As part of the sports project of the Organization "European Unit" - "We all have wings", in early August, in Kiev was held international football tournament "Ukraine is Europe".


The tournament was attended by eight teams, four of which were presented by the players from Turkey. The tournament started in two groups:

Group A
1. The Meeting. 2. Sushiya. 3. Locanta. 4. 2-D.

Group B
1. France-ua. 2. Sifood. 3. Orion. 4. Anatoly.

The victory in the tournament was won by the ORION team

The second place was taken by the team

And the third team

We express our gratitude to the restaurant "Meating Lounge", and personally to its head Deniz Celebi for supporting this tournament.


The honorary guest of the tournament, the honored master of sports, the winner of the Cup of the European Cups in 1986, the veteran of the Kiev "Dynamo" Ivan Yaremchuk took part in the awarding of the teams.

The European choice of Ukraine, which was defined in the initial period of the formation of the foundations of its foreign policy, became a natural consequence of the country's gaining state independence. It reflects the vital interests of Ukraine, crystallized from the entire previous history of the Ukrainian people, its mentality and deep democratic traditions, is based on the legitimate desire of Ukrainian citizens to see their state as an integral part of a single Europe.

Ways and specific mechanisms for achieving Ukraine's European integration goals, tactical approaches can and should be flexible, sensitive to changes that occur both within the state, and in the EU and the entire world. Up to now, the main attention has been paid mainly to the development of mechanisms of political relations with the European Union, and this work, of course, can not be stopped. At the same time, today, efforts should focus on the substantial deepening and expansion of practical cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in all trunk areas - economic and trade; Sports and culture; Foreign policy and security; In the field of justice and internal affairs. According to the Program of Ukraine's Integration into the European Union, such cooperation should facilitate the implementation of systemic reforms in the country, as well as the provision of favorable conditions for Ukraine in the context of EU enlargement.

Supporting this course of reforms in European integration, the Organization "EUROPEAN UNIT" will continue to carry out a number of activities to achieve this goal.

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Sunday, 15 May 2016 20:56

Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Eurovision 2016 smallFinished 61-th song contest "Eurovision", which was held in Stockholm, capital of Sweden. Final competition was held May 14, 2016. Sweden became the winner of the previous contest "Eurovision 2015", which was held in Austria in Vienna.

The country is hosting the competition for the sixth time, Sweden took 3 years to repeat the success of 2012, where the winner was Lorin.

attenders poster
November 26, 2015 it was announced that the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest will be attended by 43 countries from a total of 56 countries eligible to take part because of membership in the European Broadcasting Union. This year, in the competition resumed participation the Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Ukraine.

In fact, the competition was attended by 42 countries. Participation in this time refused Portugal, because of debts to the European Broadcasting Union has suspended Romania. Also participate the competition have not resumed fourteen countries. Contrary to disclose earlier position, debuted at the Eurovision 2015 not a European country and not a member of EMU Australia continued It's participation.

The competition is accompanied by a Swedish national broadcasting company SVT led by the European Broadcasting Union.

February 18 The European Broadcasting Union announced the new format ads in the final vote. Changes introduced to reduce the final show at the time of announcement of the results and make the process more interesting. This is a global change in the rules of the competition since 1975, when the system was introduced, "12 points".

The competition was first shown in the United States. In honor of this during the break of the vote appeared American singer Justin Timberlake. On stage, he performed his new song "Can not Stop The Feeling".

The victory was gained by the participant from Ukraine Jamal's song "1944", gaining 534 points. Australia and Russia finished second and third place respectively.

The jury highly appreciated performance of Ukraine in the final. 12 points to Jamal gave the judges of San Marino, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Moldova, Latvia, Israel, Serbia, Macedonia, Poland, Slovenia.

eurovision2016Receiving the award, Jamal thanked everyone for their support: "I want peace. Thank you Europe"

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8 mayDays of remembrance and reconciliation held in memory of the victims of the Second World War. Celebrated annually on 8 May and 9 May since 2005. According to the definition of the UN General Assembly Resolution 59/26, the UN Member States, non-governmental organizations and individuals are invited to celebrate one or both of those days as a tribute to all the victims of the Second World War.

Ukraine celebrates Victory Day according to European second time. Someday will be the day of end of the conflict with Russia.

US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette during a meeting with students of Mariupol University said that the most difficult times of conflict in the Donbas is already gone.

Payett"We are well aware, through some huge tests had to pass Ukraine during the two years of Russian aggression. On the other hand, we still think that you have already passed the most difficult times of conflict. And now took up the construction of the real European democracy. ", - Payette said.

US Ambassador said that the holding of local elections is an important component of this process, but only after the parties of conflict implement all the provisions of Minsk agreements and Ukraine will resume control at the eastern border.

The participants of the regular meeting in Minsk agreed to the introduction of the ceasefire in the Donbas with the onset of the Easter and May holidays.

frank walter steinmeierThe head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that May 11 will be held in Berlin meeting of foreign ministers in "Norman format". The foreign ministers will discuss the local elections in the Donbass region in areas not controlled by the Kiev and the restoration of peace regime.

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Running with obstacles

In theory, globalization should lead to a world without borders, the sharing of knowledge and integration of the economy in a balanced production and consumption markets. This is in theory and in the future but in practice and now - have become a popular trend,"walls".

In today's world started to rise again walls, in the likeness of the Great Wall of China. Or the Great Wall in the Croatian town Ston. Nearly six-kilometer unique fortification of the 14th century, the original its purpose is to protect the salt works of Peljesac and the narrow passage from the mainland to peninsula.Ston

A more accurate example of modern "building" will be the Berlin Wall, which divided the country in half, and it's not a figure of speech, but a real wall - engineering-equipped and fortified state border of the GDR. A quarter-century since the fall of the Berlin Wall, walls of this kind back in fashion.

Ukraine is trying to build a wall on the border with Russia, which is very difficult and even impossible in territory not controlled by the authorities. September 5, 2014 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the project "The Wall" for the Development of the Ukrainian-Russian border. The project envisages the establishment of a border between the two defensive lines, their main purpose will be to prevent penetration into the territory of Ukraine.

Estonia and Latvia decided to wall itself off from the Russian Federation

Estonian Police and Border Guard intends to equip at least two-thirds of the land border with Russia fence height of two and a half meters in order to "prevent border violations", the top of the fence will be reinforced with barbed wire. The total length of the wall will be about 108 km.

Ukraine and the Baltic countries built their walls for protection against the aggression of the Russian Federation, but the walls, they are also different. Medieval city walls in the practice of the modern world is not relevant, as the city grew to epic proportions. However, when the country erupt hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, civilized countries have to resort to primitive methods.Mexico granitsa

Curbing illegal migration via "wall" is not a new practice in the world. For example, more than 3 thousand. Km of the state border of Mexico and the United States about one-third the length of the metal barrier, the famous Mexican-American wall.

Let's see what Relay Race was formed on the way of refugees from Syria, and everyone who joins them on their way to Europe:

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Ukraine celebrates the Day of Europe

The grand opening celebration was held today at St. Michael's Square.

This weekend, as part of the Europe Day on Kyiv residents and guests waiting for a rich program of events. During the day held a variety of cultural and sporting events

To participate in the official opening ceremony, which began at 11:00 am at St. Michael's Square, were invited guests of honor: senior management, as well as the ambassadors of EU member states.

The main program of events scheduled for May 16. Traditionally, the Day of Europe started flash mob of drummers of the Kiev House of artistic and technical creativity at 10:30 at St. Michael's Square.

At 19:30 the Day of Europe will be concluded by perfomance of State Academic Orchestra "Alex Fokin RadioBand" and light show, which symbolizes the unity of Ukraine and the EU. The activities of the Europe Day will last until May 23.

Yesterday has already started the International Festival of Traditional Culture "Ethno Europe", opened the exhibition project "Europe - our home" and the flower exhibition "European Ukraine".

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Ideas bring people together

In tough times, people tend to join forces to overcome the difficulties. But often it relates directly to those who are in the same trouble. Sometimes, individuals and organizations take on the role of social assistants to draw attention to some phenomena and processes in society need to send empathy to a specific channel.

Organization "European Unit" has long been took over the similar social role and participated in various activities as a co-organizer and as a member of an existing regular Event. Organization supports socially useful activities promoting healthy lifestyles, such as sports tournaments

Organization "European Unit" is always happy events close to it in spirit and in this article wants to share with the readers information about a related event, the purpose of which fully shares .

Honored Artist of Ukraine Kateryna Buzhynska goes to charity tour "We are Ukraine"

Katerina Bujinska Tur

The tour will take place on the European capitals with the support of the European Cultural Foundation. Start 10th May in Sofia, Bulgaria - End in Lviv, Ukraine on May 26.

<Organization "European Unit" recommend to attend the event to all its readers and partners, because it is a striking example of a strong unifying idea.

Head of Organization Iuliia Varchyk.
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Saturday, 19 May 2012 19:54

День Европы

Вечером после празднования Дня Европы Президент Миссии и вице-президент Миссии И.Яструбецький поздравили Посла Болгарии Красимира Минчева с Днем Европы и с началом его дипломатической каденции в Украине. Дипломаты обсудили дальнейшее сотрудничество Миссии с Болгарией в частности в части научного сотрудничества Болгарии и Украины. Подписание Меморандума о сотрудничестве между Национальным университетом пищевых технологий г.Киев, Украина и университетом пищевых технологий г.Пловдив, Болгария.

В мероприятии также принимали участие депутат от политической партии Болгарии ГЕРБ(Граждане за европейское развитие Болгарии) Стефан Иванов Дедев и известный боксёр Н.Валуев, которые поздравили дипломатов Миссии и Посла Болгарии с Днем Европы в Украине

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В каком месте находится Европа в каждом из нас? Ответ на этот вопрос неплохо бы найти, прежде чем гупать в двери Евросоюза с просьбой о принятии. «А кто там?» – спросят...

...изнутри. «А это мы, украинцы!» – ответим снаружи. «Очень хорошо, только чем докажете, что вы – Европа?» – переспросят хозяева. И что говорить на это? Кивать не географию?

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