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Wednesday, 18 April 2018 13:58

March staffing

March turned out to be quite busy in terms of personnel changes in the world. Leaders and entire parliaments change. Let's follow consistently the most significant changes:

1459167371Armen Sargsyan, former Prime Minister of Armenia, candidate from the ruling Republican Party, was elected to the country's presidency by the parliament. In April, will come into force amendments to the Constitution of Armenia adopted in the autumn of 2016. The new version of the Basic Law ensures that the president's powers are reduced to representative ones. The main power in the country will be concentrated in the hands of the parliament and the government.

In Italy held early parliamentary elections, which were held under a new electoral law. 630 deputies of the Chamber of Deputies and 315 elected members of the Senate were elected. This is the 18th general election to the parliament of the Italian Republic.

In the Czech Republic, in the Prague Castle, the inauguration ceremony of Milos Zeman was held. He was first elected head of the Czech Republic in 2013 and after re-election in January entered his second five-year term.

catherine de bolleFor the first time the head of the police service of the European Union is a woman. It coincided that the decision on appointment was made on the International Women's Day.

Before that, Catherine De Boll became the first woman in the history of Belgium to lead the country's police. She has held this post since 2012.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Moravetsky dismissed 17 vice-ministers. This step, he said, should improve the work of the government and make it "less political". Moravetsky made his statement shortly after the opposition raised the question of the level of expenditure in the Polish Defense Ministry and premiums for members of the previous government team. Opposition MPs say that dismissals do not change the situation too much, since most former vice-ministers will continue to carry out their tasks, but at a lower level.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was dismissed from his post, in his place was appointed CIA Director Mike Pompeo. A new head of the CIA became Gina Hespel, the first woman to head the intelligence community.

Merkel 4.0
Most of the deputies of the German Bundestag voted for the re-election of Angela Merkel to the post of Chancellor of Germany. Under the Constitution of Germany, one and the same person can be on the post of the Federal Chancellor an unlimited number of terms. Helmut Kohl remained in his post for 16 years and lost his post as chancellor, losing the elections in 1998.

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico resigned on the background of the political crisis in the country associated with the murder of journalist Jan Kutsiaka and his bride. The successor to Robert Fico at the post of premier was Deputy Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini.

In Russia, the presidential elections took place, the victory of which was won by Vladimir Putin.

According to the results of the "two sessions" in Beijing, the new composition of the Government of the People's Republic of China was approved. The chairman of the country was elected, the prime minister and vice premiers of the State Council of the PRC were appointed. Seven permanent members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee have taken office, they will make efforts to carry out further reforms in the country. Prime Minister Li Keqiang remained in office until 2023.

"Two sessions" is an instrument that the Chinese authorities use to demonstrate the democratic character of the processes and to consolidate the decisions of the Communist Party with a broad people's mandate.

In the course of the current reform, eight bodies at the ministerial level were liquidated, as well as seven divisions at the level of departments of ministries. The abolition of departments is aimed at more effective management of relevant cases.

The President of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, resigned. He presented to Congress a statement about his resignation because of a scandal with the bribery of the congressional votes. The new president became the first vice-president Martin Vizcarra.

Friday, March 30th it became known that in the near future the reform of state institutions will start in France, part of which, where it is a question of reducing the number of deputies and senators by 30%, has already been agreed. So, the number of deputies from 577 will be reduced to 404, and senators - from 348 to 244.

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Presentation of Dmitry Dzhangirov's book "Victory is impossible over the unacceptable", was organized by ICC Ukraine in conjunction with LLC "Publishing and Bookselling Company "SUMMIT-BOOK".

Book presentation

The collection is dedicated to various aspects of the US presidential election in 2016 - from the "red-blue" electoral geography of the United States, to the ultra-precise settings of the Big Data systems in the candidates' headquarters, from public images of competitors and the battle of compromising materials, to the attempts of other countries to influence the course of the election campaign.


At the presentation were raised very interesting issues, and one of them - the modern trade and economic policy of the USA. Facts, analysis, conclusions, causes, effects. Very interesting conversation, which teaches you to think rationally.

At the event, which took place on April 28, 2017, the Organization "EUROPEAN UNIT" was represented by the Head of the Committee on Energy Development and ECO Projects Oksana Nikolaieva and Natalia Oksonenko.

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Sunday, 13 November 2016 18:55

United States presidential election 2016

usavote58th US presidential elections, have passed under the General Election on Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Presidential candidates often are put forward by one of the US political parties, and in this case each of the parties developed a method (eg, national general Party primaries), which allows you to choose the one who, in the opinion of the partybetter suited for the nomination for the position. Members of the party officially nominate a candidate for the presidency on behalf of the party. During the election campaign of primaries and caucuses of two major parties held from February to June 2016 in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and 6 territories.

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump became the official candidate of the Republican Party, July 19, 2016, defeating the Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, Ohio Governor John Keysikom and thirteen other candidates. Former Secretary of State and Senator Hillary Clinton has been put forward July 26, 2016, after defeating Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016 22:10

A new stage in Russian-Turkish relations

Lord Palmerston 1855
"Short-sighted to consider this or that country invariable ally or the perpetual enemy of England. We don't have constant allies. We don't have eternal enemies. Only our interests are immutable and eternal. And our duty to follow them...." - British Foreign Secretary, Lord Palmerston, House of Commons , 1848.

In politics, are no friends and enemies, the policy should be based on pragmatic ways. The art of politics - is to use each other for your own purposes.

There are factor makes Russia and Turkey alike - in a relatively short period of time they were able to quarrel with all its neighbors, and with each other.

The severance of relations with Russia had a negative impact on the Turkish economy and policy. The fact that Turkey is in a complicated relationship with the West, and the fact that Russia is in a difficult relationship with the West, pushing them to mutual contacts and rapprochement. The convergence was outlined even before the recent coup attempt in Ankara. The failure of the coup accelerated this rapproachement.

Now, Putin and Erdogan are trying to use each other for the prosperity of their countries and to strengthen personal power. But both their countries are in a difficult situation, they are in fact in a state of political isolation. And for the Russian president, and the president of Turkey rapprochement - is primarily a way to break through this blockade.

Putin ErdoganJuly 29, Putin and Erdogan phoned the first time after the incident with the military aircraft. They agreed to restore relations, as well as a personal meeting. A little over a week later, on August 9 th, in St. Petersburg, held negotitations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan.

Their meeting began with a handshake and lasted no more than ten minutes in front of cameras and for more than two hours behind closed doors. Both sides expressed optimism about the outcome of it. The meeting resulted, as expected by many experts, mutually beneficial agreements. The leaders discussed the entire range of bilateral relations, including the restoration of economic ties, where emphasis was placed on bilateral business projects.

The first charter flights will be resumed further visa restrictions would be reviewed.

The Turkish leader has confirmed that both the joint project between Moscow and Ankara: pipeline "Turkish Stream" and NPP "Akkuyu" will be resumed and brought to logical conclusion.

According to Erdogan, Turkey is ready to provide the project "Akkuyu" status of strategic investment:

"Thus, the project "Akkuyu" will take its place among the other projects in our country and will enjoy all the necessary benefits offered this status",  - said the Turkish President.

As the two leaders expressed the desire of both countries to enter the pre-crisis level of economic cooperation - the question arose about the lifting of economic restrictions. Russia plans to gradually abolish special economic measures and restrictions on Turkish companies. In particular, the prohibitions on the employment of Turkish construction companies will be lifted in the near future.

The negotiations resulted in a decision to accept at the government level in Russia, a special program of cooperation with Turkey in the 2016-2019 years. The fact of the beginning of negotiations is no less important than its result.

Syrian issue

Russia raised the issue of the permeability of the Turkish-Syrian border to the west of the Euphrates. This is a gap through which penetrated the terrorists and supplied weapons in recent years. In fact, after the bombings in Istanbul airport this year, a lot has changed. The Turks themselves are now much more interested in how to strictly control the border with Syria. Another issue is that it is not easy to do.

SiriaFrom a military point of view agree about something for Turkey and Russia will be difficult, until countries have very different views on some issues. Turks still do not want to put up with Russia's position. They still believe Assad is not a legitimate ruler of Syria.

Or, for example, the Kurdish question. Both countries have polar views on the Kurdish problem. Turkey takes a tough stance and demands that the Kurdish formation admitted as terrorist. Russia on the other hand supports the Kurdish forces, because it considers them effective measure to counter the group "Islamic State". To reach mutual understanding on this issue will be very hard - it is need strong arguments for it.

Responding to a reporter's question about the Syrian problem, the leaders noted that this issue will be discussed separately.

"We agreed that after this part here, we will meet separately with the ministers of Foreign Affairs, with representatives of the special services, exchange information and look for solutions", - Putin said.

The possibility of long-term strategic alliance between Moscow and Ankara is questionable

But the threat of the creation of such an alliance - is a great opportunity to manipulate the West, the perfect diplomatic tool, which can bring considerable benefits to the authorities of Russia and Turkey.

alliasRussia has an opportunity to make NATO nervous.

Turkey - a very important member of NATO, "the keeper of the keys" to the Black Sea. Distancing of Ankara from Washington and Europe denies NATO freedom of maneuver in this important region of the world. Also, this is an additional lever of influence on the West by political blackmail. "You do not want to agree on key issues, then we will deepen our engagement with Turkey!"

For Turkey, the situation in this context is symmetrical. The prospect of deepening cooperation with Russia - is a powerful lever of influence on the West, a way to squeeze out of the US and EU concessions on issues of particular interest to the current Turkish leaders.

Modern Turkey is not what it was before. Erdogan in Turkey creates a fundamentally new political system. In the process of interaction to which, in a completely new international conditions, Moscow can collect a considerable amount of political points. Of course, Russia will certainly not detach Turkey from the Western alliance. Turkey is linked to the western world by many threads, cut which is clearly not in the interests of Turkey.

Union with Russia can not be an full-fledged alternative to Turkey's alliance with the West.

With regard to the development of their political institutions Turkey took a giant step backward. And it will not allow the West to restore the relationships that were before. It is even possible that the issue of the entry of Turkey into the European Union will be removed from the agenda indefinitely.

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Monday, 18 July 2016 11:47

Holiday marred

Nice teractThe Bastille Day, July 14, on the Promenade des Anglais, thousands of people gathered in Nice. Around 23:00 a truck driven 31-year-old native of Tunisia, Mohamed Boolell, drove to the embankment and crushed more than 80 people. More about 200 people were injured. The terrorist was shot dead by police. He drove along the embankment for about two kilometers.

Among the victims, in particular, the citizens of Germany, the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Switzerland, Algeria, Morocco.

The tragic events on the embankment in Nice became the third major terrorist attack that occurred in France in the past two years. Promenade des Anglais and some surrounding streets will be closed for an indefinite period because of the investigation of the tragedy.

From 2015 to the present day in France was made a series of similar crimes. The most famous was the shooting in the edition of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in January 2015 and an attack on the cafe network "La Belle Equipe", a number of restaurants and cinema "Bataklan" On November 13 of the same year.

Until recently, France was considered safe, and no one expected that it would become quite a dangerous place in the European Union. What has changed in the social consciousness of the French after a series of terrorist attacks?

Strange as it may seem at first glance, this tragedy has united people. There were many volunteers who have decided to donate blood for the victims. In general, of course, people are very upset and scared. Obviously, because of the terrorist attacks of Nice will not be as attractive to tourists in the near future, now residents of Nice try to avoid crowded places because of fear of becoming victims of a new terrorist attack.

The bloody events on the promenade again raised in the French public debate on the issue of the increasing number of Muslims in the country. France is literally split into two parts on the matter, and any similar incident only adds to this division. In addition, all mourn for the dead and very angry at the government.

French President Hollande said on television that the French should "come to terms with terrorism, this phenomenon is still there, and the victims will be more"rezervists

French Interior Minister called on "all patriotic citizens", recorded in the reservists. The statement was made in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Nice. Bernard Kaznev said that France hopes to encourage 12,000 reservists to improve security in the country.

The terrorist from Nice. What is known about the man who was driving the truck?

Terrorist personality has been established thanks to the documents which was discovered in the truck's cockpit.

He had previously come to the attention of police. Mohammed prosecuted for a number of offenses. Earlier this year, he was detained for "minor violence". Law enforcement authorities had no information about what Mohammed Boolell adheres to radical views. Neighbors also said that he did not give the impression of a religious man, and all the while wearing shorts.

Neighbors of Mohamed Boolell describe him as a lonely and silent man. The family, who lives one floor above, said that he never responded to their greetings. According to a neighbor in the stairwell, she spoke with Boolell only once - about problems with electricity. Neighbors remember that it is often up to him with a bicycle and a van left near the house.

Responsibility for the attack in Nice took over the grouping "Islamic state", which arranges the terrorist attacks around the world. IG is not rarely takes responsibility for any horrible accident committed not by them.

USA Russia Siria
In the wake of the IG conflict, US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Moscow with a proposal for co-operation in Syria.

US Department of State proposes to establish a Joint Group for the implementation of JIG (Joint Implementation Group), which will be located near the Jordanian capital. Both sides will establish the exchange of intelligence and operational information, however, the Russian Federation and the United States will remain autonomous work staffs. Partners will house near Amman "senior national representatives" experts and intelligence personnel. The exact number of personnel is not called.

The main objectives of the group will be the "Islamic State" and "Dzhebhat en-Nusra". Washington offers within five days to prepare a map showing the position of "Al-Nusra".  Russian aviation group will be able to attack on its own initiative in the presence of "an imminent threat" to the Russian military, and if militants try to go beyond the "designated areas". Thus, the Russian Federation will be able to help government troops, if the terrorists try to attack Damascus.

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8 mayDays of remembrance and reconciliation held in memory of the victims of the Second World War. Celebrated annually on 8 May and 9 May since 2005. According to the definition of the UN General Assembly Resolution 59/26, the UN Member States, non-governmental organizations and individuals are invited to celebrate one or both of those days as a tribute to all the victims of the Second World War.

Ukraine celebrates Victory Day according to European second time. Someday will be the day of end of the conflict with Russia.

US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette during a meeting with students of Mariupol University said that the most difficult times of conflict in the Donbas is already gone.

Payett"We are well aware, through some huge tests had to pass Ukraine during the two years of Russian aggression. On the other hand, we still think that you have already passed the most difficult times of conflict. And now took up the construction of the real European democracy. ", - Payette said.

US Ambassador said that the holding of local elections is an important component of this process, but only after the parties of conflict implement all the provisions of Minsk agreements and Ukraine will resume control at the eastern border.

The participants of the regular meeting in Minsk agreed to the introduction of the ceasefire in the Donbas with the onset of the Easter and May holidays.

frank walter steinmeierThe head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that May 11 will be held in Berlin meeting of foreign ministers in "Norman format". The foreign ministers will discuss the local elections in the Donbass region in areas not controlled by the Kiev and the restoration of peace regime.

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Canada EU FreeTradeZoneThe European Union and Canada in 2013 signed an agreement on creating a free trade area. Harmonization of the text of the Free Trade Zone Agreement between Canada and the European Union is complete and must be approved by the countries - EU members and the European Parliament. This agreement should start operating next year.

This was reported by Minister of International Trade of Canada Hristea Freeland.

"Canada and the European Commission are pleased to announce that the legal verification of the English-language text of an agreement on a comprehensive free trade zone is completed," - said Freeland.

Now, the agreement will be translated into the other 22 EU languages, then signed and ratified.

The new Government of Canada was able to agree with the EU, some changes to the original agreement. These changes will create for Canadian and European citizens and businesses more transparent and fair system in the field of investment.

chrystiafreeland"There have been some changes to the section on investing that reflect the common aspiration of Canada and the European Union to strengthen the rights of states to carry out regulation. We also have detailed requirements for the members of ethics committees and the tribunal, and introduced a system of appeal." - explained Freeland.

The agreement on free trade zone between the EU and Canada will bring many environmental benefits to Canadians and open access to a market of 500 million people and a total GDP of $ 20 trillion.

"It is really "golden" trade deal that will bring incredible benefits to Canadians and Europeans, wich we will experience in wealth growth. I am convinced that this deal will be significant." - summed Freeland.

ttipThe EU and the United States currently negotiating an agreement on free trade and investment partnership. The agreement with the United States is supported by all heads of the leading European economies. And EU business in the first place - a large. Obama, speaking in London on Saturday, April 23, said that the establishment of free trade between the EU and the US zone will create millions of jobs and billions of dollars of benefits.

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baiden in ukraineLate in the evening of 6 December, Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Kiev with two-day visit. No doubt it is a historical event for Ukraine. The visit of such a policy "caliber" in independent Ukraine is the first time.

The administration of US President said that one of the main goals of this trip - to remind the people of Ukraine and the world that even in the conditions when the international attention is focused on the events in Syria, the United States did not forgotten about the Ukraine.

The schedule of the visit turned out pretty dense, December 7, US Vice President held a meeting with Ukrainian MP.

At the meeting discussed four key themes: corruption, a reboot of the Government, violation of the Minsk agreements by Russian Federation in the context of constitutional reforms and the electoral law in the occupied territories, as well as - the annexation of the Crimea.

According to a spokesman of US authorities in the economic development of Ukraine there have been some success: GDP shows some growth, increasing industrial production and export of agricultural products, and the Ukrainian national currency has stabilized.

There Biden called for changes to the Constitution and the electoral law in the occupied territories. According to the vice-president, this step "would allow the United States to demand from the the Russian Federation retaliatory steps, and the Europeans - unity on sanctions."

Baiden PoroshenkoPresident of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko held a joint press conference with US Vice President. During which Biden gave assurances that the US will support Ukraine in the International Monetary Fund. Poroshenko, in turn, assured Biden that Ukraine will support the most anti-terrorist coalition forces in Syria.

US Vice President also visited the street Institutskaya, where paid tribute to the heroes of hundreds of Heaven

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Under the agreement, the first time since 1961, will start work the US Embassy in Cuba and Havana's diplomatic mission in Washington

On Monday, July 20, the agreement came into force on the official resumption of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba, which agreed on February 27 during the 2nd round of negotiations.

Diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba were broken off after the armed attempts of Cuban mercenaries, supported by the US Army, to overthrow the regime of Fidel Castro in 1961.

Also Monday, a ceremony was held at the Cuban embassy in Washington, it took part in US Secretary of State John Kerry and the head of the diplomatic department of Cuba Bruno Rodriguez. The US Embassy in Cuba will become fully operational in August 2015, when John Kerry will participate in the ceremony of raising the American flag over the building.

Since December 2014 the United States and Cuba began to establish relations between the two countries. In particular, the United States lifted restrictions on travel to Cuba, lifted some sanctions and expelled Cuba from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

Europe is also in the process of normalization of relations with Cuba. July 17, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Walter Steinmeier and his Cuban counterpart Bruno Rodriguez agreed to establish cooperation in the field of politics, culture and economy.

Two agreements governing these areas of German-Cuban relations were signed during the visit of the German Foreign Ministry in Havana.

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США и Куба 27 февраля в Вашингтоне и Гаване обсудят вопрос об открытии посольств 

Представители США и Кубы встретятся 27 февраля, чтобы обсудить возобновление работы дипломатических представительств обеих стран в Вашингтоне и Гаване, говорится в сообщении госдепартамента США.

Как в нём отмечено: "Переговоры будут сфокусированы на вопросах, связанных с возобновлением работы посольств и дипломатов в обеих странах".

Встреча пройдет в Вашингтоне и это будет второй раунд переговоров между представителями Соединенных Шатов и Кубы. Первые официальные переговоры между США и Кубой о возобновлении работы посольств двух стран состоялись в период с 21 по 22 января этого года в Гаване.

Барак Обама и Рауль Кастро объявили о намерении стран нормализовать дипломатические отношения 17 декабря 2014 года.

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