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cngu 2017 1As the curtain of the outgoing year in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev was awarded the participants and winners of mini-football tournament "Memorial Cup of Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations H. J. Udovenko"

 In the tournament took part 16 teams. In the final match met teams "Legenda" and "Tvereza Nation". In a bitter struggle, with a score of 7: 5 won the team "Tvereza Nation".

cngu 2017 3

The tournament was organized by the Committee on International organizations and cooperation in the field of youth, culture and sports, in the person of its Head Iurii Verkhman.

He also awarded the members of the Organization for a significant contribution to the activities and social activities during the past year.

cngu 2017 2

Awards were presented to the winners by:

  • Head of the Organization "European Unit" - Iuliia Varchyk.
  • Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine, Head of Council Honorary of diplomats of the Organization, Adviser to the Head of organization for world diplomacy - Valerii Tsybukh.
  • Honored Master of Sports, Veteran of Dynamo Kyiv - Ivan Yaremchuk.
  • The HEAD of PO "Sport against drugs" - Iurii Verkhman.

Held traditional and prestigious tournament, was the fourth in a row.

cngu 2017 4

Within the project of the sports activities of the Organization
by this tournament we confidently and adequately summed up the past 2016 and we wish you ALL good HEALTH !!!


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Monday, 23 November 2015 12:17

7 years of child development center "Sprout"

SPROUT"Sprout" - an alternative kindergarten with the English-language learning environment, which formed and developed the identity of the child from 2 to 6 years.

Like the sprouts that under good care grow into strong trees, children need proper training and education in order to become a full-fledged personality.

The celebration of the 7th anniversary was organized with the support of the "European Unit"

The event was attended by:
The Head of the Organization Iuliia Varchyk and leadership of the Organization Iurii Verkhman, Viacheslav Oksonenko and Oksana Nikolaieva.

SPROUT1Along with the all-round development specialists are helping kindergarten children at an early age easily and naturally learn English. They achieve this through total dipping of children in English-speaking environment. Graduates of kindergarten speak English at a sufficient level to continue the training on the international program with native speakers.

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Saturday, 12 September 2015 13:18

Working visit of the Organization leaders to Brussels

Visit Brussel August 2015The priority of the "European Unit" since the first day of its existence is relationship building and development of work programs, the signing of agreements and memorandums contributing realization of the main goals and objectives of the Organization.

Visit Brussel August 2015 2
In the framework of working visit to Brussels, Belgium in late August was laid implementation of these priorities.

Within two working days it was held a series of meetings and signed a number of activities for the last quarter of 2015.

Organization "European Unit" was represented by the Head of the Organization Iuliia Varchyk and Head of Journalists Association of Organization Zhan Novikov.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015 12:28

Memorial Day of Hristo Botev

On June 2, the day of memory of Hristo Botev and Bulgarians who died for the independence and liberation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Wreathes and flowers of honor were laid at the monument of Captain Petko Voyvoda in Kiev ...

The action was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Kiev in the person of of the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Bulgaria to Ukraine Mr. Krasimir Minchev and diplomats of the Embassy.

Active participation in event took the Organisation "Friendly Bulgaria" in the person of the chairman Yuri Sedykh, the Organization "Thracian Bulgarians" in the person of Alex Belenski, 293rd Lyceum in the person of Lesia Kostina, representatives of "Rodoljub" and "Rodoljub 1989", Assistant of the Department of Slavic Philology of Kiev National University named after Taras Shevchenko Tatyana Dotsenko, representatives of the Bulgarian community in Kiev and friends of Bulgaria.

The action of laying flowers, was attended by representatives of the "European Unit" in the persons of the Head of Organization Iuliia Varchyk , Head of Journalists Association of Organization Zhan Novikov and employees - Volodymyr Kozlov, Pavlin Stoyanov Plachkov and Kostadin Ivanov Kostadinov.


In his words, in honor of that date, Ambassador Krasimir Minchev recalled the responsibility of the Bulgarian people that carries as a descendant of the great ancestors, whose memory is honored every year on June 2. On their self-sacrifice in honor of prosperity and peaceful coexistence of free Bulgaria. The Ambassador also noted that the importance to observe the tradition is the foundation of prosperity and growth in the future in all civilized countries of the world. At the end of the speech, Ambassador Krasimir Minchev, requested all those present to honor the memory of fallen heroes by a minute of silence.

Word on the occasion of this event has been proposed to the representative of Organization "Friendly Bulgaria" Yuri Sedykh, also representatives of the 293rd Lyceum of Kiev, sang songs in honor of memory of the victims.

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May 14 in Istanbul, capital of Turkey, was officially opened a representative office of the "European Unit".Representative Office in Turkey

Representative Office of the Organization headed - Ersin ŞenTR 1

The work plans of representation, signing memorandums with state and public organizations, various events in the sphere of science, education, medicine, culture and sport. Collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, embassies and consulates.

It mapped out a plan of work for 2015.

The opening of a representative attended, Head of the Organization Iuliia Varchyk, Head of Representation in Turkey Ersin Şen and staff of representation.TR

Address and contact data will be presented on the website, in the section - CONTACTS.

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Friday, 10 April 2015 10:18

Tournament on World Health Day. Results

In the Ukrainian capital Kiev, has passed a unique tournament dedicated to the World Health Day.

April turnir 2
    The tournament was attended by 6 teams.
  • Team of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Combined team among health care workers
  • Team of Ministry of Emergency Situations
  • Team of deputies of the Kyiv Council
  • Team of the Football Federation of Ukraine

Pleased to note that such tournament was attended by team "EUROPEAN UNIT" for the first time and took second place in the tournament.

Team of the Armed Forces of Ukraine won the tournament

April turnirAward Ceremony was attended by Vice-President of the Football Federation of Ukraine Kostyuchenko, Advisor to the President of Ukraine O. Bogomolets, city council members, prominent public and political figures, and also well-known in the past veterans of Dynamo Kiev - Vladislav Vashchuk and Ivan Yaremchuk.

Teams were awarded with cups, medals and valuable gifts.

The event was attended by:  head of Organization Iuliia Varchyk, head of Council Honorary mission diplomats, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine Valerii Tsybukh, head of committee on the Issues of the International organizations and cooperation in the sphere of youth, culture and sport in Ukraine Iurii Verkhman and his deputy Viacheslav Oksonenko.

Such a tournament has become traditional. It's intended to cover as many people who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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Today, scholarship holder of Diplomatic Institute and Dr. Academy of Sciences at BAS, Mr. Marian Karagozov presented his work on the topic:

Diploma 2jpg"The new Turkish foreign policy and solving problems of national security in Bulgaria"

diploma 1

Room 101, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Among the guests: diplomats, experts and representatives of the academic community in Bulgaria.

Also, the event was attended by the leadership of the "European Unit", as follows: the head of the Organization Iuliia Varchyk and Dimitar Dimitrov.

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Thursday, 01 January 2015 17:27

Visiting the orphanages

On the eve of the new year, representatives of the Organization "European Unit", together with the employees of City Hall of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, visited five orphanages located in the area.

In contrast to the stereotype that a orphanage should be considerably populous, we were pleasantly surprised to see that these homes of family type account for an average of 10 to 15 children living in the house. In particular there are houses for children with serious physical damages, these children, we paid special attention. Planned our possible assistance in equipment playgrounds and sports centers for the rehabilitation and restoration of children's health and also issues of training personnel for this painstaking and very important work.

an orphanage 1
presents for orphans
an orphanage 2
Logo OEU blacklogoPlovdivattended persons

Organization "European Unit" represented by:

Plovdiv City Hall represented by:

  • Director for "Social Policy" of Community Plovdiv - Veselina Boteva
  • Chief Expert of "Social Policy" - Ophelia Velkova
  • Director at KSU " St. St. Constantine and Helena " - Marina Vateva
  • Other heads of complexes of Services for Children
Комплекс за социални услуги „Св. Св. Константин и Елена" е създаден през декември 2014г. и включва 5 Центъра за настаняване от семеен тип за деца и младежи/4 ЦНСТ за деца и младежи с увреждания и 1 за деца и младежи без увреждания/ и Защитено жилище за младежи с увреждания като делегирана от държавата дейност. Към момента в Комплекса са настанени 62 деца и младежи.

Материалната база е изградена по Проект „Социална инфраструктура в гр. Пловдив – модел за по-добра грижа за децата" по ОП „Регионално развитие 2007 – 2013г.", Приоритетна ос 1: „Устойчиво и интегрирано градско развитие", Операция 1.1 „Социална инфраструктура", по Схема за предоставяне на безвъзмездна финансова помощ BG161PO001/1.1-12/2011 „Подкрепа за деинституционализация на социални институции, предлагащи услуги за деца в риск".

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Sunday, 07 September 2014 03:00

Forum ICC 2014

On September 5, 2014 in the capital of Ukraine hosted a forum of Ukrainian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, under the general theme -
"Together with the European business to European values"

ICC ForumForum moderator: Vladimir Mikhailov, secretary general of ICC Ukraine

The Forum provides participants the latest information about new features and major projects to promote business development and dissemination of international trade and cooperation.

In thematic part of the Forum were announced performances: Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the leaders of well-known international organizations, representatives of government and national institutions on the following issues:

  • The expectations of the Ukrainian business on the cooperation with European commodity producers.
  • Improving the business environment in Ukraine for foreign companies.
  • UN Programs for Ukraine.
  • Expansion of bilateral trade-economic and investment cooperation.
  • Anti-Corruption Initiative for Ukrainian business.
  • Advantages of cooperation with the ICC Ukraine


ICC Ukraine Forum participants : representatives of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the diplomatic corps, heads of regional authorities and leading enterprises of Ukraine, foreign visitors and the organization.

Organization "European Unit" was represented by the Head of Organization Iuliia Varchyk, Head of the committee on issues of International organizations Iurii Verkhman and Deputy Head of Organization on Public Relations Viktoria Timoshenko.

Patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine Filaret also spoke at the forum.


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Head of OrgГлава Организации "Европейский Блок" Юлия Варчик является журналистом Ассоциации журналистов RUNE MEDIA и ниже вы имеете возможность прочесть её обзор на событие произошедшее в день украинского флага 24 июля 2014 года, которое наглядно демонстрирует 2 факта: 1. Разногласия в сознании людей путешествуют с ними по миру, 2. Человек не способный делать своё дело хорошо в сложной ситуации - не может быть профессионалом своего дела.

День флага 24 июля, не главный праздник для многих украинцев, даже самых активных патриотов. Но для двух девочек из украинской Белой Церкви Лакийчук Дарьи и Дзвенко Софии, приехавших на отдых в детский лагерь «Мистраль-2» в Святой Влас на черноморское побережье Болгарии, он оказался очень важным. Они проявили свою любовь к Украине, ее символике и празднику флага, надев национальную одежду, так называемые «вышиканки». Эту любовь расценил как провокацию аниматор Игорь Топоренко, который является представителем фирмы „Астера", г.Москва, Россия и курирует группы культурного Фонда „Алые паруса", г.Сант-Петербург, турагенство "Спейс" - Газпром - Томск. Как выяснилось с его странички в ВК, приверженец российского вектора развития общества. Он сделал детям замечание, сказал немедленно снять одежду в столовой, прямо за завтраком.

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