SPROUT"Sprout" - an alternative kindergarten with the English-language learning environment, which formed and developed the identity of the child from 2 to 6 years.

Like the sprouts that under good care grow into strong trees, children need proper training and education in order to become a full-fledged personality.

The celebration of the 7th anniversary was organized with the support of the "European Unit"

The event was attended by:
The Head of the Organization Iuliia Varchyk and leadership of the Organization Iurii Verkhman, Viacheslav Oksonenko and Oksana Nikolaieva.

SPROUT1Along with the all-round development specialists are helping kindergarten children at an early age easily and naturally learn English. They achieve this through total dipping of children in English-speaking environment. Graduates of kindergarten speak English at a sufficient level to continue the training on the international program with native speakers.

business forum foto 0
VII International investment forum was organized by the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine and took 3 days in November at the International Exhibition Center in Kiev.

On behalf of the Technical Secretariat of the INOGATE (ITS) - a project funded by the EU Head of committee on Development of Energy and ECO projects Oksana Nikolaieva and her deputy Valentina Kuhtik, were invited to participate in a seminar Eco-design on the theme: "The experience of the EU and the first steps of Ukraine" which was organized by the ITS project in the framework of the VII International Investment business Forum on energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

As part of its work on the development of energy and eco-projects in Ukraine, representatives of the relevant committee of the "European Unit" took part in a number of events were held in the course of the business forum. We recall also that the earlier committee had considered the German experience in matters of energy efficiency.

Oksana Nikolayeva and Valentina Kuhtik took part in the round table, which took place on the second day of the Forum, on the theme:

"Lithuania's experience in energy saving"

Were raised such key topics as:business forum foto 1

  • Review of modernization of heat and power sector in Lithuania;
  • Models of financing energy saving projects;
  • The centralized heat supply has become more "green";
  • The benefits of using biofuels.

At the end of the round table, the final word was given to Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Lithuania to Ukraine Marius Janukonis and Deputy Minister of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania Daiva Matonene.

The organizers of the round table were:
State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, the Embassy of Lithuania in Ukraine, the Lithuanian Association of Suppliers of heat.

FC "Dynamo" Kiev once again demonstrated how to implement in practice the slogan of UEFA "no to racism"

football against rasizmNovember 2, 2015 in the Dynamo arena at suburban training base team of fans and team of students of Kiev universities native of African countries, held a friendly match.

Handshake of captains - Sergei Mikhailenko and Christian Elon, their smiles, collective photo on memory - demonstrate a sincere kindness, tolerance and hospitality.

Team Played two halves of 30 minutes. The match was held in a very friendly atmosphere and the final score (2: 2) was proof of that.

Devotees fans of "Dynamo" and African students on this specific match, once again confirmed that racism in football and life couldn't have any place.

The match was organized by the Fan Club of Kiev "Dynamo" in conjunction with the Organization "European Unit", and is a response to an incident that occurred in the twenty-first sector of the stadium NSK "Olympic" during the match, "Dynamo" - "Chelsea".

Organization was represented by:
The Head of the Organization "European Unit" Iuliia Varchyk, Head of Journalists Association of Organization Zhan Novikov and also Head of committee on the Issues of the International organizations and cooperation in the sphere of youth, culture and sport Iurii Verkhman and his deputy Viacheslav Oksonenko.

"When it was suggested to conduct this kind of event, the leadership of Organization with great responsibility attitude to this mission. After all, it is the first objective and goal - restoration and consolidation of friendship between the large number of representatives of all nationalities living in Ukraine", - said Iuliia Varchyk.

"Such meetings are required to be. As before, the priority of the Organization -" was, is and will be" - participation in such actions", - added she.


The main goal of the action "No to racism" is to remind everyone about tolerance and that the Ukrainian are very loyal to the dark-skinned people. And generally to any skin color or eye shape.

"For many years I cooperate with various international organizations in Ukraine and abroad. In particular, Ukraine has a very nice, good attitude to the guys who are studying or working here", - says Iurii Verkhman

According to him, in September 2015, in Ukraine is studying more than sixty-three thousand foreigners, most of them, namely three and a half thousand, the representatives of Nigeria.

"Football now performs very good mission - it brings people together from around the world. Today on the football field playing Africans from several countries, together with the Ukrainian guys. It is good that there is agreement, positive, good emotions", - reported Yuri.

Yuri says that the problem of racism in Ukrainian reality is far-fetched, but isolated incidents have happen, however It is not a trend: "As to the incident at the match, I think it was an accident, a misunderstanding. Because people are different. No need to judge a whole country or all people, per one battle".

l fans dyn africaPlaying team coach of Africans team Diyanda Harry, agrees to this view. He is also a fan of "Dynamo":

"At the stadium I go as a fan of" Dynamo ", buy a ticket, like everyone else. Too bad that this happened in the neighboring me 21st sector, but that's life. I believe that such an incident would not happen again. In fact, to me, the attitude was good, friendly, in our sector, nothing much happened. My friends and I sat quietly, talked", - told Harry Diyanda.

Harry assures that after the incident in the twenty-first sector of the stadium he will goes there again, because what happened is more disorderly conduct, and not racism.

"Negative events in the stands must be rooted out, so people would not afraid to come to the stadium by families with children. Support is important for team when tribunes on every match are filled. Play without the support very hard - about it the players say themselves ", - underscored Sergei Mikhailenko.

The head of the official fan club of "Dynamo" Sergei Mikhailenko appreciated the principles of the match:

"I like this football that it's fast and dynamic. Even when there is competition on the field, the principle of fair play is always in action, there is no racism. And the game is a symbol of the fact that such an event that occurred at the NSC "Olympic" - a phenomenon that goes beyond. This play we want to prove that the fans can communicate with each other and competing for the victory only in fair competition"

Organization "European Unit" in its work on the development of energy and eco-projects in Ukraine carries out constant monitoring of the market of renewable and energy efficient technologies, acquainted with both the European and Ukrainian experience in the industry.

Head of committee on Development of Energy and ECO projects Oksana Nikolaieva marks the most promising areas and personally attended some special events, conferences, seminars.

In October, was held a conference organized by the National Association of Ukraine for the heat pump. The conference topic:

"Heat pumps in buildings and cities of Ukraine"

heat pumpsThis is the third conference of this organization that was held in Kiev in the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of NASU.

Conference was organized by: Institute of Engineering Thermophysics NASU, Journal "Heat pumps", Energy Service Company "Ecological Systems".

The main objectives of the conference were:

  • Presentation of National Association of Ukraine for the heat pump, its program and the founders;
  • Attracting the attention of international financial institutions and donors to new vectors of modernization of buildings and cities in Ukraine on the basis of renewable energy;
  • Creating an information site for the annual meetings, sharing of experiences and building partnerships in the field of heat pumps usage;

38 out of 168 attended participants made 30 reports

biomassEarlier, in September, at the initiative of the Institute of bioenergy crops and sugar beet NAS of Ukraine, in Kiev passed a seminar and discussion on the topic:

"Features of the regulatory and legal framework and tools to stimulate the production of biogas in Germany"

This event was attended by over 25 interested specialists and experts in the field of alternative biofuels and research staff of NASU. Oksana Nikolaeva also took part in the discussion, in which they discussed the possibility of applying the German experience of using the biogas also in Ukraine, legal and technical aspects.

Under aegis of the Organization "European Unit" opened the center of social rehabilitation and adaptation "Sofiyskiy"

The center is located in Fastov's district of Kiev region. The opening took place in late October in the presence of community of settlements Kozhanka and Sofievka.

In just four months the ruins of a former rural home of culture turned into a modern rehabilitation center, which has everything what need: a space for training and lodging, conference room, dining room, household rooms.

Appointment of Centre - helping people who suffer from drug and other kinds of dependence; psychological and social adaptation of soldiers returning from the area of the ATO.

A separate direction, which runs parallel - prevention work with school children, organization of leisure time for children and adults.

Rehabilitation Center

In establishment of this center from idea to realization participated directly and take responsibility:

Head of committee on the Issues of the International organizations and cooperation in the sphere of youth, culture and sport Iurii Verkhman and his deputy Viacheslav Oksonenko.

"Now Ukrainians more then ever need human relation to itself, attention and care. And the newly established rehabilitation center is an investment in a healthy nation, because we are not indifferent what kind of society we live in and how our children will grow up. Together, we have to take responsibility, and collectively change the country ", - noted Iurii Verkhman

Also as part of the working trip, Iurii Verkhman and Viacheslav Oksonenko visited the house of a family type. In which on the upbringing of Valentina Shamrai are 7 children deprived of custody of their parents. Organization "European Unit" rendered all possible assistance in the form of food supplies for the winter period.

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