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International football tournament "Kiev chestnuts"

Kiev chestnuts

In Kiev, was completed International Football Tournament "Kiev chestnuts"

Six teams took part in the tournament:

  1. SONZ
  2. The Legend
  3. I want to live
  4. Barnabas
  5. MBZ
  6. Team from Palestine

In the finals met a team from Palestine and the team "Legend". The victory in the final game was won by a team from Palestine. The honorable third place was taken by the team "Barnabas".


The tournament is gaining momentum and with every year those who wish to participate in it are becoming more and more. Applications for participation in next year's competitions were submitted by 10 teams from the near abroad and Europe.

Mohammed Kasem Al AsaadHonorary guests of the tournament were:
Ambassador of Palestine in Ukraine Dr. Mohammed Kasem Al-Asaad.
Veteran Dynamo Kiev Ivan Yaremchuk, Alexander Sokolinsky.
Other public organizations and fans.

Special thanks to the Embassy of Palestine and the Ambassador personally, to participate in the organization of the tournament and awarding teams.

Also, the delegation from Palestine thanked the Organization "Sport Against Drugs" represented by Iurii Verkhman, for the invitation and participation in the International Tournament.

Other organizers of the event were also awarded diplomas and gratitudes


The Organization "European Unit" was represented by:

Head of the Organization Yuliia Varchyk, Head of committee on the Issues of the International organizations and cooperation in the sphere of youth, culture and sport Iurii Verkhman and his deputy Viacheslav Oksonenko, Head of the Committee of Experts in Ukraine Maksym Zapeka, Head of committee on Development of Energy and ECO projects Oksana Nikolaieva.

The tournament, which took place from 17 to 20 April in the park recreation area Hydropark, was established by the "Sport Against Drugs" and the Organization "European Unit".


Sport is not only victories and losses, big money and fame, but also political power.
International history knows many examples when sports diplomacy became a real assistant in the hands of skilful politicians.

Sport Diplomacy

In recent years, the concept of "soft power" won the special authority in theoretical circles, dynamic research of this phenomenon is supported by a wide range of actions to use it in practice. One of these key areas is sports diplomacy, which, introduced into scientific use relatively recently, is part of a public diplomacy. In the context of promotion of sporting events world-wide, as well as the long history of the use of sport for political purposes, the actual becomes a more thorough consideration of this kind of diplomacy.

The growing economization of international relations, the approval of transnational corporations as influential players in the international arena contributes to their increasingly intensive penetration into the sphere of international sports, causing a special kind of interest in studying the interaction and collisions with the "soft-touch" goals of the state's sports-diplomatic line. At the national level there is paying of more and more attention to the development of physical culture and sports, conducted intensive work on the "education" of national teams. The role of international sports organizations in world politics is growing, mechanisms for strengthening of the foreign policy "soft power" influence of this or that state in the world are actively discussed.

The most common definition of sports diplomacy is as follows: official and unofficial activities of states, governments, special foreign policy bodies to implement the tasks of the state's foreign policy by organizing, holding and participating in international sporting events with the participation of teams, athletes, coaches and their achievements.

Sports diplomacy is a promising direction for increasing the "soft power" influence of the country. Beginning with the minimum participation of the state in the organization of sports exchanges and ending with the boycott of a major sport event for purely political reasons, sports diplomacy causes, in addition to the certainty in the progressiveness of its future, certain ethical doubts connected with an attempt to preserve the purity of sport and eclipsing its universal goals of uniting humanity In the name of peace. As for the prospects for the development of sports diplomacy, in the course of processing the information available at the present stage, the following conclusions can be drawn: in view of the growing popularity of the prestige of the host country of major world sporting events and the ever more thorough theoretical mastery of the "soft power" factor as a component of foreign policy influence, easy to predict that interest in sports diplomacy will continue to grow.

It is not excluded that the current government policy in the field of physical culture and sports on the domestic level, its gradual modernization will allow to influence to the already well-known in history kind of the unity of the state and society.. Being one of the most dynamically and confidently developing versions of diplomacy, sports diplomacy can count on its own institutionalization in as many states in the world as possible.

Bykova V.V.

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