In the capital of Ukraine awarded the winners of the prestigious soccer tournament "Cup of memory of Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations H. J. Udovenko", which was attended by 16 teams."

Udovenko memory cupThe winning team in the tournament Roger-2, the second place taken by the team Roger, in the struggle for third place won team "Avtosamit." The tournament was held for the second time and was organized by the PO "Sport against drugs", as well as the Committee on work with International organizations, of diplomatic Organization "European Unit".

Organization was represented by Head of committee on the Issues of the International organizations and cooperation in the sphere of youth, culture and sport - Iurii Verkhman.

Organization "European Unit" was one of organizers of the prestigious children's football tournament "Christmas stars", which took place on 20 - 21 December 2014 in Kiev.

European Unit Cristmass tournamentOrganization "European Unit" represented Head of committee on the Issues of the International organizations and cooperation in the sphere of youth, culture and sport Iurii Verkhman.
Company "Gazda" which acted as a partner of the tournament was represented the commercial director - Vyacheslav Oksёnenko, who took an active part in the tournament.

The tournament was attended by eight children football teams of Kiev. During the tournament all the teams showed great game and professionalism, Despite their young age. In the final, the two teams had met "Athlete" and "Star" As a result the team "Athlete" had won. All teams were awarded with diplomas, medals, cups, valuable prizes and gifts.

Congratulations to the winners of the tournament the team "Athlete" We wish all of success and new victories !!!

The Organization "European Unit" helping to bring children grow up healthy and motivated, it also forms the right look for a healthy lifestyle among younger generation since childhood.

The Ukrainian-Azerbaijan cultural and educational center was opened last week in Kiev

The opening ceremony was attended by:Verhman science

  • Rector of KNUTD, professor, Doctor of Economics, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Education in Ukraine, Laureate of the State Award of Ukraine Ivan Mikhailovich Grishchenko;
  • Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Ukraine Eynulla Madatli;
  • Director of the Ukrainian State Centre of International Education MES Irina V. Gagarin;
  • The representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora and leading Azerbaijani scientists working in Ukraine and representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Organization "European Unit"was represented by Deputy Head of Organization for PR in Ukraine - Iurii Verkhman.

Just last week survey on TV took place on the subject - "Ukraine Sport"

Verhman tv

Where employees of the Organization "European Unit" shared their experiences in the development of sports projects in Ukraine with a popular Ukrainian sports journalist Valentin Shcherbachov

13.12.14 Was held the national championship MMA in Plovdiv

mma2vgradeni Loga FINALThe event organized by the Bulgarian Federation of MMA (BFMMA), fighting sport club KA-2 with the support of Organization "European Unit"

The event started at 11:00 in the pavilion №2 "International Fair - Plovdiv"

Official rules of the competition BFMMA (Bulgarian)

MMA Bulgaria 2014Competitions were held at a high professional level, they attended 12 sports clubs in Bulgaria. For the most interesting fights were awarded:

  • Валери Атанасов - Десант Варна 
  • Фердун Османов - Десант Варна 
  • Стилян Иванов - КБПИ Локомотив
  • Горна Оряховица и Томи Борисов - КА-2

More than all gold medals received club "Десант Варна" - five of them and behind it the club "KA-2" with three medals.

Winners were awarded by the representative of the "European Unit" Deputy Head for Legal and PR in Bulgaria Dimitar Dimitrov.


The winners in the weight categories
Кадети 54 кг.
1.Денислав Станиславов - Бойни Спортове Монтана
2.Александър Милков - Титаните Видин
Кадети 58 кг.
1.Мюмюн Челашкан - ММА Хасково
2.Антоан Донев - КБПИ Локомотив Горна Оряховица
3.Доброслав Радев - Марек ММА
Кадети 63 кг.
1.Денислав Хаджиев - Тангра Стара Загора
2.Леонид Тодоров - Бойни Спортове Монтана
3.Иван Тилев - Щурм Пазарджик
Кадети 85 кг.
1.Рафи Кумруян - Щурм Пазарджик
2.Иван Чиликов - Тигър спорт София
Юноши 60 кг.
1.Стоян Бодуров - Щурм Пазарджик
2.Николай Иванов - КБПИ Локомотив Горна Оряховица
3.Стилян Иванов - КБПИ Локомотив Горна Оряховица
Юноши 65 кг.
1.Иван Дългъчев - Тангра Стара Загора
2.Мирослав Димитров - Марек ММА
3.Росен Христов - Тангра Стара Загора
Юноши 70 кг.
1.Фердун Османов - Десант Варна
2.Георги Младенов - Бойни Спортове Монтана
3.Борис Николов - Десант Варна
Юноши 77 кг.
1.Томи Борисов - КА-2
2.Антонио Григоров - Десант Варна
3.Денислав Сурчев - ММА Хасково
Юноши 93 кг.
1.Калоян Кръстев - Титаните Видин
2.Мирослав Иванов - Бушидо Ямбол
3.Светлин Богомилов - Титаните Видин
Мъже 60 кг.
1.Стилян Иванов - КБПИ Локомотив Горна Оряховица
2.Николай Иванов - КБПИ Локомотив Горна Оряховица
Мъже 65 кг.
1.Йордан Чолаков - КА-2
2.Аркан Йорданов - Десант Варна
3.Милен Митков - Титаните Видин
Мъже 70 кг.
1.Фердун Османов - Десант Варна
2.Росен Костадинов - ММА Хасково
3.Васил Бързашки - КА-2
Мъже 77
1.Йово Николов - Десант Варна
2.Иван Гроздев - Десант Варна
3.Станимир Бумбалов - ММА Сопот
Мъже 93
1.Валери Атанасов - Десант Варна
2.Христо Бонев - ММА Хасково
3.Пламен Маринов - ММА Сопот
Мъже 120
1.Даниел Гълъбов - Десант Варна
2.Анатоли Божинов - ММА Сопот
3.Митко Старчев - КА-2
Мъже 120+
1.Васил Агов - КА-2
2.Роберт Василев - Титаните Видин

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