Visit Brussel August 2015The priority of the "European Unit" since the first day of its existence is relationship building and development of work programs, the signing of agreements and memorandums contributing realization of the main goals and objectives of the Organization.

Visit Brussel August 2015 2
In the framework of working visit to Brussels, Belgium in late August was laid implementation of these priorities.

Within two working days it was held a series of meetings and signed a number of activities for the last quarter of 2015.

Organization "European Unit" was represented by the Head of the Organization Iuliia Varchyk and Head of Journalists Association of Organization Zhan Novikov.

PRESSHead of committee on the Issues of the International organizations and cooperation in the sphere of youth, culture and sport Iurii Verkhman gave an interview to Anchorwoman "European Ukraine" Svitlana Mazur during shooting transmission channel UTR.

The main topics for discussion were:

International cooperation of the Public Council of MFA of Ukraine and reforming of physical education and sports

Iurii Verkhman spoke about the activities of the Public Organization "Sport against drugs", and what was discussed at the round table "European opportunities for Ukrainian Youth", which was held at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Of course, the issues under discussion was much more:

Which organizations cooperating with Ukraine today, including international organizations with which Ukraine cooperating in terms of reforms. .. And lots of other interesting information.

Watch the video :

In late June, finished the tournament "For the future of Ukraine" which took place in the format of the Football League, organized by the public organization "Youth Center" History Makers '', led by Fedor Artenyuk.

The objective of the Football League - the promotion of healthy lifestyles, offer alternatives to young people hanging out, development of physical culture and popularization of domestic football in Vinnitsa.


Football League opens opportunities and provides a launching pad for those who want to link their lives with sports (take courses and receive a diploma judge and coach of the football team).

Football League "For the future Ukraine" will be held annually in autumn. In spring and winter will be held the championship of Futsal.

Take part in this league everyone can, it is necessary to assemble a team and submit the application form at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and register it.

Sponsors of football tournament:
«Data Call» - Head Kozhumyaka Alexander.
International Charitable Foundation N.Potopaevoy (representation in the Vinnytsia region) - the head of Dmitry Kostirko.

This tournament was attended by 16 teams (190 people), in the autumn will be attended by 32 teams

The teams on the football field pleased the audience with their play, beautifully scored goals. It was a real fight for the top places. Each team saw itself champion.

    Prizes won:
  1. place - “Call of the heart”
  2. place - “Sparta”
  3. place - “Slavyanka”

Winners received cups, medals and diplomas, as well as holders of 1 place received a prize purse of 1,000 UAH.

sloganWithin the project of the sports events of the Organization "European Unit" - "WE HAVE WINGS ", Head of committee on the Issues of the International organizations and cooperation in the sphere of youth, culture and sport of the "European Unit", member of the Executive Committee of the Football Federation of Kiev Iurii Verkhman with his Deputy Viacheslav Oksonenko - congratulated the team at the closing of the tournament.

And also congratulated the team director of the International Charitable Foundation N.Potopaevoy in Vinnytsia region, Dmitry Kostirko.

The next day, Iurii Verkhman and Viacheslav Oksonenko visited the team captains meeting of tournament League "For the future Ukraine". On which summed up the results of football tournament and discussed approaches, plans and strategies domestic football league in the city of Vinnitsa.

On June 2, the day of memory of Hristo Botev and Bulgarians who died for the independence and liberation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Wreathes and flowers of honor were laid at the monument of Captain Petko Voyvoda in Kiev ...

The action was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Kiev in the person of of the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Bulgaria to Ukraine Mr. Krasimir Minchev and diplomats of the Embassy.

Active participation in event took the Organisation "Friendly Bulgaria" in the person of the chairman Yuri Sedykh, the Organization "Thracian Bulgarians" in the person of Alex Belenski, 293rd Lyceum in the person of Lesia Kostina, representatives of "Rodoljub" and "Rodoljub 1989", Assistant of the Department of Slavic Philology of Kiev National University named after Taras Shevchenko Tatyana Dotsenko, representatives of the Bulgarian community in Kiev and friends of Bulgaria.

The action of laying flowers, was attended by representatives of the "European Unit" in the persons of the Head of Organization Iuliia Varchyk , Head of Journalists Association of Organization Zhan Novikov and employees - Volodymyr Kozlov, Pavlin Stoyanov Plachkov and Kostadin Ivanov Kostadinov.


In his words, in honor of that date, Ambassador Krasimir Minchev recalled the responsibility of the Bulgarian people that carries as a descendant of the great ancestors, whose memory is honored every year on June 2. On their self-sacrifice in honor of prosperity and peaceful coexistence of free Bulgaria. The Ambassador also noted that the importance to observe the tradition is the foundation of prosperity and growth in the future in all civilized countries of the world. At the end of the speech, Ambassador Krasimir Minchev, requested all those present to honor the memory of fallen heroes by a minute of silence.

Word on the occasion of this event has been proposed to the representative of Organization "Friendly Bulgaria" Yuri Sedykh, also representatives of the 293rd Lyceum of Kiev, sang songs in honor of memory of the victims.

Finished international football tournament entitled "For Peace and Unity" in Palanga in Lithuania, which was held with the active participation of representatives of the "European Unit".

LITVA"European Unit" welcomes the holding of such events, the objectives of which coincide with the direction of its diplomatic and public activities. Often it organizes or takes an active part in the events promoting healthy and sporty lifestyle.

These activities also contribute to the strengthening of friendly relations between the countries of participants. In this tournament were competing 8 combined teams of Ukraine, Lithuania and Russia.

4 teams in the composition of which were presented players 35 years of age and 4 teams of the older generation players 50 years and older.

In the best tradition of friendly matches on the football field were dominated the principles of friendship, mutual assistance, as well as the spirit of partnership and unity.

First place taken by the team of veterans, in which the players were from Ukraine and Lithuania. Including veteran of Kiev "Dynamo" Ivan Yaremchuk, who graced the tournament with his play

Especially we want to note our representatives Iurii Verkhman and Viacheslav Oksonenko who have made a significant contribution to the overall victory.


As expected, at the end of the tournament the teams were awarded with cups, medals, prizes and gifts.

But most important is that all participants received a lot of positive emotions and took away with them the smiles and a good mood.

The participants agreed to meet again necessarily in a wider format of the event next year. "European Unit" as well will take part in this event.

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