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Sunday, 24 July 2016 18:13

Summer Olympics 2016

rio 2016Summer Olympic Games in 2016 - most important sporting event for the last four years

It is believed that the Olympic Movement was born in the days of ancient Greece. At that time it was the sporting and religious events. But after 394 years BC competitions were not held. Games were resumed at the end of the 19th century.

Eight countries have submitted applications to host the Games. For the right to host the Games competed: Azerbaijan, Spain, Czech Republic, Qatar, Japan, the US and Russia. Three countries have indicated in their applications the city that are not their capitals. They were: Russia (Saint-Petersburg), the USA (Chicago), and Brazil (Rio de Janeiro). St. Petersburg withdrew the application, since one and a half months after filing of the application another city (Sochi) got the right to host the Winter Games in 2014.

In the final part of the race were four applicants: Madrid, Tokyo, Chicago and Rio de Janeiro. Voting took place in three stages. With each of them sifted out one applicant. As a result left the two Rio de Janeiro and Madrid. With the double advantage during the final vote in October 2009 won Rio de Janeiro.rio

It will be the first Olympic Games, taking place in South America, the second in Latin America after the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City and the first since 2000, taking place in the southern hemisphere.

Mascot and logo of the Games

Talisman of future Olympic Games became an animal named Vinicius and Tom plant. Both mascot represent a diverse flora and fauna of Brazil. Vinicius is the embodiment of all the animals that live in Brazil, "born from the explosion of joy" from the fact that the country chosen as the Olympic capital. Tom represents a symbol of the Paralympic Games and is a mix of plants. In the colors of talismans clearly seen the theme of the Brazilian flag.

fakelThe official Olympic logo is an image of three human figures dancing, orange, green and blue. They all are holding hands. The following is the inscription "RIO 2016" and the symbol of the Olympic Games - five interconnected rings.

At the Olympic Games will be raffled 301 medals in 40 sports disciplines. For the first time in the program of the Summer Games included rugby-7, which is a simplified form of the game. Also for the first time since 1904. The golf tournament will be held at the Summer Olympics. This sport was once excluded from the Olympics, but the decision by a vote of the IOC in 2009, it was returned to that status.

In the rest Summer Olympic Games in 2016 will be held on the same sports program that the previous Olympic Games.

After the approval of Rio de Janeiro's candidacy, the Brazilians decided that the 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in four zones of the city:


Maracana will be the main object of the Olympic Games. At the stadium of the same name will be opening and closing ceremonies of the Games. Also, "Maracana" stadium will take the final match of the Olympic football tournament. It is the largest playground in Brazil with a capacity of 79,000 people.

In the neighboring to "Maracanã" Stadium "João Havelange" and "Ginásio do Maracanãzinho" will be competitions in track and field and volleyball respectively. Olympic Stadium João Havelange is new (it was commissioned in 2007) and is able to accommodate 45,000 people.

Sports: Athletics; marathon; archery; football; water polo; volleyball.


District of Barra will take most of the upcoming Olympic competitions. On its territory there are 15 sports facilities. The largest object of water sports is the Water park named after Maria Lenk, which will host swimming and diving from a springboard.

Sports: boxing; table tennis; badminton; cycling (road); Weightlifting; Gymnastics (sports, artistic and trampoline); cycle track; walking trails; diving; water polo; swimming; synchronized swimming; basketball; judo; Taekwondo; wrestling (freestyle and Greco-Roman); handball; fencing; golf; tennis.


The Copacabana district which is known for its beach, will host the beach volleyball and swimming competitions in open water and triathlon. Within the Copacabana in the center of "Marina da Gloria" will be competitions in sailing. On the shore of the Atlantic Ocean will be constructed temporary bleachers, which will be able to fit 10,000 people.

Sports: beach volleyball; Canoe Sprint and Rowing; cycling (road); swimming in open water; triathlon; sailing.


In the fourth center, Deodoro, in the National Centre of equestrian sport will be held show jumping competitions. The center was built in 2007, but three years later was remodel. Its capacity is 20,000 people. Near the center of equestrian sport is the National Shooting Sports Center, also built in 2007. Competitions on bullet and shotgun shooting will be held in it.

Sports: Basketball; modern pentathlon; Horseback Riding; field hockey; shooting; Rugby-7; mountain biking and velomotokross; slalom.

In Rio de Janeiro opened the Olympic Village

On July 24, Rio de Janeiro hosted the official opening of the Olympic Village, two weeks before the start of the Summer Olympics in 2016.

The complex, consisting of 31 buildings will live about 18 000 athletes. The number of staff is 13 000 people.

The Olympic Village has a large food complex for up to 5000 people, equipped with the most modern exercise equipment gym, a clinic, relaxation area, a beauty salon, a multi-religious center, and seven laundries. It is located in the west of the Brazilian metropolis, a mile from the Olympic Park, where the majority of the competitions will be held.

According to the International Olympic Committee, in the village there are also so-called "place of sorrow", which will host a special ceremony in the memory of people who died during the Olympic Games.

After the Olympics all the buildings and apartments will be sold to wealthy citizens in Brazil.

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Monday, 01 December 2014 17:29

National Championship MMA

13.12.14 Was held the national championship MMA in Plovdiv

mma2vgradeni Loga FINALThe event organized by the Bulgarian Federation of MMA (BFMMA), fighting sport club KA-2 with the support of Organization "European Unit"

The event started at 11:00 in the pavilion №2 "International Fair - Plovdiv"

Official rules of the competition BFMMA (Bulgarian)

MMA Bulgaria 2014Competitions were held at a high professional level, they attended 12 sports clubs in Bulgaria. For the most interesting fights were awarded:

  • Валери Атанасов - Десант Варна 
  • Фердун Османов - Десант Варна 
  • Стилян Иванов - КБПИ Локомотив
  • Горна Оряховица и Томи Борисов - КА-2

More than all gold medals received club "Десант Варна" - five of them and behind it the club "KA-2" with three medals.

Winners were awarded by the representative of the "European Unit" Deputy Head for Legal and PR in Bulgaria Dimitar Dimitrov.


The winners in the weight categories
Кадети 54 кг.
1.Денислав Станиславов - Бойни Спортове Монтана
2.Александър Милков - Титаните Видин
Кадети 58 кг.
1.Мюмюн Челашкан - ММА Хасково
2.Антоан Донев - КБПИ Локомотив Горна Оряховица
3.Доброслав Радев - Марек ММА
Кадети 63 кг.
1.Денислав Хаджиев - Тангра Стара Загора
2.Леонид Тодоров - Бойни Спортове Монтана
3.Иван Тилев - Щурм Пазарджик
Кадети 85 кг.
1.Рафи Кумруян - Щурм Пазарджик
2.Иван Чиликов - Тигър спорт София
Юноши 60 кг.
1.Стоян Бодуров - Щурм Пазарджик
2.Николай Иванов - КБПИ Локомотив Горна Оряховица
3.Стилян Иванов - КБПИ Локомотив Горна Оряховица
Юноши 65 кг.
1.Иван Дългъчев - Тангра Стара Загора
2.Мирослав Димитров - Марек ММА
3.Росен Христов - Тангра Стара Загора
Юноши 70 кг.
1.Фердун Османов - Десант Варна
2.Георги Младенов - Бойни Спортове Монтана
3.Борис Николов - Десант Варна
Юноши 77 кг.
1.Томи Борисов - КА-2
2.Антонио Григоров - Десант Варна
3.Денислав Сурчев - ММА Хасково
Юноши 93 кг.
1.Калоян Кръстев - Титаните Видин
2.Мирослав Иванов - Бушидо Ямбол
3.Светлин Богомилов - Титаните Видин
Мъже 60 кг.
1.Стилян Иванов - КБПИ Локомотив Горна Оряховица
2.Николай Иванов - КБПИ Локомотив Горна Оряховица
Мъже 65 кг.
1.Йордан Чолаков - КА-2
2.Аркан Йорданов - Десант Варна
3.Милен Митков - Титаните Видин
Мъже 70 кг.
1.Фердун Османов - Десант Варна
2.Росен Костадинов - ММА Хасково
3.Васил Бързашки - КА-2
Мъже 77
1.Йово Николов - Десант Варна
2.Иван Гроздев - Десант Варна
3.Станимир Бумбалов - ММА Сопот
Мъже 93
1.Валери Атанасов - Десант Варна
2.Христо Бонев - ММА Хасково
3.Пламен Маринов - ММА Сопот
Мъже 120
1.Даниел Гълъбов - Десант Варна
2.Анатоли Божинов - ММА Сопот
3.Митко Старчев - КА-2
Мъже 120+
1.Васил Агов - КА-2
2.Роберт Василев - Титаните Видин

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Saturday, 11 July 2015 14:59

Program "European Ukraine" on the channel UTR

PRESSHead of committee on the Issues of the International organizations and cooperation in the sphere of youth, culture and sport Iurii Verkhman gave an interview to Anchorwoman "European Ukraine" Svitlana Mazur during shooting transmission channel UTR.

The main topics for discussion were:

International cooperation of the Public Council of MFA of Ukraine and reforming of physical education and sports

Iurii Verkhman spoke about the activities of the Public Organization "Sport against drugs", and what was discussed at the round table "European opportunities for Ukrainian Youth", which was held at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Of course, the issues under discussion was much more:

Which organizations cooperating with Ukraine today, including international organizations with which Ukraine cooperating in terms of reforms. .. And lots of other interesting information.

Watch the video :

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Friday, 26 June 2015 21:59

Tournament "For the future of Ukraine"

In late June, finished the tournament "For the future of Ukraine" which took place in the format of the Football League, organized by the public organization "Youth Center" History Makers '', led by Fedor Artenyuk.

The objective of the Football League - the promotion of healthy lifestyles, offer alternatives to young people hanging out, development of physical culture and popularization of domestic football in Vinnitsa.


Football League opens opportunities and provides a launching pad for those who want to link their lives with sports (take courses and receive a diploma judge and coach of the football team).

Football League "For the future Ukraine" will be held annually in autumn. In spring and winter will be held the championship of Futsal.

Take part in this league everyone can, it is necessary to assemble a team and submit the application form at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and register it.

Sponsors of football tournament:
«Data Call» - Head Kozhumyaka Alexander.
International Charitable Foundation N.Potopaevoy (representation in the Vinnytsia region) - the head of Dmitry Kostirko.

This tournament was attended by 16 teams (190 people), in the autumn will be attended by 32 teams

The teams on the football field pleased the audience with their play, beautifully scored goals. It was a real fight for the top places. Each team saw itself champion.

    Prizes won:
  1. place - “Call of the heart”
  2. place - “Sparta”
  3. place - “Slavyanka”

Winners received cups, medals and diplomas, as well as holders of 1 place received a prize purse of 1,000 UAH.

sloganWithin the project of the sports events of the Organization "European Unit" - "WE HAVE WINGS ", Head of committee on the Issues of the International organizations and cooperation in the sphere of youth, culture and sport of the "European Unit", member of the Executive Committee of the Football Federation of Kiev Iurii Verkhman with his Deputy Viacheslav Oksonenko - congratulated the team at the closing of the tournament.

And also congratulated the team director of the International Charitable Foundation N.Potopaevoy in Vinnytsia region, Dmitry Kostirko.

The next day, Iurii Verkhman and Viacheslav Oksonenko visited the team captains meeting of tournament League "For the future Ukraine". On which summed up the results of football tournament and discussed approaches, plans and strategies domestic football league in the city of Vinnitsa.

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Finished international football tournament entitled "For Peace and Unity" in Palanga in Lithuania, which was held with the active participation of representatives of the "European Unit".

LITVA"European Unit" welcomes the holding of such events, the objectives of which coincide with the direction of its diplomatic and public activities. Often it organizes or takes an active part in the events promoting healthy and sporty lifestyle.

These activities also contribute to the strengthening of friendly relations between the countries of participants. In this tournament were competing 8 combined teams of Ukraine, Lithuania and Russia.

4 teams in the composition of which were presented players 35 years of age and 4 teams of the older generation players 50 years and older.

In the best tradition of friendly matches on the football field were dominated the principles of friendship, mutual assistance, as well as the spirit of partnership and unity.

First place taken by the team of veterans, in which the players were from Ukraine and Lithuania. Including veteran of Kiev "Dynamo" Ivan Yaremchuk, who graced the tournament with his play

Especially we want to note our representatives Iurii Verkhman and Viacheslav Oksonenko who have made a significant contribution to the overall victory.


As expected, at the end of the tournament the teams were awarded with cups, medals, prizes and gifts.

But most important is that all participants received a lot of positive emotions and took away with them the smiles and a good mood.

The participants agreed to meet again necessarily in a wider format of the event next year. "European Unit" as well will take part in this event.

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Friday, 10 April 2015 10:18

Tournament on World Health Day. Results

In the Ukrainian capital Kiev, has passed a unique tournament dedicated to the World Health Day.

April turnir 2
    The tournament was attended by 6 teams.
  • Team of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Combined team among health care workers
  • Team of Ministry of Emergency Situations
  • Team of deputies of the Kyiv Council
  • Team of the Football Federation of Ukraine

Pleased to note that such tournament was attended by team "EUROPEAN UNIT" for the first time and took second place in the tournament.

Team of the Armed Forces of Ukraine won the tournament

April turnirAward Ceremony was attended by Vice-President of the Football Federation of Ukraine Kostyuchenko, Advisor to the President of Ukraine O. Bogomolets, city council members, prominent public and political figures, and also well-known in the past veterans of Dynamo Kiev - Vladislav Vashchuk and Ivan Yaremchuk.

Teams were awarded with cups, medals and valuable gifts.

The event was attended by:  head of Organization Iuliia Varchyk, head of Council Honorary mission diplomats, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine Valerii Tsybukh, head of committee on the Issues of the International organizations and cooperation in the sphere of youth, culture and sport in Ukraine Iurii Verkhman and his deputy Viacheslav Oksonenko.

Such a tournament has become traditional. It's intended to cover as many people who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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Thursday, 02 April 2015 11:35

Friendly Tournament "Healthy Lifestyle"

Within the project of the sports events of the Organization "European Unit" - "WE HAVE WINGS" planned football tournament "Healthy Lifestyle"

We are pleased to present you the command - "EUROPEAN UNIT"
We hasten to wish our sportsmen only Wins !!!

Logo RozpochniApril 7 at 11:00 am in Hydropark "City of Sports" will be social and charitable event dedicated to Health Day. Friendly Tournament "Healthy Lifestyle" will be held between a team of doctors of Ukraine, deputies of the city council team, a team of officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Football Federation team,a team of rescuers BFNC and a team of "EUROPEAN UNIT".

UFAMThe aim of the competition is a complex solution of problems of active recreation and health promotion, enabling participants to improve the physical and psychological condition, popularize and increase the prestige of football in Ukraine.

The tournament organized by the public organization "Start a new life", the public organization "All-Ukrainian association" Ukrainian Football Association of physicians ", with the assistance of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Football Federation.

At the opening invited Health Minister Alexander Kvitashvili, MP, chairman of the Committee on Health, Advisor to the President Olga Bogomolets, chairman of the Committee for Cooperation with the UN, Head of the Committee on International Organizations and Cooperation in the field of youth, culture and sport Iurii Verkhman, president of the Football Federation of Ukraine Andriy Pavelko, deputy chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Michael Radutsky, chairman of the commission Kyiv City Council on Health Yuri Shouters, former footballist of Ukrainian football Vladislav Vashchuk.

Partners of the tournament: Kiev City Council, Kyiv city state administration, KP "Pharmacy", a travel agency TourMarine, healthcare exhibition PublicHealth.


Media accreditation passes until April 6, 2015, inclusive. Accreditation is granted subject to mandatory publication, TV or radio demonstration plot. Contacts for accreditation: 063-243-39-67, Irina.

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Welcome to the new project of the ORGANIZATION "EUROPEAN UNIT"


"We all have wings, but a few of us knows how to use them...

logo leftlogo right
    WE ARE THE BEST ! Why ? Because:
  1. We are going to be the most elegant team.
  2. We are going to create trend, because we have our cool style.
  3. Our professionalism will provide us.
  4. Our enthusiasm and passion, lead us to be the best.

Watch the news with us...

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Saturday, 27 December 2014 23:44

Children's football tournament "Christmas stars"

Organization "European Unit" was one of organizers of the prestigious children's football tournament "Christmas stars", which took place on 20 - 21 December 2014 in Kiev.

European Unit Cristmass tournamentOrganization "European Unit" represented Head of committee on the Issues of the International organizations and cooperation in the sphere of youth, culture and sport Iurii Verkhman.
Company "Gazda" which acted as a partner of the tournament was represented the commercial director - Vyacheslav Oksёnenko, who took an active part in the tournament.

The tournament was attended by eight children football teams of Kiev. During the tournament all the teams showed great game and professionalism, Despite their young age. In the final, the two teams had met "Athlete" and "Star" As a result the team "Athlete" had won. All teams were awarded with diplomas, medals, cups, valuable prizes and gifts.

Congratulations to the winners of the tournament the team "Athlete" We wish all of success and new victories !!!

The Organization "European Unit" helping to bring children grow up healthy and motivated, it also forms the right look for a healthy lifestyle among younger generation since childhood.

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The Ukrainian-Azerbaijan cultural and educational center was opened last week in Kiev

The opening ceremony was attended by:Verhman science

  • Rector of KNUTD, professor, Doctor of Economics, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Education in Ukraine, Laureate of the State Award of Ukraine Ivan Mikhailovich Grishchenko;
  • Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Ukraine Eynulla Madatli;
  • Director of the Ukrainian State Centre of International Education MES Irina V. Gagarin;
  • The representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora and leading Azerbaijani scientists working in Ukraine and representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Organization "European Unit"was represented by Deputy Head of Organization for PR in Ukraine - Iurii Verkhman.

Just last week survey on TV took place on the subject - "Ukraine Sport"

Verhman tv

Where employees of the Organization "European Unit" shared their experiences in the development of sports projects in Ukraine with a popular Ukrainian sports journalist Valentin Shcherbachov

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