Article 1.

These rules shall stipulate the procedure according to which the NON-COMMERCIAL ASSOCIATION - ORGANISATION “EUROPEAN UNIT”,
“OEU” FOR SHORT, performs its socially beneficial activities.


Article 2

  • /1/ The NON-COMMERCIAL ASSOCIATION - ORGANISATION “EUROPEAN UNIT”, “OEU” FOR SHORT, performs socially beneficially activities whose main subject is:
    - participation in projects in the sphere of education, entrepreneurship, culture, sport, international integration of the Republic of Bulgaria, foreign police and international relations within the framework of globalisation; participation in national and international forums, programmes and partnerships associated with OEU aims; organisation of round tables, conferences, research and analysis, development and implementation of the policy, programmes, projects associated with OEU aims; support of the activity of the President Administration, Government and National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria in the course of their foreign political initiatives as well as activity of international organisations, both nongovernmental and those ones where the Republic of Bulgaria is the official member; preservation and support of peace at the Balkans, in Europe and around the world; support of the official bodies in the sphere of provision of equal participation of the Republic of Bulgaria in international relations as well as admission of the Republic of Bulgaria to international organisations whose member it desires to become as an absolutely equal partner; support in the sphere of enhancement of legislation on issues associated with OEU aims; protection of democracy and legacy, encouragement of humanism and social justice; support of the process of integration and improvement of the technological, material and technical and intellectual potential, professional experience and other resources in order to establish the necessary legal, economical, organisational conditions for development of diplomatic and cultural relations in all spheres of social life as well as entrepreneurship from the national and international point of view;
  • /2/ The priority of the socially beneficial activities of the Association is support of implementation of the main diplomacy principles, in particular, protection of national interests of Bulgaria, priorities of human and civil rights and liberties, democracy and legacy, humanism and social justice.
  • /3/ OEU performs its activity on the ground of the principles of democracy, openness, legacy, voluntary entry and free withdrawal, equality of members, independence, publicity, autonomic management, definite allocation of authorities among management bodies and responsibilities of all organisation members for fulfilment of their duties, being governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Law On Non-Commercial Legal Entities (“LNLE”), applicable legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, this Charter and general principles of international law and diplomacy.

Article 3

Socially beneficial activities shall be performed in order to achieve the aims stipulated in the Charter of the NON-COMMERCIAL ASSOCIATION ORGANISATION “EUROPEAN UNIT”, “OEU” FOR SHORT, that is:

  1. Support of protection and realization of interests of the Republic of Bulgaria in the process of its development as the modern democratic European country within the framework of actual international relations;
  2. Assistance in establishment of the developed civil society in order to achieve the necessary social support of protection of human and civil rights and liberties, democracy and legacy, humanism and social justice;
  3. Support of full-scale participation of the Republic of Bulgaria in the European institutions and establishment of European democratic and social values in Bulgaria according to achievements in the sphere of integration and cooperation in
  4. Support of establishment of good neighbourliness of the Republic of Bulgaria with other countries on ground of main principles of justice, mutual consideration of interests and amicable solutions of potential conflicts.
  5. Development of entrepreneurship, education, culture, sport and social mutual assistance systems in the society on the local, regional, national and international levels.
  6. Protection and representation of legal, social, economic, creative, cultural and other interests of its members.
  7. Performance of activities aimed at distribution of positive diplomatic experience and cooperation, improvement of the prestige of the Republic of Bulgaria in the society and at the international arena, support of work at the high professional level, justice and honesty in national and international business affairs.

Article 4

For the purpose of achievement of its aims and performance of its activities, OEU shall take all the measures according to applicable legislation:

  1. Cooperate with Bulgarian and International organisations and foreign civil groups whose aims and activities are identical to the aims and activity of OEU;
  2. Conduct market and social opinion research;
  3. Conduct research and make developments in the sphere of foreign policy, international relations, liberal and social sciences;
  4. Publish books and other editions, publish and distribute publications in the sphere of diplomacy, international relations and other topics associated with its aims and activity;
  5. Revitalize charity traditions and participate in establishment of humanitarian policy.
  6. Coordinate actions of its members, regional offices and representatives, take measures to fulfil the obligations undertaken hereunder;
  7. Prevent and resolve disputes between OEU members;
  8. Encourage preservation of property and corporate structures of OEU members;
  9. Perform the representative function by means of presentation of the agreed opinion of its members to the President of Bulgaria, National Assembly of Bulgaria, Council of Ministers, and cooperate with governmental bodies and local authorities in the form of participation in panels and social councils, work groups, expert councils, interagency commissions etc. which are established for execution of functions of the respective bodies as well as in other forms according to the applicable legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  10. Take informational and organisational measures aimed at distribution of data about OEU and its aims, positive diplomatic experience and support of development of international relations;
  11. Inform its members, other associations and social organisations about OEU measures and initiative;
  12. Develop the development strategy and tactics for regional offices and other representatives of OEU in Bulgaria and other countries;
  13. Establish its internal nongovernmental system of security protection by means of the set of measures aimed at protection of physical integrity and personal immunity of its members;
  14. Actively support innovational projects and establish target funds for its
  15. Conduct social expertise of draft regulatory documents developed by other enterprises, institutions and organisations as well as governmental bodies;
  16. Encourage activation of international cooperation and application of opportunities that accompany such cooperation for the sale of understanding and good neighbourliness;
  17. Support extension of international ties of its members;
  18. Organise and participate in round tables, seminars, exhibitions, presentations, conferences, forums, symposiums, colloquiums which promote principles and idea of OEU and are closely connected with its aims and main activities, and are governed by the state;
  19. Cooperate with governmental and community bodies and institutions;
  20. Regularly inform OEU members of its activity;
  21. Support contacts with other Bulgarian and foreign organisations with the similar aims and participate in national projects and programmes as well as projects and programmes of the European Union and other international organisations associated with its aims and activities.
  22. Establish enterprises, institutions and organisations under legislation of Bulgaria in order to achieve the aims and perform activities of OEU.

Article 6

Within the framework of its aims, the Association may conduct supplementary commercial activity according to article 3, paragraphs 3-6 of the LNLE in the form of the consulting activity and services including without limitation training, organisation of training, exhibitions, discussions etc.; development of projects, programmes, strategies etc.; research and analysis; development and distribution of information; materials; management and coordination of various projects, financing under European and international programmes; publishing activity; any other legal activity associated with the main non-commercial business subject.
Income of the supplementary commercial activity shall be solely applied for the aims stipulated herein.
Commercial activity shall be governed by the procedure and conditions under applicable legislation governing the respective kind of commercial activity.
OEU shall not distribute its profit.
The Managing Board shall be responsible for commercial activity and its control.

Articles 7

  • /1/ The Managing Board of the NON-COMMERCIAL ASSOCIATION - ORGANISATION “EUROPEAN UNIT” according to articles 6.18, clause 2 of the Charter of the Association shall establish the procedure and organize the socially beneficial activities of the Association;
  • /2/ At the beginning of each calendar year the Managing Board shall draw a report on the Association activity for the preceding year. The report is to include the following data:
    1. The types of activity performed, funds spent, their connections with the aims and programmes of the Association and the results achieved;
    2. The amount of property and profits donated as the result of other types of activity in order to obtain the funds;
    3. Type, size, cost and aims, obtained and provided donations as well as data on sponsors;
    4. The financial result.
  • /3/ The annual report on the activity and financial statement of the noncommercial legal entity performing the socially beneficial activities shall be provided by the Managing Board in hardcopy or electronic media. They are published in the bulletin and on the Internet at the website of the Central Register of the Ministry of Justice according to the requirement of the LNLE.


Article 14

  • /1/ Financing and sponsorship of the Association activity shall be performed on the ground of the following rules and principles:
  1. Only those donations shall be accepted that do not contradict to the aims stated in the Charter, legislation and moral values. Only those projects and activities may be financed that are fully controlled by the Association in terms of taking decisions. The sponsor may not participate in taking decisions concerning the respective initiative, its content and methodology.
  2. At its sole discretion the Association may place the notice of significant sponsorship in its bulletins, the website and/or other electronic or printed materials in the following form:
    “The Association expresses its gratitude to companies /Х/ for their support of this project
    (conference etc.))”
    [The abovementioned text may be accompanied with the logo of sponsors].
  3. The Association and its members may not undertake any obligations to approve, accept or advertise any products or services provided by the sponsor.
  4. Other organisations, commercials associations and persons may not use the Association logo without its written consent.
  5. The name of the Association may not be used for marketing or advertising of the products before, during or upon completion of a project. Acceptance of sponsorship by the Association shall not mean or be interpreted as support of advertisement of their product by the interested companies.
  6. The Association shall not accept financing from the parties whose business philosophy is deemed to be unacceptable or whose activity might damage the Association reputation.
  • /2/ The Association shall comply with the following policy regarding participation in informational and education projects that are implemented by commercial companies and other organisations:
  1. The decision on participation in such projects shall be taken for each individual case solely upon approval of the Managing Board of the Association.
  2. The Association shall be informed of the project aims and programme in advance and shall approve each item to be mentioned by the Association in any way.
  3. The Association may encourage more coverage of the project in mass media solely upon agreement with the commercial organisation itself after the Managing Board takes a decision on participation in the project.
  4. Sponsors may use the name of the Association for initiatives that have been agreed with and approved by the Managing Board in advance. In case of unauthorized use of the name, the Managing Board has to immediately demand to cease the unauthorised action or activity.
  5. The logo of the Association may not be used by the commercial or another organisation in its invitations or project promotion.
  6. All presentations and/or materials with the use of the Association logo shall be approved by the Managing Board.
  7. All press releases and other communication messages reflecting the opinion of the Association or the Managing Board shall be subject to prior approval by the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Association.

These rules were approved by the Managing Board of the non-commercial association performing socially beneficial activities – ORGANISATION “EUROPEAN UNIT”, “OEU” FOR SHORT, at the meeting held on 18.09.2014 with the sole issue on the agenda, that is discussion and approval of the rules and procedure for the socially beneficial activities of the Association. After the discussion all the members of the Managing Board approved and signed these rules unanimously.