11. 11.2014, in the Ukrainian Football House held a seminar on the theme: "Grassroots football in Ukraine"

Verhman-FFUHead of committee on the Issues of the International organizations and cooperation in the sphere of youth, culture and sport Iurii Verkhman made a presentation about the activity in Ukraine in this seminar. In particular, he shared his experience with the young people who got into different kinds of difficult situations.

Leaders of Federation of Ukraine highly appreciated the achievements of Iurii Verkhman and awarded him an honorary award "For Merit"

Also at the seminar were: the head of the UNICEF office in Ukraine - D. Barberis, director of programs for the prevention of HIV / AIDS / in Ukraine and GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation) - M. Kade, the representatives of the clubs, various governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

8.11.14 hosted an international tournament in MMA at the sports hall "Youth" in Burgas.

MMA-Burgas-148The winner was the team with the most victories - Club "MMA Varna". Most technical fighter of the tournament was Tobais Aylis from Germany, who took the gold medal in the weight category up to 70 kg. men.

The tournament was organized in conjunction with the City and diplomatic organization "European Unit." " Organization "European Unit" was represented by the head of Organization Iuliia Varchyk and Deputy Head of Organization for Legal and PR in Bulgaria Dimitar Dimitrov

Winners under 18 years

51 кг
1. Селим Авджиалиев (ММА Варна)
2. Петко Драганов (София)
56 кг
1. Кирил МихАЙлов (Атила)
2. Панко Панев (Атила)
3. Николай Иванов (КБПИ)
3. Селим Авджиалиев (ММА Варна)
61 кг
1. Георги Моллов (КБПИ)
2. Павел Михов (Боен клуб - Бургас)
3. Теди Георгиев (Бокидо)
3. Ситлиян Иванов (КБПИ)
66 кг
1. Павел Милев (ММА Варна)
2. Цветомир Гроздев (Анаконда)
3. Борис Първанов (КБПИ)
3. Мартин Стоичков (Бокидо)
70 кг
1. Мирослав Йорданов (КБПИ)
2. Кристиян Ставрев (Анаконда)
3. Теодоракис Петков (Warrior)
77 кг
1. Николай Николов (ММА Варна)
2. Тодор Петков (Нефтохимик)
3. Крум Пашов (Нефтохимик)
Winners older than 18 years

56 кг
1. Бюлет Амзов (Warrior)
2. Николай Иванов (КБПИ)
3. Стефан Боше (Македония)
61 кг
1. Георги Моллов (КБПИ)
2. Стилиян Ивайлов (КБПИ)
3. Павел Генчев (Хоуп)
66 кг
1. Теодор Николов (Бокидо)
2. Слав Кадънков (Кудо - Бургас)
3. Павел Сокуров (Warrior)
70 кг
1. Тобиас Айлис (Германия ММА)
2. Радостин Иванов (Хоуп)
3. Николай Николов (Стара Загора)
3. Мартин Денев (Македония)
77 кг
1. Илия Андонов (Македония)
2. Деян Трайковски (Македония
3. Живко Стоименов (Бокидо)
3. Александър Илиев
93 кг
1. Николай Стоянов (Максфайт клуб)
2. Николай Бинев (Атила)
+93 кг
1. Иван Стоянов (Бокидо)
2. Йоан Ямалиев (Хоуп)

PolandWithin the program of the Organization "European Unit" for establishing linkages and collaboration with public and state organizations in Europe, as well as at the invitation of the City Hall of Lublin (Poland), Head of Organization Iuliia Varchyk, Head of committee on the Issues of the International organizations and cooperation in the sphere of youth, culture and sport Iurii Verkhman attended a soccer tournament and had a number of meetings with the public in Lublin.

The ancient city receives many visitors. The new arena met participants of the international soccer tournament 16 teams from 6 countries. Under the patronage of the mayor Krzysztof Zhuk and involvement of the diplomatic Organization "European Unit" passed a holiday of sportVisit to Lublin 1

Visit to Lublin 2Organization of the event assumed Arena Lublin, local authorities and the football federation of the city. 10-11 years old children from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania, Russia and Belarus fought for the victory in the tournament. Emotions rolls over!

Players of commands "AMSPN Hetman" Zamosc (Poland), "Timishuara" (Romania), "BKS" Lublin (Poland) and "Motor" Lublin showed the best results and became semifinalists. Victory was gained by "BKS" Lublin (Poland). Teams of Ukraine "The Seagull" and Kiev "Lions" took 5th and 6th places, other participants "Brest" (Belarus), "Omsk" (Russia), "Panevezys" (Lithuania) and athletes from Lublin distributed among themselves other places.

Visit to Lublin 3Visit to Lublin 4

All participants received memorable prizes and gifts. Peter Urbanski received the honorary title of "Golden Shoe" and the title of top scorer earned Oscar Gede. Valentin Velkea from Temeshuary become the best goalkeeper. The prizes were presented by Iuliia Varchyk, Yuri Verhman and Vyacheslav Oksenenko.

Visit to Lublin 5During the visit, also hosted a meeting with serving sentences in prison Lublin, juvenile offenders. Representatives of the Organization had a talk, told about tournament, wished the guys as much as possible to spend more time studying and sports. Seek solutions to conflict situations, not by force, but the wisdom and compromise.

It was also decided to hold a match meetings in the colony. Now the guys are waiting for the tournament and prepare for it. All the conditions for the matches there. The colony is equipped with everything necessary. Athletic fields, showers, supplies, uniform.

Meeting liked both sides and we hope to bring positive the guys, who are in a difficult situation. Ahead of them whole life

Organization "European Unit" have a lot of work. Tournaments, festivals, round tables and consultations. Obtained in trips experience is invaluable. Thanks to everyone who is not indifferent.

Head of the Organization "European Unit" Iuliia Varchyk

Flag EUFlag TurkeyA working visit of the Organization "European Unit" representatives to Turkey

The two-day working visit to the Turkish capital city Istanbul, the leadership of the "European Unit" has been appointed representative of the Organization in the country and held meetings and negotiations.

Ersin-SenRepresentative office of the Organization "European Unit" in Turkey led Mr. Ersin Shen. Including Mr. Ersin Sheng was appointed head of the committee for work with the public in Turkey.

Turkey Organisation visitDuring meetings and negotiations were considered existing challenges and develop solutions to business issues on the signing of contracts and projects, as well as the appointed date of signing of the memorandum with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey.

The working visit was organized by the Head of Organization "European Unit" Iuliia Varchyk and Deputy Head of Public Relations in Turkey Ersin Şen.

On September 5, 2014 in the capital of Ukraine hosted a forum of Ukrainian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, under the general theme -
"Together with the European business to European values"

ICC ForumForum moderator: Vladimir Mikhailov, secretary general of ICC Ukraine

The Forum provides participants the latest information about new features and major projects to promote business development and dissemination of international trade and cooperation.

In thematic part of the Forum were announced performances: Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the leaders of well-known international organizations, representatives of government and national institutions on the following issues:

  • The expectations of the Ukrainian business on the cooperation with European commodity producers.
  • Improving the business environment in Ukraine for foreign companies.
  • UN Programs for Ukraine.
  • Expansion of bilateral trade-economic and investment cooperation.
  • Anti-Corruption Initiative for Ukrainian business.
  • Advantages of cooperation with the ICC Ukraine


ICC Ukraine Forum participants : representatives of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the diplomatic corps, heads of regional authorities and leading enterprises of Ukraine, foreign visitors and the organization.

Organization "European Unit" was represented by the Head of Organization Iuliia Varchyk, Head of the committee on issues of International organizations Iurii Verkhman and Deputy Head of Organization on Public Relations Viktoria Timoshenko.

Patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine Filaret also spoke at the forum.


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