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Sunday, 29 May 2016 16:44

G7 Summit in Japan

G7 Japan 2016Completed two-day G7 summit held in Japan on May 26-27. Previous G7 Summit held in June last year in a German castle Ellmau.

Leaders of the G7 member countries have been negotiating on the island of Honshu in the national park Ise-Shima. On formal occasions leaders traveled on unmanned vehicles. Safety of meetings was ensured by 23 thousand policemen.

"(G7) - Group of Seven" - is an association of seven major industrialized countries, which includes the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain, France, Italy and Canada.

This is the first summit meeting in Japan after 2008 in Hokkaido. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe welcomed world leaders on the island of Honshu near the Temple of Ise.IsaShime Shrine

This temple is dedicated to Sun Goddess - Amaterasu Omikami, which occupies an important place in Japanese legends about the creation of the world. Ise Grand Shrine for over 2000 years. But, in accordance with the provisions of Shinto, built periodically rebuild or demolish. The followers of this religion believe that all objects and phenomena - rocks, flowers, fire, trees or the sky - have his spirit and his god.

According to the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, hiking in the holy place will help world leaders to understand the spirituality of the Japanese. However, visiting world leaders Shrine caused controversy in Japan. Critics say that the way Abe appeals to conservatives who want the revival of traditional values.

In the agenda of meeting of the G7 were such important topics as - the state of the global economy and related concerns. As well as terrorism, cyber-security and safety on the water. During five sessions discussed the following themes - maintaining global economic growth, the fight against terrorism, the situation of refugees and climate change.

Particular attention was paid to the topic of migration crisis.

The head of the European Council Donald Tusk at the summit asked for support for the refugees from the G7 countries. "If we do not take over the management of the crisis, no one will not do" - said Tusk.

Obama Hiroshima visitAfter the summit, Obama became the first of the incumbents of the White House, who visited the Hiroshima atomic bombing exposed in the last days of World War II in 1945. Speaking about the visit to Hiroshima, Obama said that the purpose of the trip - to pay tribute to all those who died in World War II and a renewed commitment to continue the policy of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

According to Obama, the visit once again remind about the "unique alliance that is maintained by both countries for decades".

Leaders of the G7 countries adopted on Friday a joint declaration and a number of documents on the results of the summit in Japan agreed on measures to promote global economic growth and a common position on the fight against terrorism and corruption, and to address a wide range of international issues surrounding North Korea and Syria, as well as relations between Russia and UkraineG7 Japan

Summing up the results of the summit, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the international community through the consolidated efforts succeeded in preventing the collapse of the global economy, like the one that occurred at falling of Lehman Brothers.

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Flag CyprusThe leaders of the Greek and Turkish parts of Cyprus - Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akindzhi - after lengthy negotiations called for unification of the island

As stated in the joint statement of politicians - "They expressed their determination to overcome all questions aimed at achieving a settlement of the Cyprus problem within this year".

A spokesman for the Cypriot government said that Anastasiadis and Akindzhi have different approaches on how to address the issue of security and guarantees:

Anastasiadis wants the two leaders reached an agreement first, which will then give Turkey. Akindzhi proposes to adopt a decision on a broad conference with the guarantor States, which then finalize the agreement.

"Anastasiadis's position is that the safety section and guarantees must first be discussed between the two communities to agree, and then submit to a multilateral conference, which will be attended by the guarantor countries - Greece, Turkey and the UK", - said the spokesman.

Cyprus leadersThe two leaders said they would like to underline their commitment to strengthen efforts in the coming months "with a view to achieving a comprehensive agreement for 2016".

"Last year, taking into account the interests of our community, we have made every effort to show respect for the rights of all parties to our common goal -. It is a win-win solution that will take into account the interests and rights of the future united Cyprus", - said in a statement.

The next meeting between the two leaders in Cyprus is expected to be held May 27

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Sunday, 15 May 2016 20:56

Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Eurovision 2016 smallFinished 61-th song contest "Eurovision", which was held in Stockholm, capital of Sweden. Final competition was held May 14, 2016. Sweden became the winner of the previous contest "Eurovision 2015", which was held in Austria in Vienna.

The country is hosting the competition for the sixth time, Sweden took 3 years to repeat the success of 2012, where the winner was Lorin.

attenders poster
November 26, 2015 it was announced that the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest will be attended by 43 countries from a total of 56 countries eligible to take part because of membership in the European Broadcasting Union. This year, in the competition resumed participation the Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Ukraine.

In fact, the competition was attended by 42 countries. Participation in this time refused Portugal, because of debts to the European Broadcasting Union has suspended Romania. Also participate the competition have not resumed fourteen countries. Contrary to disclose earlier position, debuted at the Eurovision 2015 not a European country and not a member of EMU Australia continued It's participation.

The competition is accompanied by a Swedish national broadcasting company SVT led by the European Broadcasting Union.

February 18 The European Broadcasting Union announced the new format ads in the final vote. Changes introduced to reduce the final show at the time of announcement of the results and make the process more interesting. This is a global change in the rules of the competition since 1975, when the system was introduced, "12 points".

The competition was first shown in the United States. In honor of this during the break of the vote appeared American singer Justin Timberlake. On stage, he performed his new song "Can not Stop The Feeling".

The victory was gained by the participant from Ukraine Jamal's song "1944", gaining 534 points. Australia and Russia finished second and third place respectively.

The jury highly appreciated performance of Ukraine in the final. 12 points to Jamal gave the judges of San Marino, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Moldova, Latvia, Israel, Serbia, Macedonia, Poland, Slovenia.

eurovision2016Receiving the award, Jamal thanked everyone for their support: "I want peace. Thank you Europe"

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8 mayDays of remembrance and reconciliation held in memory of the victims of the Second World War. Celebrated annually on 8 May and 9 May since 2005. According to the definition of the UN General Assembly Resolution 59/26, the UN Member States, non-governmental organizations and individuals are invited to celebrate one or both of those days as a tribute to all the victims of the Second World War.

Ukraine celebrates Victory Day according to European second time. Someday will be the day of end of the conflict with Russia.

US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette during a meeting with students of Mariupol University said that the most difficult times of conflict in the Donbas is already gone.

Payett"We are well aware, through some huge tests had to pass Ukraine during the two years of Russian aggression. On the other hand, we still think that you have already passed the most difficult times of conflict. And now took up the construction of the real European democracy. ", - Payette said.

US Ambassador said that the holding of local elections is an important component of this process, but only after the parties of conflict implement all the provisions of Minsk agreements and Ukraine will resume control at the eastern border.

The participants of the regular meeting in Minsk agreed to the introduction of the ceasefire in the Donbas with the onset of the Easter and May holidays.

frank walter steinmeierThe head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that May 11 will be held in Berlin meeting of foreign ministers in "Norman format". The foreign ministers will discuss the local elections in the Donbass region in areas not controlled by the Kiev and the restoration of peace regime.

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Sunday, 01 May 2016 13:34

Easter 2016

Easter - the one of the most important religious holidays, which is celebrated around the world, including the Muslim.

Jerusalem, the main spiritual center is always crowded. Many Christians in this holy place, strive to meet the feast of feasts, because here is the most important of all Christian shrines - Mount Calvary and the Holy Sepulchre.

Make the way in the Holy Sepulcher, which is another name - Church of the Resurrection, is not easy. A celebration begins on Holy Saturday, when the Holy Fire descends.

In Australia, Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, in connection with the celebration of Easter set the whole four days off.

In some CIS countries the Easter holiday recognized at an official level. In Belarus, the Catholic and Orthodox Easter are public holidays.

In most European countries, as well as in Australia, the feast of Easter is a state. In some countries, a day off is either Good Friday or the Monday following the Easter.

In Greece, on Good Friday, most shops and offices closed, flags flown at half mast to commemorate the death of Christ, crucified on this day on the Cross. At midnight Sunday, the end of Vespers, all the lights go out and the churches there comes a solemn moment - the priest sends the Holy fire, from which the faithful light their candles. Universal triumphant joy and exultation. All greet each other: "Christos Anesti" - "Aletos Anesti". The Hellas Church is not separated from the state, and Orthodoxy is the state religion. More than 90% of the population - Orthodox Christians. Therefore, Easter is a public holiday and a truly universal.

In Italy, an official state holiday is Easter Monday.

In Bulgaria, on the Easter table is sure to be grilled "agnts" (lamb). The Easter cake - cozunac - add a lot of vanilla, in the context of it yellow like the warm Bulgarian sun.

51 main
The Serbs, like the Russian and Ukrainians, has a tradition of "triple kiss" and shout when greeting: "Christ is risen" - "Truly He is risen". Bright Easter holiday Serbs called "Risen".

  • In Estonia, Good Friday on the eve of Easter day celebrated by Western Christians, is a public holiday and a day off.
  • In the Netherlands, the Easter holiday begins on Friday, when the whole country is declared a short time and did not work all the official institutions, and continues until Monday. Sunday - the first day of Easter Monday - the second day of Easter.
  • In Moldova, the official holidays are the first two days of Easter and the first Monday after Easter (Parents' Day).
  • In Georgia, the non-working days are Good Friday and Easter Monday.
  • In Syria, along with Muslim holidays and official holiday is Easter.
  • In Lebanon, holidays and non-working days declared Good Friday and Easter Monday.
  • In the South Africa official holiday is Good Friday, in Namibia - Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

In the Canadian Labour Code Easter Monday was listed as a national holiday, and almost everywhere in the country (with the exception of British Columbia), it is a holiday.

Easter is an official holiday in almost all Latin American countries, notably Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru. In these countries, holidays are either Good Friday or Easter Monday.

In China, there is a community, revives the tradition of the Orthodox in China. Easter cakes in Beijing can not be bought - they are baked at home, and every woman - on her recipe. These cakes can be called a true work of culinary art.

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