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Presentation of Dmitry Dzhangirov's book "Victory is impossible over the unacceptable", was organized by ICC Ukraine in conjunction with LLC "Publishing and Bookselling Company "SUMMIT-BOOK".

Book presentation

The collection is dedicated to various aspects of the US presidential election in 2016 - from the "red-blue" electoral geography of the United States, to the ultra-precise settings of the Big Data systems in the candidates' headquarters, from public images of competitors and the battle of compromising materials, to the attempts of other countries to influence the course of the election campaign.


At the presentation were raised very interesting issues, and one of them - the modern trade and economic policy of the USA. Facts, analysis, conclusions, causes, effects. Very interesting conversation, which teaches you to think rationally.

At the event, which took place on April 28, 2017, the Organization "EUROPEAN UNIT" was represented by the Head of the Committee on Energy Development and ECO Projects Oksana Nikolaieva and Natalia Oksonenko.

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Internet group Google on August 11 announced the implementation of a global restructuring and the creation of a new parent company Alphabet. This is in the official blog of the company said one of the founders of the Internet giant, Larry Page, who became executive director of the newly established holding company. The second co-founder Sergey Brin of search engine became president of the new company.

googlealphabet2 3404968b"Our company is now working well, but we believe we can make its activities more transparent and accountable. So we create a new company called Alphabet", - said Page.

Google shares on the Stock Exchange will replace equivalent securities of Alphabet to the end of 2015, while the latter will be a public company. So now Google is a subsidiary wholly owned by Alphabet.

The structure of this holding will enter Google itself as the search giant and its former subsidiaries, such as investment divisions Google Ventures and Google Capital, the video platform YouTube and other internet firms, medical company Calico and X-lab (research division).

Alphabet opened its own site on the Internet www.abc.xyzgoogle alphabet 700x400

"We did a lot of things that at one time seemed crazy. Today, many of these crazy things used by billions of people - for example, services such as Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome and Android. And we did not stop there. We're still trying to do something that other people seem crazy ",- Larry Page.

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Monday, 27 April 2015 12:01

Ideas bring people together

In tough times, people tend to join forces to overcome the difficulties. But often it relates directly to those who are in the same trouble. Sometimes, individuals and organizations take on the role of social assistants to draw attention to some phenomena and processes in society need to send empathy to a specific channel.

Organization "European Unit" has long been took over the similar social role and participated in various activities as a co-organizer and as a member of an existing regular Event. Organization supports socially useful activities promoting healthy lifestyles, such as sports tournaments

Organization "European Unit" is always happy events close to it in spirit and in this article wants to share with the readers information about a related event, the purpose of which fully shares .

Honored Artist of Ukraine Kateryna Buzhynska goes to charity tour "We are Ukraine"

Katerina Bujinska Tur

The tour will take place on the European capitals with the support of the European Cultural Foundation. Start 10th May in Sofia, Bulgaria - End in Lviv, Ukraine on May 26.

<Organization "European Unit" recommend to attend the event to all its readers and partners, because it is a striking example of a strong unifying idea.

Head of Organization Iuliia Varchyk.
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Welcome to the new project of the ORGANIZATION "EUROPEAN UNIT"


"We all have wings, but a few of us knows how to use them...

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    WE ARE THE BEST ! Why ? Because:
  1. We are going to be the most elegant team.
  2. We are going to create trend, because we have our cool style.
  3. Our professionalism will provide us.
  4. Our enthusiasm and passion, lead us to be the best.

Watch the news with us...

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Китай обогнал США и стал первой экономикой в мире – МВФ

По данным Financial Times, экономика Китая может теперь считаться крупнейшей в мире, но страна еще не самая богатая. ВВП на душу населения по-прежнему меньше, чем в Штатах, и составляет примерно четверть от уровня в США.

Еще 14 лет назад США производили почти в три раза больше, чем Китай. Сейчас на Китай приходится 16,5% мировой экономики, по сравнению с 16,3% для США.

Объем национального экономического производства за 2014 год в Китае составил 17,6 трлн долларов, а в США эта цифра достигла 17,4 трлн долларов, пишет FoxNews со ссылкой на отчет Международного валютного фонда (МВФ). Также издание отмечает, что, скажем, рубашка в Шанхае будет стоить дешевле, чем, например, в Сан-Франциско. При этом в среднем гражданин Китая зарабатывает намного меньше, чем средний американец.

Источник:  ZN.UA

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