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Sunday, 13 November 2016 18:55

United States presidential election 2016

usavote58th US presidential elections, have passed under the General Election on Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Presidential candidates often are put forward by one of the US political parties, and in this case each of the parties developed a method (eg, national general Party primaries), which allows you to choose the one who, in the opinion of the partybetter suited for the nomination for the position. Members of the party officially nominate a candidate for the presidency on behalf of the party. During the election campaign of primaries and caucuses of two major parties held from February to June 2016 in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and 6 territories.

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump became the official candidate of the Republican Party, July 19, 2016, defeating the Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, Ohio Governor John Keysikom and thirteen other candidates. Former Secretary of State and Senator Hillary Clinton has been put forward July 26, 2016, after defeating Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders.

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Saturday, 27 August 2016 11:36

Turkey expects to receive EU membership in 2023

1469088189 turciya
Turkey expects EU membership no later than in 2023, the conditions for entry are not the most favorable, but it can change quickly.

This was stated by the Turkish ambassador to the EU, Selim Enel in an interview with Die Welt.

"This year (2023 - Ed.), Turkish Republic will be 100 years old. For my country, membership in the European Union would be the highest achievement." - He said.

According to him, Turkey is very interested in the discussion of further issues, such as the opening of the section on energy, law and fundamental rights, justice, freedom and security. Towards the opening of new chapters in the accession negotiations is the Cyprus question. In particular, Cyprus is blocking the opening of these chapters. The solution of the Cyprus conflict will give negotiations on accession a tangible impetus.

The Turkish authorities consider unacceptable timetable for liberalization of the visa regime with the European Union, which Brussels has postponed until the end of the year. They want this question decided in this year. Discussion of a visa-free regime is carried out in 2013. EU Turkey Visa

In March of this year, an agreement was signed, under which the visa can be canceled if it is carried out a number of conditions.

According to the agreement, the Turkish side will take back illegal migrants from Greece and accommodation costs of migrants, the EU should take.

But further negotiations deadlocked because of the refusal of the Turkish government to change the anti-terrorism legislation.

After a failed coup attempt, the country has faced a wave of changes

Authorities fired or detained suspects of having links with the rebels. Moreover, the Turkish authorities have started talking about the return of the death penalty. After that Brussels has repeatedly received statements that the death penalty will close the road to the EU. If Ankara decides to impose penalty, the EU will immediately cease any negotiations with it.

MFA Investigation

As part of the cleansing of the state structures of members of the movement Gülen Fetullaha (FETO), withdrawn from foreign countries about 300 Turkish Foreign Ministry staff working in diplomatic missions.

The investigation, which aims to identify FETO relations in the diplomatic sphere, carried out by the prosecutor's office in Ankara. In result of investigation diplomats, convicted of involvement in a terrorist flow of Gulen, will be dismissed. Other employees of MFA will return to their duties.

Gyurdzhan Balik, who served as Secretary of the Turkish Foreign Minister in the period when the department was headed by Ahmet Davutoglu, have been detained as well as former ambassadors Tuncay Ali and Findik Babalu

In headed by Gülen movement "Khizmat" many followers in the Republic of Turkey, including in law enforcement circles.

HizmetErdogan calls them "state within a state"

Speaking about the role of his movement in the investigation of allegations of corruption, Gülen said that many of the dismissed or transferred to other positions in the ranks of the police and the prosecutor's office did not have any links with the movement.

Fethullah Gülen, in the words of former US Ambassador James Jeffrey, is the spiritual leader of the movement that has millions of supporters in the Islamic world. Its effect is based on a system of charter schools, which are open in 150 countries. He is considered the second most powerful man in Turkey after Erdogan.

Now he leads retired life in self-imposed exile in the United States, where he went in 1999 and never returned.

1013464757Attempting to overthrow by military President Erdogan was a complete surprise to everyone, although the army intervention in politics - is one of the most long-standing and stable traditions in the Turkish Republic. The failure of the coup, which must be repeated the classical scheme of the twentieth century - a sign of fundamental changes that have occurred since then.

Statements of President and the prime minister left no doubt that the bloody incident will be used for the radical cleansing of the political field of the country, which was not possible to produce so far, in spite of the continuous strengthening of the power and tightening methods of government.

The failure of the coup, which demonstrated a high degree of support for the authorities, "resets" the failures of internal and external policy of Erdogan, multiplied in recent years.

It is possible that in the prevailing circumstances, Turkey will try to come back to the fact that Erdogan is scheduled before start, "the Middle East's Gambit" - involvement in the affairs of Eurasia, the drift to the east, closer ties with Russia.

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swiz flagshtock
Switzerland is home to a direct democracy in its modern sense. The experience of this country in the approbation of institutions of direct democracy and their legal regulation - is unique. Switzerland is an example of embodiment of direct democracy in action.

Swiss for centuries had the experience to make decisions that are directly attributable to themselves. The process of implementing the will of the people takes place only in an environment where people have the opportunity to express their opinion and at the same time it will be heard.

May 29, 1874 adopted the Constitution of the Swiss Confederation. It was secured and formalized the principles of direct democracy, namely, the principle of "public welfare". It was assigned the need for the approval of Parliament acts in a referendum. Provides for the mandatory holding of a referendum in the event of amendments to the Constitution

This suggests that the 5000 citizens who are entitled to vote or eight cantons can initiate the adoption or abolition of the federal normative acts of general importance.

April 19, 1999 adopted the current Constitution of the Swiss Confederation. It is noteworthy that the Constitution was also adopted by a form of direct democracy - through a referendum. At the same time all 26 cantons of the Confederacy has its own "cantonal" Constitution

Today, June 5, in Switzerland held a referendum on the introduction of the citizens guaranteed income in the amount of 2.5 thousand Swiss francs per month

Supporters of the proposed innovations assume that the monthly basic income of $ 2.5 thousand Swiss francs for adults and 625 francs for a child up to 18 years will support the population in the period of increasing automation of production.swiz referendum

Previously, according to exit polls, 78% of the population of Switzerland rejected this proposal and refused such payments. That demonstrates the desire of the Swiss to work and earn their own.

This referendum result is quite expected considering that salaries in Switzerland are not small.

At the beginning of May in Switzerland was released the most extensive in the history fine for speeding. Local motorist exceeded the permissible speed mark, and this violation was recorded by the police. Violator will have to pay one million dollars. And all the matter is that in Switzerland size of the fine is not fixed and depends on the monthly wage of offender.

Opponents of the referendum, including among the government, noted the high economic costs of this measure. Though basically the country can afford such expenses because it competent invests in its development:

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Flag CyprusThe leaders of the Greek and Turkish parts of Cyprus - Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akindzhi - after lengthy negotiations called for unification of the island

As stated in the joint statement of politicians - "They expressed their determination to overcome all questions aimed at achieving a settlement of the Cyprus problem within this year".

A spokesman for the Cypriot government said that Anastasiadis and Akindzhi have different approaches on how to address the issue of security and guarantees:

Anastasiadis wants the two leaders reached an agreement first, which will then give Turkey. Akindzhi proposes to adopt a decision on a broad conference with the guarantor States, which then finalize the agreement.

"Anastasiadis's position is that the safety section and guarantees must first be discussed between the two communities to agree, and then submit to a multilateral conference, which will be attended by the guarantor countries - Greece, Turkey and the UK", - said the spokesman.

Cyprus leadersThe two leaders said they would like to underline their commitment to strengthen efforts in the coming months "with a view to achieving a comprehensive agreement for 2016".

"Last year, taking into account the interests of our community, we have made every effort to show respect for the rights of all parties to our common goal -. It is a win-win solution that will take into account the interests and rights of the future united Cyprus", - said in a statement.

The next meeting between the two leaders in Cyprus is expected to be held May 27

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016 15:59

Running with obstacles

In theory, globalization should lead to a world without borders, the sharing of knowledge and integration of the economy in a balanced production and consumption markets. This is in theory and in the future but in practice and now - have become a popular trend,"walls".

In today's world started to rise again walls, in the likeness of the Great Wall of China. Or the Great Wall in the Croatian town Ston. Nearly six-kilometer unique fortification of the 14th century, the original its purpose is to protect the salt works of Peljesac and the narrow passage from the mainland to peninsula.Ston

A more accurate example of modern "building" will be the Berlin Wall, which divided the country in half, and it's not a figure of speech, but a real wall - engineering-equipped and fortified state border of the GDR. A quarter-century since the fall of the Berlin Wall, walls of this kind back in fashion.

Ukraine is trying to build a wall on the border with Russia, which is very difficult and even impossible in territory not controlled by the authorities. September 5, 2014 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the project "The Wall" for the Development of the Ukrainian-Russian border. The project envisages the establishment of a border between the two defensive lines, their main purpose will be to prevent penetration into the territory of Ukraine.

Estonia and Latvia decided to wall itself off from the Russian Federation

Estonian Police and Border Guard intends to equip at least two-thirds of the land border with Russia fence height of two and a half meters in order to "prevent border violations", the top of the fence will be reinforced with barbed wire. The total length of the wall will be about 108 km.

Ukraine and the Baltic countries built their walls for protection against the aggression of the Russian Federation, but the walls, they are also different. Medieval city walls in the practice of the modern world is not relevant, as the city grew to epic proportions. However, when the country erupt hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, civilized countries have to resort to primitive methods.Mexico granitsa

Curbing illegal migration via "wall" is not a new practice in the world. For example, more than 3 thousand. Km of the state border of Mexico and the United States about one-third the length of the metal barrier, the famous Mexican-American wall.

Let's see what Relay Race was formed on the way of refugees from Syria, and everyone who joins them on their way to Europe:

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Davos 2016 3D logo color
International Forum in Davos, which took place from 20 to 23 January, brought together more than 2,500 participants from 100 countries, including 40 heads of state and government. The main theme of this forum:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Participants of the forum:
US Vice President Joe Biden, US Secretary of State John Kerry, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek, Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, President of Greece, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, Adel al-Dzhubeyr, Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurtz, President of Germany Joachim Gauck, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the prime ministers and ministers of the Nordic countries, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

From the international organizations took part in the forum:
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Director General of the International Organization for Migration William Lacy Swing, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Ra'ad Zeid Al-Hussein, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Peter Maurer and others.

In their Forum opening speech, Vice President Joseph Biden and organizer Klaus Schwab warned that chasing technology, humanity runs the risk of "losing the soul"

PopePope Francis, whose representative at the forum in Davos was the Cardinal Peter Terkson, warned that such innovative technologies like 3D-press or unmanned vehicles can be left without work, millions of people. "We must lead the technological development, not allowing it to dominate on us" - warned Francis.

The focus on futurism in Davos 2016 is indicative.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the global economy demonstrated the decline in 2015 to 3% in 2016 expect an even greater decline - by 3.6%. And this is an established trend of recent years. Against the background of declining profitability of traditional industries in the world are increasingly thinking about the transition to nanotechnology.

nanoIt's time for innovation and avoiding dependence on raw materials. On the first day, world leaders and businessmen discussed labor risks in connection with the robotization of the world economy. The United States also presented results of the study, according to which only 21% consumed by mankind content on the Internet accounted for education.

Biden urged heads of states and companies to invest in affordable education in all its forms - from children's education to vocational retraining to maintain the middle class.

They also considered the complexity arising in the Chinese financial system. During the debate, Chinese and Spanish businessmen agreed that in the next 30 years, two-thirds of all energy will provide renewables.

Meetings and negotiations.

Against the backdrop of the annual Economic Forum in Davos has always come high stakeholder meeting and resolved the global and local issues. Often, after these preliminary short meetings after the forum some interesting things happen throughout the world.

mohamad javad zarifIn Davos, came Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. He made his first appearance front of such large audience after removal from Tehran international sanctions. The minister has met in Davos with the head of EU foreign policy Federica Mogherini, they held brief talks on the peaceful nuclear energy program in Tehran.

The nuclear negotiating team from Iran and the United States held another round of nuclear talks on the peaceful atom of Teheran on Friday and Saturday, January 23-24 in Zurich.

hasan ruhaniAs expected, at the end of the forum, on January 25, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani went in first, after the lifting of international sanctions official visit to Europe. It is planned that during the visit of Rouhani in Italy and France will be signed the "road map" of cooperation. Being in Italy, the President of Iran on January 26 met with the head of the Vatican Pope Francis.

President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko and the Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu discussed the current state of preparation to the fifth meeting of the High-Level Strategic Council between Ukraine and Turkey, and the Turkish Prime Minister's visit to Ukraine. The sides also touched upon the issues of intensification of military-technical cooperation between the two countries.

Ukrainian government in 2016 also intend to make a diplomatic initiative for the return of the Crimea.

Russia, this time in terms of extension of the sanctions by the West has decided to offer the participants of the forum "Asian" agenda. This year in Switzerland to represent Russia instructed Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, responsible for the Far East - a region of major interest to investors in the Asia-Pacific region.

Chatham House

Ukr breakfast Davos
January 22 in Davos, against the backdrop of the World Economic Forum in the framework of the traditional private event "Ukrainian Breakfast" was a discussion on the topic "The world is changing. Has the Ukraine ?"

Ukrainian and international leaders discussed the place of the Ukraine in the world suffering from many crises, whether or not reform in Ukraine have reached a critical mass, and what will lead to real and irreversible changes.

The discussion was held on the rules of the Royal Institute of International Affairs Chatham House, which provide that the participants of the event have the right to use the obtained information during the discussion, but it can not indicate who owns this or that statement.

Technical support of opinion poll for 150 panelists carried out company LITER PLUS, a survey was carried out with the use of interactive voting InterVote.

The speakers of the discussion were:
Minister of International Trade of Canada Christa Freeland, Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Aivaras Abromavicius, founder of Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson, chairman of the European Commission (2004-2014), Jose Manuel Barroso, Swedish Foreign Minister (2006-2014) Carl Bildt
attended speakersThe discussion was attended by the leaders of Ukrainian politics, business, civil society and media.

Pros and cons of rapid development of technology

Presented at the forum UBS study shows that in the first place by the next technological revolution must win the developed countries that have groundwork in computer studies. Among the foremost in this sense calls UBS Singapore and Switzerland, all in the ranking - 45 countries.

In the report presented in Davos Accenture "digital divide: a multiplier of growth" says: Currently, up to 33% of GDP "e-economy" in one form or another gives the US. The report is based on data on 11 developed countries, followed by the United States are the UK and Australia.Tehnopark

On the reverse side, the developing countries will cease to be engines of development, they have been in recent decades, because cheap labor will no longer be considered a competitive advantage. Low- and medium- skilled work will be under growing threat of replacement by machines.

In the report prepared for the Forum of Davos, experts have concluded that the development of new technologies in the next five years will reduce the 7.1 million jobs that will be offset by a 2 million jobs in new areas. Davos Experts estimate that by 2025, the development of technology of unmanned vehicles could save 1 million lives, reduce exhaust emissions vehicles - save up to $ 867 billion, and the total profit from the progress will be $ 100 trillion.

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Energy-efficient Ukraine

Organization "European Unit" in its work on the development of energy and eco-projects in Ukraine carries out constant monitoring of the market of renewable and energy efficient technologies, acquainted with both the European and Ukrainian experience in the industry.

Head of committee on Development of Energy and ECO projects Oksana Nikolaieva marks the most promising areas and personally attended some special events, conferences, seminars.

In October, was held a conference organized by the National Association of Ukraine for the heat pump. The conference topic:

"Heat pumps in buildings and cities of Ukraine"

heat pumpsThis is the third conference of this organization that was held in Kiev in the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of NASU.

Conference was organized by: Institute of Engineering Thermophysics NASU, Journal "Heat pumps", Energy Service Company "Ecological Systems".

The main objectives of the conference were:

  • Presentation of National Association of Ukraine for the heat pump, its program and the founders;
  • Attracting the attention of international financial institutions and donors to new vectors of modernization of buildings and cities in Ukraine on the basis of renewable energy;
  • Creating an information site for the annual meetings, sharing of experiences and building partnerships in the field of heat pumps usage;

38 out of 168 attended participants made 30 reports

biomassEarlier, in September, at the initiative of the Institute of bioenergy crops and sugar beet NAS of Ukraine, in Kiev passed a seminar and discussion on the topic:

"Features of the regulatory and legal framework and tools to stimulate the production of biogas in Germany"

This event was attended by over 25 interested specialists and experts in the field of alternative biofuels and research staff of NASU. Oksana Nikolaeva also took part in the discussion, in which they discussed the possibility of applying the German experience of using the biogas also in Ukraine, legal and technical aspects.

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Saturday, 11 July 2015 14:59

Program "European Ukraine" on the channel UTR

PRESSHead of committee on the Issues of the International organizations and cooperation in the sphere of youth, culture and sport Iurii Verkhman gave an interview to Anchorwoman "European Ukraine" Svitlana Mazur during shooting transmission channel UTR.

The main topics for discussion were:

International cooperation of the Public Council of MFA of Ukraine and reforming of physical education and sports

Iurii Verkhman spoke about the activities of the Public Organization "Sport against drugs", and what was discussed at the round table "European opportunities for Ukrainian Youth", which was held at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Of course, the issues under discussion was much more:

Which organizations cooperating with Ukraine today, including international organizations with which Ukraine cooperating in terms of reforms. .. And lots of other interesting information.

Watch the video :

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22 ноября 2004 года Генеральная Ассамблея ООН своей резолюцией № A/RES/59/26 провозгласила 8 и 9 мая Днями памяти и примирения, признавая, что государства-члены могут иметь свои Дни победы, освобождения и празднования, предложила всем государствам-членам, организациям системы Организации Объединенных Наций, неправительственным организациям и частным лицам ежегодно соответствующим образом отмечать один из этих дней или оба эти дня как дань памяти всем жертвам Второй мировой войны.

Сенат Польши поддержал решение Сейма республики установить национальным Днем Победы во Второй мировой войне 8 мая. Ранее День Победы Варшава отмечала 9 мая. "Отменяется Национальный праздник Победы и Свободы, установленный 9 мая", - сообщается в документе.

Сенат Польши подчеркивает, что акт о капитуляции нацистской Германии был подписан именно 8 мая в 23:01 по общеевропейскому времени.

Сегодня, 9 мая, Украина празднует юбилейный 70-ый День Победы над нацизмом в Европе. Вчера, 8 мая, в Украине был День памяти и примирения. Украина начала новую традицию празднования 8 и 9 мая в европейском духе памяти и примирения под лозунго:

"1939-1945. Помним. Побеждаем"

Также добавится еще одна дата – 2 сентября – День завершения Второй мировой войны.

Символ 'Дня памяти и примирения' и 'Дня Победы' — красный мак.

Это международный символ памяти жертв всех военных и гражданских вооруженных конфликтов, аллюзия кровавого следа от пули, передает страдания и смерть. Использование цветка красного мака как символа памяти получило начало из стихотворения канадского военного врача Джона Маккрея "На полях Фландрии" (1915). Символ мака присутствует и в украинском фольклоре – по легенде, маки цветут там, где пролилась кровь казаков.

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Monday, 27 April 2015 12:01

Ideas bring people together

In tough times, people tend to join forces to overcome the difficulties. But often it relates directly to those who are in the same trouble. Sometimes, individuals and organizations take on the role of social assistants to draw attention to some phenomena and processes in society need to send empathy to a specific channel.

Organization "European Unit" has long been took over the similar social role and participated in various activities as a co-organizer and as a member of an existing regular Event. Organization supports socially useful activities promoting healthy lifestyles, such as sports tournaments

Organization "European Unit" is always happy events close to it in spirit and in this article wants to share with the readers information about a related event, the purpose of which fully shares .

Honored Artist of Ukraine Kateryna Buzhynska goes to charity tour "We are Ukraine"

Katerina Bujinska Tur

The tour will take place on the European capitals with the support of the European Cultural Foundation. Start 10th May in Sofia, Bulgaria - End in Lviv, Ukraine on May 26.

<Organization "European Unit" recommend to attend the event to all its readers and partners, because it is a striking example of a strong unifying idea.

Head of Organization Iuliia Varchyk.
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