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Thursday, 15 February 2018 12:18

Digest of interesting events of January

bolgarija predsedatelBulgaria began in January its six-month chairmanship in the Council of the European Union, which will last until June 30

The ceremony dedicated to this event was held at the Ivan Vazov People's Theater in Sofia.

Bulgaria as chairman of the EU Council must succeed in advancing the European future of the Balkans.

Over the next six months, Sofia will host more than 300 official events, including more than 30 with the participation of political leaders of European countries, and more than 25,000 official guests will visit the country.

Priority for the Bulgarian Chairmanship will be the issues of regional development of the EU member states, the integration of the Western Balkans into the European community, the formation of a common European defense, and a common digital market.

NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization adopted its official anthem, which has no words

The hymn is written for 20 musical instruments.

NATO had a hymn before. Since 1989, the composition connected with the block was sounded by the conductor of the Luxembourg military orchestra, captain Andre Reichling. But it was not officially approved.

Since January 13, 2018 in the UK there are new banking rules, called Open Banking. They force large banks to implement the API-interfaces, which standardizes secure access to customer data with their consent.

Open bankingNine of the largest banks in the UK, serving the majority of the population can no longer block the financial transactions of third-party companies. In fact, this means allowing payments through Facebook Messenger, Google Wallet, and their analogues.

The new rules give full freedom for the development of payment Facebook and the Google products, which is not the first year, want to get into banking without actually becoming banks.

Previously, they needed to negotiate directly with each of the banks in order to access the data of the user account. This made it difficult for "quick payments" through applications that are widely used in the US and China.

World Economic Forum 2018


WEF has long gone beyond purely economic themes.

Women's rights
In 2018 one of the main topics of the forum were - the protection of women's rights. For the first time in the history of the forum, all co-chairmen were women.

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau urged business leaders to hire and promote women on the career ladder, pay equal salaries, improve parental leave. Bollywood actor and director Shahruh Khan spoke about the problems of women in India.

Rights of migrants
Angela Merkel called for cooperation, not isolation, in dealing with migration problems.

Worldwide, approximately 65 million people were displaced, 22 of whom were refugees and only 1% of displaced persons in the world were resettled in developed countries. The main burden is taken by developing countries. For example, a quarter of Lebanon's population is refugees, mainly from Syria.

In 2018, new humanitarian crises may appear, which means that there can be even more refugees.

President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer designated such fragile regions in this issue: the Southern Philippines, Myanmar, Afghanistan, the Middle East and a significant part of Africa.

President of the United States Donald Trump called environmental regulation tax, which outraged many. From his words, the refusal of the environmental rules introduced earlier, strengthened the business.

India is going for a serious move to "green" forms of energy. By 2022, India plans to produce 175 gigawatts from alternative sources. Over the past three years, India has already achieved a production volume of 60 gigawatts.

The crisis of globalization
Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi called the negative attitude to globalization one of the most significant problems of civilization. He believes that the countries are isolate from each other. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French President Emanuel Macron noted the same trend.

In the sphere of trade, more and more protectionism, which alleviates the efforts of the WTO and the successes of globalization. Trade agreements have reached an impasse, many countries have faced a reduction in cross-border investment, the global supply chain has been interrupted. As a result, barriers appeared that adversely affect people in developing countries.

Crypto currency
Nobel Laureate 2013 in the field of economics Robert Schiller admitted that he was impressed by the technology on which the crypto currency bitcoin was built. He described Bitcoin as an "interesting experiment," but not the future of the global financial system. The economist drew attention to the use of a special unit in Chile Unidad de Fomento exchange, which varies depending on the level of inflation and is used to index payments since 1967.

The French leader Emmanuel Macron proposed to expand the IMF's powers to scrutinize cryptocurrency. Business is more loyal to crypto-currencies than politicians and economists. General partner and co-founder of Index Ventures SA Neil Rimer called crypto currency one of the most audacious, generous and profound inventions he observed in his career.

Poland stop tradeIn Poland, a ban on trading on Sunday

President of Poland Andrzej Duda signed at the end of January, the law on the prohibition of trade on Sundays. The upper house of parliament - the Senate - passed the law on January 11, and the lower chamber - the Sejm - adopted it in November last year.

The adopted law aims to allow trade workers spend Sunday with their families.

According to the law, from March 1, 2018, in each month, stores will only work on two Sundays - the first and last week of the month, in 2019 - three, by 2020 all trade on Sundays in Poland will be banned. In addition, the restriction of trade on the eve of Christmas and on Saturday before Easter until 14:00.

Exceptions may be made for online shops, pharmacies, shops, gas stations and retail outlets at the bakeries, where products are sold on the schedule, as well as a family business. Also, work on Sundays can flower and pastry shops.

The law also provides for a penalty for violation of the ban, which will be from 1,000 to 100,000 PLN, and in case of permanent violations of the ban - imprisonment!

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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 23:30

The day on which Bulgaria has united !

Day of Bulgaria unition
6 September, in Bulgaria celebrate - "Unification Day Bulgaria" (Bulgarian: "Den on Sedinenieto.") - a public holiday, which is celebrated annually in the country on 6 September in memory of the unification of Eastern Rumelia to the Principality of Bulgaria in 1885.

By the Berlin Treaty in 1878 Bulgaria was essentially divided into three parts: the Principality of Bulgaria (with the capital Sofia), an autonomous region of Eastern Rumelia (with center in Plovdiv) and Macedonia, which remained part of the Ottoman Empire.

National Doctrine of the young Bulgarian state in 1885 gave the results: under the pressure of the masses uprising began in Eastern Rumelia. September 6, 1885 rebel troops led by Chardafon entered the Plovdiv region and forced the governor to hand over his powers to the Provisional Government.

Two days later, the Bulgarian Prince Alexander Battenberg by special manifesto approved the joining of Eastern Rumelia to the Principality of Bulgaria.

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The official meeting of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev and Prime Minister Boyko Borisov took place on June 30 in Sofia

Considerable attention during the negotiations was given to regional security issues in the NATO format. President Poroshenko announced the creation of a joint with Bulgaria and Romania military brigade following the example of the military brigade of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian NATO format.

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev in favor of increased support to Ukraine on the part of NATO, the decision which should be taken at the Warsaw Summit of the North Atlantic Alliance on 8-9 July. He also expects from the upcoming summit the approval package of assistance to Ukraine to strengthen its security.

1The meeting resulted in the signing of agreements between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria on Cooperation in the event of a disaster, the imposition of the issue of visa-free regime, the interaction of Ukraine and Bulgaria to strengthen the energy independence of the region, in particular the diversification of gas supply routes in both countries.

Between the Ministries of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the Republic of Bulgaria was signed a memorandum of cooperation in the youth field.

Between the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the National Space Agency of Ukraine signed an agreement on cooperation in the framework of the space experiment "Ionosat - Micro" on the spacecraft "Mikrosat - M".

Also, from the Bulgarian side will be headed NATO Trust Fund for adaptation, treatment and rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers.

The conclusion of these agreements will create a legal framework for bilateral cooperation in all the above areas.

As part of the official meeting took place - the grand opening of the monument to the Ukrainian writer Taras Shevchenko, which was installed in the city center on Vazrajdane Square, near the Administration of President of Bulgaria and House of Government in May 2009.

The President of Ukraine noted that this monument represents the image of Ukraine today - young, energetic, which goes to Europe.2

"Shevchenko's word unites Ukrainian nation around the world, it is an inexhaustible source of our energy, our national idea", - Poroshenko said at the opening ceremony of the monument.

KrasimirHe thanked the President of Bulgaria, Sofia city hall, which was supported and strongly contributed to the realization of this important project.

Among the honored guests were: the former Bulgarian President Peter Stoyanov, the first deputy chairman of parliament Dimitar Glavchev, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Bulgaria in Ukraine Krasimir Minchev, President of the Association of Bulgarians in Ukraine Anton Cisse, diplomats and the Ukrainian diaspora.

During the celebrations, the People's Artist of Ukraine, the President BO "Fund "Renaissance of Prykarpattya", singer Catherine Buzhinskaya, who was present at the event, presented to the President of Ukraine the exclusive collector's mark, made in the international social project "Children for peace in the world", which brought together 35 countries and more than 100 000 children from all over the world and received the status of a major international social project.3

The purpose of this project - the consolidation of the world for peace in Ukraine and around the world.

Children create with their own hands world map from the patterns of "Doves of peace" and passing the baton to other children of European countries and Ukrainian diaspora abroad, urged everyone to unite in order to solve problems in Ukraine and joint efforts to achieve positive results for the sake of world peace.

The official opening of the project and its launch took place on December 19 in Ivano-Frankivsk, on the day of the most beloved children's celebration of St. Nicholas Day. June 6, Kiev National Academic Drama Theatre named after Ivan Franko at the time of summing up, the children have made 33170 "Doves of peace", setting a record in Ukraine and throughout the world.

In Children's Day Catherine Buzhinskaya presented anthem "Children for Peace"

KaterinaThis is the only Ukrainian song that sounded during the general audience of Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican, the European Parliament, NATO headquarters, the Swiss parliament and other institutions in Europe.

"Children - are our future. In each country to perform the anthem for the world partake children from around the world. After all, the language of music is clear to all - each nation. They are like little messengers of peace, calling for unity and want peace in every state", - says Catherine Buzhinskaya.

Anthem "Children for peace in the world" is a composition about a single desire of peace, unity and welfare in every state. It was recorded in three countries: the United States, Bulgaria, Ukraine. Author of the idea of creating the anthem in the international social project "Children for peace in the world" - Anna Krisyuk.

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Monday, 01 December 2014 17:29

National Championship MMA

13.12.14 Was held the national championship MMA in Plovdiv

mma2vgradeni Loga FINALThe event organized by the Bulgarian Federation of MMA (BFMMA), fighting sport club KA-2 with the support of Organization "European Unit"

The event started at 11:00 in the pavilion №2 "International Fair - Plovdiv"

Official rules of the competition BFMMA (Bulgarian)

MMA Bulgaria 2014Competitions were held at a high professional level, they attended 12 sports clubs in Bulgaria. For the most interesting fights were awarded:

  • Валери Атанасов - Десант Варна 
  • Фердун Османов - Десант Варна 
  • Стилян Иванов - КБПИ Локомотив
  • Горна Оряховица и Томи Борисов - КА-2

More than all gold medals received club "Десант Варна" - five of them and behind it the club "KA-2" with three medals.

Winners were awarded by the representative of the "European Unit" Deputy Head for Legal and PR in Bulgaria Dimitar Dimitrov.


The winners in the weight categories
Кадети 54 кг.
1.Денислав Станиславов - Бойни Спортове Монтана
2.Александър Милков - Титаните Видин
Кадети 58 кг.
1.Мюмюн Челашкан - ММА Хасково
2.Антоан Донев - КБПИ Локомотив Горна Оряховица
3.Доброслав Радев - Марек ММА
Кадети 63 кг.
1.Денислав Хаджиев - Тангра Стара Загора
2.Леонид Тодоров - Бойни Спортове Монтана
3.Иван Тилев - Щурм Пазарджик
Кадети 85 кг.
1.Рафи Кумруян - Щурм Пазарджик
2.Иван Чиликов - Тигър спорт София
Юноши 60 кг.
1.Стоян Бодуров - Щурм Пазарджик
2.Николай Иванов - КБПИ Локомотив Горна Оряховица
3.Стилян Иванов - КБПИ Локомотив Горна Оряховица
Юноши 65 кг.
1.Иван Дългъчев - Тангра Стара Загора
2.Мирослав Димитров - Марек ММА
3.Росен Христов - Тангра Стара Загора
Юноши 70 кг.
1.Фердун Османов - Десант Варна
2.Георги Младенов - Бойни Спортове Монтана
3.Борис Николов - Десант Варна
Юноши 77 кг.
1.Томи Борисов - КА-2
2.Антонио Григоров - Десант Варна
3.Денислав Сурчев - ММА Хасково
Юноши 93 кг.
1.Калоян Кръстев - Титаните Видин
2.Мирослав Иванов - Бушидо Ямбол
3.Светлин Богомилов - Титаните Видин
Мъже 60 кг.
1.Стилян Иванов - КБПИ Локомотив Горна Оряховица
2.Николай Иванов - КБПИ Локомотив Горна Оряховица
Мъже 65 кг.
1.Йордан Чолаков - КА-2
2.Аркан Йорданов - Десант Варна
3.Милен Митков - Титаните Видин
Мъже 70 кг.
1.Фердун Османов - Десант Варна
2.Росен Костадинов - ММА Хасково
3.Васил Бързашки - КА-2
Мъже 77
1.Йово Николов - Десант Варна
2.Иван Гроздев - Десант Варна
3.Станимир Бумбалов - ММА Сопот
Мъже 93
1.Валери Атанасов - Десант Варна
2.Христо Бонев - ММА Хасково
3.Пламен Маринов - ММА Сопот
Мъже 120
1.Даниел Гълъбов - Десант Варна
2.Анатоли Божинов - ММА Сопот
3.Митко Старчев - КА-2
Мъже 120+
1.Васил Агов - КА-2
2.Роберт Василев - Титаните Видин

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May 21, 2015 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, was held a meeting with the Minister of Youth and Sport of Bulgaria, Mr. Krasen Kralev

At the meeting were representatives of sports federations of the region and Plovdiv.

On the invitation of the Minister, from the Organization "European Unit" meeting visited Head of the Organization Iuliia Varchyk and Head of the Secretariat Dimitar Dimitrov.

After finishing official events, Organization's leaders in an interview with the Minister Krasen Kralev, discussed the possibility of further joint projects and set a date for meeting on July this year.

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Thursday, 09 April 2015 12:21

Spring Meeting of the political party GERB

GERB Spring Meeting 2015

Spring meeting of the political party GERB, took place in Novotel Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The ceremony attended the majority of the party's Elit-Ministers, Members of the Parliament, Mayors and honored guests.

Special part of the Event took the Chairman of the Parliamentary Group and Vice Chairman of Political Party Gerb - Tsvetan Tsvetanov, the Chairman of tge National Assembly - Tsetska Tsacheva, the Member if the EU Parliament - Andrey Kovatchev and the Mayor of Plovdiv - Ivan Totev.

The Event was supported actively by Organisation "European Unit" its Representative and PR for Bulgaria - Dimitri Dimitrov, while the Event was approved and supported the aplication of the current Plovdiv Mayor - Ivan Totev for second Mandate at the local Elections.

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Today, scholarship holder of Diplomatic Institute and Dr. Academy of Sciences at BAS, Mr. Marian Karagozov presented his work on the topic:

Diploma 2jpg"The new Turkish foreign policy and solving problems of national security in Bulgaria"

diploma 1

Room 101, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Among the guests: diplomats, experts and representatives of the academic community in Bulgaria.

Also, the event was attended by the leadership of the "European Unit", as follows: the head of the Organization Iuliia Varchyk and Dimitar Dimitrov.

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Thursday, 01 January 2015 17:27

Visiting the orphanages

On the eve of the new year, representatives of the Organization "European Unit", together with the employees of City Hall of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, visited five orphanages located in the area.

In contrast to the stereotype that a orphanage should be considerably populous, we were pleasantly surprised to see that these homes of family type account for an average of 10 to 15 children living in the house. In particular there are houses for children with serious physical damages, these children, we paid special attention. Planned our possible assistance in equipment playgrounds and sports centers for the rehabilitation and restoration of children's health and also issues of training personnel for this painstaking and very important work.

an orphanage 1
presents for orphans
an orphanage 2
Logo OEU blacklogoPlovdivattended persons

Organization "European Unit" represented by:

Plovdiv City Hall represented by:

  • Director for "Social Policy" of Community Plovdiv - Veselina Boteva
  • Chief Expert of "Social Policy" - Ophelia Velkova
  • Director at KSU " St. St. Constantine and Helena " - Marina Vateva
  • Other heads of complexes of Services for Children
Комплекс за социални услуги „Св. Св. Константин и Елена" е създаден през декември 2014г. и включва 5 Центъра за настаняване от семеен тип за деца и младежи/4 ЦНСТ за деца и младежи с увреждания и 1 за деца и младежи без увреждания/ и Защитено жилище за младежи с увреждания като делегирана от държавата дейност. Към момента в Комплекса са настанени 62 деца и младежи.

Материалната база е изградена по Проект „Социална инфраструктура в гр. Пловдив – модел за по-добра грижа за децата" по ОП „Регионално развитие 2007 – 2013г.", Приоритетна ос 1: „Устойчиво и интегрирано градско развитие", Операция 1.1 „Социална инфраструктура", по Схема за предоставяне на безвъзмездна финансова помощ BG161PO001/1.1-12/2011 „Подкрепа за деинституционализация на социални институции, предлагащи услуги за деца в риск".

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Monday, 10 November 2014 16:36

International CSFC Tournament in Burgas

8.11.14 hosted an international tournament in MMA at the sports hall "Youth" in Burgas.

MMA-Burgas-148The winner was the team with the most victories - Club "MMA Varna". Most technical fighter of the tournament was Tobais Aylis from Germany, who took the gold medal in the weight category up to 70 kg. men.

The tournament was organized in conjunction with the City and diplomatic organization "European Unit." " Organization "European Unit" was represented by the head of Organization Iuliia Varchyk and Deputy Head of Organization for Legal and PR in Bulgaria Dimitar Dimitrov

Winners under 18 years

51 кг
1. Селим Авджиалиев (ММА Варна)
2. Петко Драганов (София)
56 кг
1. Кирил МихАЙлов (Атила)
2. Панко Панев (Атила)
3. Николай Иванов (КБПИ)
3. Селим Авджиалиев (ММА Варна)
61 кг
1. Георги Моллов (КБПИ)
2. Павел Михов (Боен клуб - Бургас)
3. Теди Георгиев (Бокидо)
3. Ситлиян Иванов (КБПИ)
66 кг
1. Павел Милев (ММА Варна)
2. Цветомир Гроздев (Анаконда)
3. Борис Първанов (КБПИ)
3. Мартин Стоичков (Бокидо)
70 кг
1. Мирослав Йорданов (КБПИ)
2. Кристиян Ставрев (Анаконда)
3. Теодоракис Петков (Warrior)
77 кг
1. Николай Николов (ММА Варна)
2. Тодор Петков (Нефтохимик)
3. Крум Пашов (Нефтохимик)
Winners older than 18 years

56 кг
1. Бюлет Амзов (Warrior)
2. Николай Иванов (КБПИ)
3. Стефан Боше (Македония)
61 кг
1. Георги Моллов (КБПИ)
2. Стилиян Ивайлов (КБПИ)
3. Павел Генчев (Хоуп)
66 кг
1. Теодор Николов (Бокидо)
2. Слав Кадънков (Кудо - Бургас)
3. Павел Сокуров (Warrior)
70 кг
1. Тобиас Айлис (Германия ММА)
2. Радостин Иванов (Хоуп)
3. Николай Николов (Стара Загора)
3. Мартин Денев (Македония)
77 кг
1. Илия Андонов (Македония)
2. Деян Трайковски (Македония
3. Живко Стоименов (Бокидо)
3. Александър Илиев
93 кг
1. Николай Стоянов (Максфайт клуб)
2. Николай Бинев (Атила)
+93 кг
1. Иван Стоянов (Бокидо)
2. Йоан Ямалиев (Хоуп)
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Първото заседание на новия парламент ще е на 27 октомври - това обяви президентът Росен Плевнелиев след двучасови консултации с представители на политическите сили, които влязоха в Народното събрание.

Депутатите отново ще изневерят на традицията първата им сбирка да е в сряда - деня, когато започват пленарните заседания всяка седмица. Затова и прогнозите за откриването на 43-то Народно събрание сочеха като най-вероятни датите 22 или 29 октомври. На разговорите си днес обаче политиците са се разбрали работата на народните представители да започне в 14 ч. понеделника на последната октомврийска седмица. Предишният парламент също започна работа в необичаен ден - вторник (21 май).

Първото заседание се открива тържествено от най-възрастния депутат - както и миналата година това ще е Стефан Данаилов от БСП. На това заседание народните представители полагат клетва, определят председател и негови заместници и излъчват комисия, която да подготви правилника за работа на Народното събрание.

Читать новость целиком на сайте источника.

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