Sunday, 13 September 2015 19:53

Round table on energy efficiency in Ukraine

Energy efficiencyEarly in September, as part of the work of the "European Unit" on energy efficiency, the chairman of the Committee on Development of Energy and ECO projects Oksana Nikolaieva took part in a roundtable on the theme "Investing in energy efficiency in Ukraine and problems with their involvement". Roundtable convened on the initiative of of the Public Organization "Ukrainian Energy Initiative".

The event was attended by representatives of embassies, businesses, associations and institutions, namely:

  • Trade Representative of the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine
  • Second Secretary of the Embassy of Poland in Ukraine
  • Institute of bioenergy crops and sugar beet
  • Institute of Renewable Energy
  • Association "Agro Valley"
  • Ukrainian Engineering Technology Center of energy-saving technologies
  • LLC "AMC Universe"
  • LLC "Elektrisiti Standard Management"
  • Law firm "Asters"
  • Company "Agro-Eco"
  • Company "Ecotechnik" (Ukraine)

During the meeting it was noted that Ukraine has a powerful potential of alternative and renewable energy sources

Energy efficiency 2According to the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine wind power potential is 30 billion KWh, solar energy potential - 5.38 billion KWh / year, capacity plant biomass - 131 094 thousands MWh / year, the potential of animal biomass - 2321 billion. M3 / year.

In addition, during the meeting were highlighted issues that are aimed at energy efficiency in Ukraine, in particular:

  1. The potential of bioenergy plants
  2. A solar power plant Project
  3. Problems with payment of "green tariff" in 2015
  4. Mechanisms and practical aspects of the protection of the interests of investors in the European energy community
  5. Ukraine's energy platform as a way to energy independence

The above issues have caused active discussion among the participants of the Round Table. Following the discussion, those present agreed on the directions of further cooperation in the field of energy efficiency, alternative and renewable energy.

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