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Wednesday, 03 August 2016 13:32

EU-changing external and internal part 2

SwitzSwitzerland officially informed Brussels about the withdrawal of its application for EU membership, submitted in May 1992. On June 15 Council of cantons, also known as "Small House" of the Swiss parliament, called for the withdrawal of the application for EU membership. Supported a similar decision of the "Grand Chamber" adopted in March.

Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland Didier Burkhalter, staying in the town of Vallorbe at the solemn meeting on the occasion of 725 anniversary of the founding of the Swiss Confederation, said that the withdrawal of the application is due to the decision of Parliament.

"We have a basic bilateral agreements with our closest partner, the European Union, but we do not want to enter into it", - said Burkhalter.

In Switzerland is traditionally taken to solve any serious issues for the country by direct democracy.

In December 1992, a referendum was held in which the Swiss citizens with a score of 50.3% of the votes, voted against the accession of their country to the European Economic Area. Thus the previously filed application was useless. The strength of the decisions adopted by referendum is such that new convene on the withdrawal of applications is not necessary.

Spain may be forced to spend the third parliamentary elections in a year

Extraordinary parliamentary elections may take place due to the fact that the Socialist Party leader Pedro Sanchez refused to join the coalition government.Acting Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rahoy commenting on the refusal of Sanchez noted that the third in a row election in one year, will be "absurd".

"If Mr. Sanchez will continue to say no, we will be forced to once again hold elections", - said Rahoy.

KatalonCatalonia strives for independence from Spain

1st August 2016 the Constitutional Court of Spain suspended the resolution on the independence of Catalonia, not admitting it again.

A coalition of Catalan separatists, who won September 27 elections in Barcelona, promised to achieve independence for 18 months.

The resolution was adopted by the Parliament of Catalonia on November 9, 2015, at the same time approved the "Road map" to achieve the independence of autonomy from Spain. The resolution was made by the representatives of the coalition of the Catalan separatists, led by Prime Minister of autonomy Artur Mas, as well as members of the Left Party "National Unity candidates".

11 November, the judges of the Constitutional Court took into consideration the complaint of Madrid and thus suspended the resolution. Catalan politicians urged to seek independence, despite the court's decision and the opinion of Madrid. Spain's Constitutional Court annulled the resolution of the Catalan Parliament on the separation of the region on December 2. Thus, the court took the side of central government in Madrid.

As a result, the Constitutional Court of Spain didn't admit the same resolution twice.

"After the hour and a half discussion, 11 members of the Constitutional Court decided unanimously to require the President and the Parliament of Catalonia, Carmen Forkadel and other representatives to carry out the judgment of December 2015", - said the judges.

In addition, at this time responsible for the parliamentary initiative on the independence of the region can be fined or even prosecuted.

Spain and Portugal avoid EU sanctions

Spain and PortugalAccording to the rules of the European Union, the budget deficit should not exceed three percent of gross internal product. Spain's budget deficit reached 5.1% in 2015, while in Portugal it amounted to 4.4%.

However, Brussels has appointed Madrid and Lisbon zero penalty for the violation of financial discipline.

EU Commissioner for Economy and Finance called impractical actually to punish those countries, heavier than others survived the crisis:

"We do not believe that harsh approach would bring benefits in a time when people are skeptical about Europe" - said Pierre Moscovici.

European Commission asks Spain and Portugal to develop additional measures to reduce the deficit and to report on them by 15 October.

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В Каталонии проведут опрос о независимости, вопреки решению суда. Голосование запланировано на 9 ноября, но оно не будет иметь юридической силы, отметили инициаторы проведения волеизъявления

9 ноября Каталония проведет голосование о независимости, несмотря на запрет Конституционного суда Испании. Пресс-секретарь правительства Каталонии Франсеск Хомс заявил, что для опроса, который не будет иметь юридических последствий, "все готово".

Опрос будет включать в себя два вопроса: "Должна ли Каталония быть государством?" и "Должна ли Каталония быть независимым государством?". "Мы его проведем, чтобы гарантировать гражданам свободу слова. И сделаем это со всеми последствиями", — заявил Хомс после решения Конституционного суда Испании, передает The Guardian. Он также добавил, что готов к проблемам, которые начнутся 10 ноября.

 Спикер каталонского правительства также заявил, что правительство Каталонии подаст в Конституционный суд Испании встречный иск за "нарушение основополагающих прав" и "нарушение прав на участие, свободу слова и свободу вероисповедания".

Конституционный суд Испании по просьбе центрального правительства страны заблокировал проведение в Каталонии опроса о независимости, назначенного на 9 ноября. В конце сентября суд уже признавал незаконным референдум о независимости Каталонии. Тогда Каталония приостановила подготовку к референдуму.

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Глава Организации "Европейский Блок" Юлия Варчик провела ряд рабочих встреч с представителями испанских и болгарских официальных делегаций, во время которых ознакомила представителей делегаций с деятельностью Организации.

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