political field of the country, which was not possible to produce so far, in spite of the continuous strengthening of the power and tightening methods of government.

The failure of the coup, which demonstrated a high degree of support for the authorities, "resets" the failures of internal and external policy of Erdogan, multiplied in recent years.

It is possible that in the prevailing circumstances, Turkey will try to come back to the fact that Erdogan is scheduled before start, "the Middle East's Gambit" - involvement in the affairs of Eurasia, the drift to the east, closer ties with Russia.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016 18:13

25 years of Ukraine's independence

25 years Ukraine

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016 12:03

Ending of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio

Rio Salut
On the night of August 22 in Rio de Janeiro held a solemn closing ceremony of the 31-th Summer Olympic Games held in Brazil from 5 August. The ceremony took place on the main and legendary sports arena of Brazil - stadium "Maracana".

For the completion of the Olympic Games, 78,000 spectators watched from tribunes and millions of people around the world on TV. During the closing ceremony were awarded the winners in the men's marathon, in which the gold took kenyan Kipchoge with a score of 2 hours 8 minutes 44 seconds.

Over the last 6 Summer Olympics, the United States won the overall standings - 5 times.

Rio ceremony walk
In the unofficial medal standings on the total number of awards won by the United States in Rio - 46 gold, 37 silver and 38 bronze medals.

The second place was taken by Great Britain, which has won 27 gold medals. China has completed the game with 26 gold medals and got third place.

Medal standings

Country and place Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 USA 46 37 38 121
2 Great Britain 27 23 17 67
3 China 26 18 26 70
4 Russia 19 18 19 56
5 Germany 17 10 15 42
6 Japan 12 8 21 41
7 France 10 18 14 42
8 South Korea 9 3 9 21
9 Italy 8 12 8 28
10 Australia 8 11 10 29
11 Netherlands 8 7 4 19
12 Hungary 8 3 4 15
13 Brazil 7 6 6 19
14 Spain 7 4 6 17
15 Kenya 6 6 1 13
16 Jamaica 6 3 2 11
17 Croatia 5 3 2 10
18 Cuba 5 2 4 11
19 New Zealand 4 9 5 18
20 Canada 4 3 15 22
21 Uzbekistan 4 2 7 13
22 Kazakhstan 3 5 9 17
23 Colombia 3 2 3 8
24 Switzerland 3 2 2 7
25 Iran 3 1 4 8
26 Greece 3 1 2 6
27 Argentina 3 1 0 4
28 Denmark 2 6 7 15
29 Sweden 2 6 3 11
30 South Africa 2 6 2 10
31 Ukraine 2 5 4 11
32 Serbia 2 4 2 8
33 Poland 2 3 6 11
34 North Korea 2 3 2 7
35 Belgium 2 2 2 6
36 Thailand 2 2 2 6
37 Slovakia 2 2 0 4
38 Georgia 2 1 4 7
39 Azerbaijan 1 7 10 18
40 Belarus 1 4 4 9
41 Turkey 1 3 4 8
42 Armenia 1 3 0 4
43 Czech Republic 1 2 7 10
44 Ethiopia 1 2 5 8
45 Slovenia 1 2 1 4
46 Indonesia 1 2 0 3
47 Romania 1 1 3 5
48 Bahrain 1 1 0 2
49 Vietnam 1 1 0 2
50 Taiwan 1 0 2 3
51 Independent 1 0 1 2
52 Bahamas 1 0 1 2
53 Ivory Coast 1 0 1 2
54 Fiji 1 0 0 1
55 Jordan 1 0 0 1
56 Kosovo 1 0 0 1
57 Puerto Rico 1 0 0 1
58 Singapore 1 0 0 1
59 Tajikistan 1 0 0 1
60 Malaysia 0 4 1 5
61 Mexico 0 3 2 5
62 Algeria 0 2 0 2
63 Ireland 0 2 0 2
64 Lithuania 0 1 3 4
65 Bulgaria 0 1 2 3
66 Venezuela 0 1 2 3
67 India 0 1 1 2
68 Mongolia 0 1 1 2
69 Burundi 0 1 0 1
70 Grenada 0 1 0 1
71 Niger 0 1 0 1
72 Philippines 0 1 0 1
73 Qatar 0 1 0 1
74 Norway 0 0 4 4
75 Egypt 0 0 3 3
76 Tunisia 0 0 3 3
77 Israel 0 0 2 2
78 Austria 0 0 1 1
79 Dominican Republic 0 0 1 1
80 Estonia 0 0 1 1
81 Finland 0 0 1 1
82 Moldova 0 0 1 1
83 Morocco 0 0 1 1
84 Nigeria 0 0 1 1
85 Portugal 0 0 1 1
86 Trinidad and Tobago 0 0 1 1
87 United Arab Emirates 0 0 1 1

Table of winners in medal standings of the Summer Olympic Games (1896-2016)

Year Location The winner of the medal standings G S B
1896 Athens USA 11 7 2
1900 Paris France 26 41 34
1904 St. Louis USA 78 82 78
1908 London United Kingdom 56 51 39
1912 Stockholm USA 25 19 19
1920 Antwerp USA 41 27 27
1924 Paris USA 45 27 27
1928 Amsterdam USA 22 18 16
1932 Los Angeles USA 41 32 30
1936 Berlin Germany 33 26 30
1948 London USA 38 27 19
1952 Helsinki USA 40 19 17
1956 Melbourne the USSR 37 29 32
1960 Rome the USSR 43 29 31
1964 Tokyo USA 36 26 28
1968 Mexico USA 45 28 34
1972 Munich the USSR 50 27 22
1976 Montreal the USSR 49 41 35
1980 Moscow the USSR 80 69 46
1984 Los Angeles USA 83 61 30
1988 Seoul the USSR 55 31 46
1992 Barcelona Joint team 45 38 29
1996 Atlanta USA 44 32 25
2000 Sydney USA 37 24 32
2004 Athens USA 36 39 26
2008 Beijing China 51 21 28
2012 London USA 46 28 29
2016 Rio de Janeiro USA 46 37 38

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach declared the XXXI Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro closed and handed over the Olympic flag to the mayor of Tokyo. The Japanese delegation presented the capital following the Olympic Games, using computer graphics and neon lights. In the 11-minute presentation took part a two-time Olympic swimming champion, Kosuke Kitajima.

Relay race from Rio was handed to Tokyo, and then the Brazilians have shown what a real carnival. In the bright performance involved 3000 volunteers and 200 professional actors.Rio flag forwarding

Despite all the talk about a possible disruption of the ceremony, it took place. Carrying out one of the major sporting events of four years could not prevent any differences between the Brazilian government and the IOC, any weather conditions. Throughout the day, the Olympic capital flooded by rain, which did not want to stop. In the appendage to it on the beaches of Copacabana, just before the start, began a real sandstorm.

There were also curiosities. According to the organizers, at the end of the event, the Olympic flame was supposed to be puted out by a tropical downpour. It has been prepared and launched by scenario, the installation of a tropical downpour. Therefore, the final scene is already pretty drenched carnival looked quite funny. Downpour during downpour - it is original.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016 22:10

A new stage in Russian-Turkish relations

Lord Palmerston 1855
"Short-sighted to consider this or that country invariable ally or the perpetual enemy of England. We don't have constant allies. We don't have eternal enemies. Only our interests are immutable and eternal. And our duty to follow them...." - British Foreign Secretary, Lord Palmerston, House of Commons , 1848.

In politics, are no friends and enemies, the policy should be based on pragmatic ways. The art of politics - is to use each other for your own purposes.

There are factor makes Russia and Turkey alike - in a relatively short period of time they were able to quarrel with all its neighbors, and with each other.

The severance of relations with Russia had a negative impact on the Turkish economy and policy. The fact that Turkey is in a complicated relationship with the West, and the fact that Russia is in a difficult relationship with the West, pushing them to mutual contacts and rapprochement. The convergence was outlined even before the recent coup attempt in Ankara. The failure of the coup accelerated this rapproachement.

Now, Putin and Erdogan are trying to use each other for the prosperity of their countries and to strengthen personal power. But both their countries are in a difficult situation, they are in fact in a state of political isolation. And for the Russian president, and the president of Turkey rapprochement - is primarily a way to break through this blockade.

Putin ErdoganJuly 29, Putin and Erdogan phoned the first time after the incident with the military aircraft. They agreed to restore relations, as well as a personal meeting. A little over a week later, on August 9 th, in St. Petersburg, held negotitations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan.

Their meeting began with a handshake and lasted no more than ten minutes in front of cameras and for more than two hours behind closed doors. Both sides expressed optimism about the outcome of it. The meeting resulted, as expected by many experts, mutually beneficial agreements. The leaders discussed the entire range of bilateral relations, including the restoration of economic ties, where emphasis was placed on bilateral business projects.

The first charter flights will be resumed further visa restrictions would be reviewed.

The Turkish leader has confirmed that both the joint project between Moscow and Ankara: pipeline "Turkish Stream" and NPP "Akkuyu" will be resumed and brought to logical conclusion.

According to Erdogan, Turkey is ready to provide the project "Akkuyu" status of strategic investment:

"Thus, the project "Akkuyu" will take its place among the other projects in our country and will enjoy all the necessary benefits offered this status",  - said the Turkish President.

As the two leaders expressed the desire of both countries to enter the pre-crisis level of economic cooperation - the question arose about the lifting of economic restrictions. Russia plans to gradually abolish special economic measures and restrictions on Turkish companies. In particular, the prohibitions on the employment of Turkish construction companies will be lifted in the near future.

The negotiations resulted in a decision to accept at the government level in Russia, a special program of cooperation with Turkey in the 2016-2019 years. The fact of the beginning of negotiations is no less important than its result.

Syrian issue

Russia raised the issue of the permeability of the Turkish-Syrian border to the west of the Euphrates. This is a gap through which penetrated the terrorists and supplied weapons in recent years. In fact, after the bombings in Istanbul airport this year, a lot has changed. The Turks themselves are now much more interested in how to strictly control the border with Syria. Another issue is that it is not easy to do.

SiriaFrom a military point of view agree about something for Turkey and Russia will be difficult, until countries have very different views on some issues. Turks still do not want to put up with Russia's position. They still believe Assad is not a legitimate ruler of Syria.

Or, for example, the Kurdish question. Both countries have polar views on the Kurdish problem. Turkey takes a tough stance and demands that the Kurdish formation admitted as terrorist. Russia on the other hand supports the Kurdish forces, because it considers them effective measure to counter the group "Islamic State". To reach mutual understanding on this issue will be very hard - it is need strong arguments for it.

Responding to a reporter's question about the Syrian problem, the leaders noted that this issue will be discussed separately.

"We agreed that after this part here, we will meet separately with the ministers of Foreign Affairs, with representatives of the special services, exchange information and look for solutions", - Putin said.

The possibility of long-term strategic alliance between Moscow and Ankara is questionable

But the threat of the creation of such an alliance - is a great opportunity to manipulate the West, the perfect diplomatic tool, which can bring considerable benefits to the authorities of Russia and Turkey.

alliasRussia has an opportunity to make NATO nervous.

Turkey - a very important member of NATO, "the keeper of the keys" to the Black Sea. Distancing of Ankara from Washington and Europe denies NATO freedom of maneuver in this important region of the world. Also, this is an additional lever of influence on the West by political blackmail. "You do not want to agree on key issues, then we will deepen our engagement with Turkey!"

For Turkey, the situation in this context is symmetrical. The prospect of deepening cooperation with Russia - is a powerful lever of influence on the West, a way to squeeze out of the US and EU concessions on issues of particular interest to the current Turkish leaders.

Modern Turkey is not what it was before. Erdogan in Turkey creates a fundamentally new political system. In the process of interaction to which, in a completely new international conditions, Moscow can collect a considerable amount of political points. Of course, Russia will certainly not detach Turkey from the Western alliance. Turkey is linked to the western world by many threads, cut which is clearly not in the interests of Turkey.

Union with Russia can not be an full-fledged alternative to Turkey's alliance with the West.

With regard to the development of their political institutions Turkey took a giant step backward. And it will not allow the West to restore the relationships that were before. It is even possible that the issue of the entry of Turkey into the European Union will be removed from the agenda indefinitely.

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Wednesday, 03 August 2016 13:32

EU-changing external and internal part 2

SwitzSwitzerland officially informed Brussels about the withdrawal of its application for EU membership, submitted in May 1992. On June 15 Council of cantons, also known as "Small House" of the Swiss parliament, called for the withdrawal of the application for EU membership. Supported a similar decision of the "Grand Chamber" adopted in March.

Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland Didier Burkhalter, staying in the town of Vallorbe at the solemn meeting on the occasion of 725 anniversary of the founding of the Swiss Confederation, said that the withdrawal of the application is due to the decision of Parliament.

"We have a basic bilateral agreements with our closest partner, the European Union, but we do not want to enter into it", - said Burkhalter.

In Switzerland is traditionally taken to solve any serious issues for the country by direct democracy.

In December 1992, a referendum was held in which the Swiss citizens with a score of 50.3% of the votes, voted against the accession of their country to the European Economic Area. Thus the previously filed application was useless. The strength of the decisions adopted by referendum is such that new convene on the withdrawal of applications is not necessary.

Spain may be forced to spend the third parliamentary elections in a year

Extraordinary parliamentary elections may take place due to the fact that the Socialist Party leader Pedro Sanchez refused to join the coalition government.Acting Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rahoy commenting on the refusal of Sanchez noted that the third in a row election in one year, will be "absurd".

"If Mr. Sanchez will continue to say no, we will be forced to once again hold elections", - said Rahoy.

KatalonCatalonia strives for independence from Spain

1st August 2016 the Constitutional Court of Spain suspended the resolution on the independence of Catalonia, not admitting it again.

A coalition of Catalan separatists, who won September 27 elections in Barcelona, promised to achieve independence for 18 months.

The resolution was adopted by the Parliament of Catalonia on November 9, 2015, at the same time approved the "Road map" to achieve the independence of autonomy from Spain. The resolution was made by the representatives of the coalition of the Catalan separatists, led by Prime Minister of autonomy Artur Mas, as well as members of the Left Party "National Unity candidates".

11 November, the judges of the Constitutional Court took into consideration the complaint of Madrid and thus suspended the resolution. Catalan politicians urged to seek independence, despite the court's decision and the opinion of Madrid. Spain's Constitutional Court annulled the resolution of the Catalan Parliament on the separation of the region on December 2. Thus, the court took the side of central government in Madrid.

As a result, the Constitutional Court of Spain didn't admit the same resolution twice.

"After the hour and a half discussion, 11 members of the Constitutional Court decided unanimously to require the President and the Parliament of Catalonia, Carmen Forkadel and other representatives to carry out the judgment of December 2015", - said the judges.

In addition, at this time responsible for the parliamentary initiative on the independence of the region can be fined or even prosecuted.

Spain and Portugal avoid EU sanctions

Spain and PortugalAccording to the rules of the European Union, the budget deficit should not exceed three percent of gross internal product. Spain's budget deficit reached 5.1% in 2015, while in Portugal it amounted to 4.4%.

However, Brussels has appointed Madrid and Lisbon zero penalty for the violation of financial discipline.

EU Commissioner for Economy and Finance called impractical actually to punish those countries, heavier than others survived the crisis:

"We do not believe that harsh approach would bring benefits in a time when people are skeptical about Europe" - said Pierre Moscovici.

European Commission asks Spain and Portugal to develop additional measures to reduce the deficit and to report on them by 15 October.

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Tuesday, 02 August 2016 11:27

EU-changing external and internal

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Kurier said that does not exclude the breakdown of the agreement with Turkey on the issue of illegal migration.

Juncker believes that the chance of a cancellation very high:

"The risk of cancellation of the agreement is very high. Success is very fragile. President Erdogan repeatedly hinted at the desire to cancel the agreement."

  • In April 2016, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Chavushoglu said that Turkey will cancel the agreement on migrants, if the EU does not keep its word, including the issue of visa-free travel to Turkish citizens.
  • In May this year, Juncker said that the agreement on visa-free regime with the EU for Turkish citizens, in turn, can be broken, if Turkey does not fulfill all the agreements.

According to Juncker, Europe will be face to face with the flow of refugees, if the agreement will be canceled.

brexitRecall that the United Kingdom by that time can greatly enhance control over the illegal migration. Brussels plans to start direct talks on Brexit no later than autumn 2017. Out of Britain from the European Union should be completed by the summer of 2019. On such terms rely both the British and the European authorities, writes Financial Times.

After the decision of the British, Brussels has repeatedly said that Britain should as soon as possible start EU exit procedure. However, EU officials have only now begun to prepare two years of negotiations to overcome the UK.

While Brussels regulates affairs between the countries members of the EU, the Institute for Human Rights currently only appears in Belgium.

Belgium 240 animated flag gifs
Media noted that Belgium has repeatedly been criticized because of the lack of similar center in the country. Last time such a comment came from the Human Rights Council in January this year.

According to the organization "Amnesty International", the establishment of the Institute of Human Rights is of key importance. It pointed out that in Belgium there are already institutions that are partly engaged in aspects related to this topic: gender equality, the fight against racism, the protection of private life, but there is no independent monitoring instruments of human rights for example in prisons.

Belgian Justice Minister Kun Gens announced that in Belgium soon there will be its own Institute for Human Rights. He assured that the establishment of such an authority is a priority of the government and the implementation of this dossier has recently accelerated.

The "Amnesty International" believe that as necessary to monitor the measures taken in the fight against terrorism.

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