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Tuesday, 15 March 2016 15:59

Running with obstacles

In theory, globalization should lead to a world without borders, the sharing of knowledge and integration of the economy in a balanced production and consumption markets. This is in theory and in the future but in practice and now - have become a popular trend,"walls".

In today's world started to rise again walls, in the likeness of the Great Wall of China. Or the Great Wall in the Croatian town Ston. Nearly six-kilometer unique fortification of the 14th century, the original its purpose is to protect the salt works of Peljesac and the narrow passage from the mainland to peninsula.Ston

A more accurate example of modern "building" will be the Berlin Wall, which divided the country in half, and it's not a figure of speech, but a real wall - engineering-equipped and fortified state border of the GDR. A quarter-century since the fall of the Berlin Wall, walls of this kind back in fashion.

Ukraine is trying to build a wall on the border with Russia, which is very difficult and even impossible in territory not controlled by the authorities. September 5, 2014 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the project "The Wall" for the Development of the Ukrainian-Russian border. The project envisages the establishment of a border between the two defensive lines, their main purpose will be to prevent penetration into the territory of Ukraine.

Estonia and Latvia decided to wall itself off from the Russian Federation

Estonian Police and Border Guard intends to equip at least two-thirds of the land border with Russia fence height of two and a half meters in order to "prevent border violations", the top of the fence will be reinforced with barbed wire. The total length of the wall will be about 108 km.

Ukraine and the Baltic countries built their walls for protection against the aggression of the Russian Federation, but the walls, they are also different. Medieval city walls in the practice of the modern world is not relevant, as the city grew to epic proportions. However, when the country erupt hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, civilized countries have to resort to primitive methods.Mexico granitsa

Curbing illegal migration via "wall" is not a new practice in the world. For example, more than 3 thousand. Km of the state border of Mexico and the United States about one-third the length of the metal barrier, the famous Mexican-American wall.

Let's see what Relay Race was formed on the way of refugees from Syria, and everyone who joins them on their way to Europe:

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Monday, 15 February 2016 11:09

Munich Security Conference 2016


In Munich from 12 to 14 February was held the annual security summit, which was attended by the heads of three dozen countries and governments, foreign ministers of about 70 countries.

The conference in Munich was founded in 1963 as a meeting of representatives of the defense ministries of NATO member countries. Nowadays it is an international discussion forum gathering politicians, diplomats, the military, business, academic and public figures from more than 40 countries (NATO members and EU as well as countries that play an important role on the world stage - Russia, China, Japan, India and others).

Three days in Munich discussed mainly three topics - the situation in Syria, the migratory crisis and relations with Russia

In a report to the Munich Security Conference in 2016 said that in 2016 the risk of military confrontation will increase: "The crisis in Russian-Western relations continues to be serious And in light of the numerous close encounters and military incidents, the risk of unintended escalation is undeniable".safeness

The report also provides a list of risks, compiled for 2016 consulting firm Eurasia Group. One of them is associated with problems in the relations between the US and its European allies. According to the forecast - "the world in 2016 could become even more unstable".

"The transatlantic partnership has been the most important alliance of about 70 years. But now it is weaker and plays a less important role than it has ever been in the last decade. In a situation where the way of Europe and the United States disagree, doesn't remain in the world "International firefighter" and thus conflicts, in particular - in the Middle East will continue to rage ", - emphasized in the report.

Changing the borders by force, as well as border disputes - from the Ukraine to the artificial islands in the South China Sea - exacerbate the severity of the security situation, according to the compilers of the report. Threaten regional and global stability, even such factors as the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the global information and communication technologies used for the dissemination of hate propaganda.

MedvedRussian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev spoke at the second day of the Munich Security Conference. He said that NATO policy towards Russia "remains closed and unfriendly" and that "we have fallen during the new Cold War".

According to the Russian prime minister, "almost every day we are declared the most terrible threat to NATO as a whole, separately for Europe, America and other countries". "I sometimes think we are in 2016 today or in 1962 ?" - Medvedev added.

While journalists tried to get comments from other participants about whether a new "cold war" threatens the world, the topic during a speech at the ministerial panel said German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Valter"We are definitely not in the situation of the Cold War. I think that those who this morning listened attentively to the prime minister Medvedev, who, in contrast to the news reports that I read, too, saw it differently. We understand this to mean that he wanted to say that we must avoid a situation that leads us to the cold war ", - he said.

"I hope that the message that we pass from Munich, will not lead to a further increase of the situation in the world", - said the head of the conference, Wolfgang Ischinger in his closing remarks.

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FRG OSCEGermany will be the presiding country of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe for the year 2016

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, speaking in the Bundestag on November 12, said that, as chairman of the OSCE, Germany will give special attention to the solution of the conflict in Ukraine. He endorsed the OSCE's efforts to resolve the conflict. According to him, the ceasefire itself is an achievement, although it does not guarantee the success of initiatives of the OSCE.

The head of the German Foreign Ministry assured that, becoming chairman of the OSCE, Germany will invite to dialogue all countries belonging to this organization. The main objectives of Germany in the post will become conventional arms control and the implementation of confidence-building measures.

"The experience of the OSCE during the Cold War and the conflict in Ukraine shows that the policy of small steps is able to build bridges even across bottomless abyss. Confidence does not fall from heaven, and achieved cooperation in specific topics", - Steinmeier.

Such a policy, he also promised to use in resolving the conflict in the Middle East

After the tragic events in France, the world waiting. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, perhaps will change its security policy even before the German Presidency.

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Встреча глав МИД стран НАТО пройдёт в Турции 13-14 мая.

NATO TURKEY March 2015Плановое заседание Совета НАТО на уровне министров иностранных дел пройдёт 13-14 мая в турецком курортном городе Анталья, в отеле "Сусеси Ресорт" - сообщила в официальном коммюнике пресс-служба НАТО.

Принимать гостей будет глава внешнеполитического ведомства Турции Мевлют Чавушоглу, а председательствовать будет генсек НАТО Йенс Столтенберг.

Программа совещания уточняется и будет объявлена позднее, но традиционно на подобных плановых встречах обсуждают актуальные вопросы международного положения и политики альянса. Министры обсудят вызовы безопасности в южном Средиземноморье, в том числе ситуацию, складывающуюся в непосредственной близости к турецким границам - в Ираке и Сирии.

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Meeting of public organization "The Council on Environmental Safety"

The international community environmental issues were seen as a threat to national security. This was said during the March 19 meeting of the public organization "Council on Environmental Safety", which honorary chairman is Alexei Poroshenko.

Tzibuh eko

"Today, the "Council on environmental security" pays great attention to environmental protection, because we understand that it is necessary as soon as possible to develop a national strategy for environmental security, nature conservation, the introduction of new environmentally friendly technologies", - said chairman of the public organization "Council on Environmental security" Sergei Orekhov.

Public organization, which comprises eminent scholars, scientists and public figures, is now working on the issue of enhanced energy independence of Ukraine, wind and hydro power, supports the development of modern ecological fuel "Biomazut" - a completely new type of fuel, alternative liquid, which will costIt is significantly cheaper than counterparts in the market.

"Ukrainian scientists have developed a unique technology for the production of environmentally friendly bio-fuel oil from sludge municipal wastewater treatment plants, which in Ukraine, according to conservative estimates, accumulated within 200m. Tons", - said Vladimir Mikulenko, director NVPU.

President of NAU Onipko Aleksey said that the future is in renewable energy and said that the EU member states in 2019 will only be allowed the construction of buildings that use renewable energy sources and alternative fuels (buildings with almost zero energy consumption).

"Ukraine has a huge and varied natural potential. There are unique ecosystems, affecting the stability of the nature of our planet. And we must preserve this wealth, to ensure ecological balance and, consequently, improve the quality of life to our citizens", - said the Hero of Ukraine, the First cosmonaut of independent Ukraine Leonid Kadeniuk.

During the meeting it was discussed the creation of interactive environmental map of Ukraine, this primarily requires a large number of technologically hazardous facilities in the territory of our state - of which about 6,500.

"With this card it will be possible every day informing of the Government and the relevant specialized agencies about environmental conditions in order to operational response to emerging problems", - said Deputy Chairman, Head of Council Honorary of diplomats of the Organization "European Unit" Valerii Tsybukh.

The members of the meeting focused on the need to implement effective eco-awareness among the population - to report on the environmental situation of the country and the world, to carry out various actions aimed at improving the environment.

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The International Conference on the topic: "Ukraine - energy-independent state" was held in the premises of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in February 26, 2015

The conference was attended scientists and experts from different countries. They offered their assessment of the situation and issues related to this problem.

Ukraine the energy independent stateHead of the Committee on Energy of the Organization "European Unit" Oksana Nikolaeva as the conference organizer made a report on the topic - "The solution of the national problem through the synergy of the combined effort of scientific progress and democratization of energy resources"

Project of Concept of Ukraine's Energy Platform, the purpose of which is the Energy and National security of Ukraine, was presented during this Conference.

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