Conference on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Organization "Sport against drugs"

At the end of the year, within the framework of the solemn event was hosted the awards ceremony of the teams, players, coaches, community leaders, as well as a festive concert and banquet.

The conference was attended by representatives of the Ukrainian Football Federation, Football Federation of Kyiv, the Penitentiary Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, the UN Global Compact, the Public Council under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Veterans of Dynamo Kiev, the Institutes of Public Relations and other organizations.


Organization "European Unit" jointly with the "Sport against drugs" - based football clubs, "Freedom", "Maximus", "Andreevskiy" which are participate in competitions of the championship in Kiev. Created League "Football against drugs".

Today, the League has 20 teams of centers of rehabilitation and re-socialization. During the years of activity in the events organized by the League involved more than 3,000 people.

The organization "European Unit" jointly with the Organization "Sport against drugs" regularly organize matches in places of detention. Meetings are held between the serving sentences and members of social organizations. For 10 years, 200 matches were held.

Opened a rehabilitation center for alcoholics and drug dependent patients, where the patients undergoing a rehabilitation program, becoming full citizens of society.


Organization "Sport against drugs" was awarded by honorary award of the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports "for public activities", gratitude of Football Federation of Ukraine "For Merits", thanked of the Penitentiary Service of Ukraine "For special contribution to the construction of the criminal-executive service of Ukraine".

Among many awards, handed in this festive evening, four were awarded both the Organization "European Unit" and its members.

Awards were presented by the President of the Football Federation of Kyiv, Igor Kochetov.


  1. The team of the Organization "European Unit" in the person of the Head of Organization Iuliia Varchyk, was awarded the Certificate of honor from the Football Federation of Ukraine, for their help in the creation of motion - "Football for life without drugs and crime".
  2. Vice President of the Football Federation of Ukraine Vadim Kostyuchenko, gave thanks to the Organization and personally to Iurii Verkhman, on the occasion of 10 years anniversary and activities.
  3. Viacheslav Oksonenko and Aleksandr Katsman awarded the Medal of Merit of the 3rd degree of the Football Federation of Kiev.
As before "European Unit", actively establish and take part in various social projects under the aegis of the Organization based sports movement - We all have wings, but a few of us knows how to use them...

Chicago (USA), November 26-27, passed the international tournament "Legends Cup 2016"


The competition was attended by eight teams from the United States and Ukraine. Besides national team of veterans Ukraine was represented by Odessa "Chernomorets". Other teams from various US cities - "Dynamo" (Los Angeles), "Karpaty" (Connecticut), "Chicago Connection", "Chicago United", veterans of the Polish and veterans of the Bulgarian Football.

Lcup 2016

It is interesting to note that the tournament was a real celebration of Ukrainian football on American soil. As a part of all teams were Ukrainian players, except the last two.

Into the national team of Ukraine on "Legends Cup" became stars of Ukrainian football of recent decades: Miron Markevich, Viktor Moroz, Edward Tsihmeystruk, Ivan Yaremchuk, Sergei Nagornyak, Vladimir Jezierski, Vitaly Kosovskiy, Andrey Donets, Vitaliy Reva, Andrei Oksimets, Sergei Bezhenar, Alexander Prizetko, Vitaly Samoilov, Dmitry Pinchuk, Vyacheslav Svidersky. Coaches Anatoly Demyanenko, Vladimir Lozinski.

At the end of the tournament the first place took the team of veterans of Ukrainian football, the second place was taken by "Chicago Connection", and the third went to "Chicago United".

On the international tournament Organization "European Unit" was represented by Head of committee for PR in USA Aleksandr Katsman

Lcup 2016 2

logoUnder aegis of the Organization "European Unit", in Zakarpattya region, in the urban village named after V.Bychkov finished The International Children's Football Tournament for the Cup of Honored Master of Sports I.Yaremchuk.

In the tournament participated 8 teams from Hungary, Romania, Odessa region, Fastov, White Church, Kiev. Victory in this tournament, won the team from Hungary.

One of the organizers of the tournament was the NGO "Sport against drugs". This tournament was held for the 5th time and has become a tradition, in anticipation of which are not only local residents, but also all the young people in the area.

The organizers of the event expressed gratitude to all friends and partners for their assistance in this tournament.



As part of the International Tournament was held and a football match between the local team and the veterans of Ukrainian football.

The Organization was represented by Head of the Committee on International organizations and cooperation in the field of youth, culture and sports, Iurii Verkhman.


The tournament, which took place in the urban village. V.Bychkov was timed to coincide with the 643rd anniversary of the founding of the village. In this connection it was also held chess tournament among children and youths.

In the capital of Ukraine were awarded the winners of the prestigious football tournament:

Memory Cup small"Memorial Cup of Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations H. J. Udovenko"

In tournament, which was held for the third time and has become a tradition, took part 16 teams.

The tournament was organized by the committee on the Issues of the International organizations and cooperation in the sphere of youth, culture and sport of diplomatic Organization "European Unit". From the Organization was present, Head of the Committee - Iurii Verkhman.

SPROUT"Sprout" - an alternative kindergarten with the English-language learning environment, which formed and developed the identity of the child from 2 to 6 years.

Like the sprouts that under good care grow into strong trees, children need proper training and education in order to become a full-fledged personality.

The celebration of the 7th anniversary was organized with the support of the "European Unit"

The event was attended by:
The Head of the Organization Iuliia Varchyk and leadership of the Organization Iurii Verkhman, Viacheslav Oksonenko and Oksana Nikolaieva.

SPROUT1Along with the all-round development specialists are helping kindergarten children at an early age easily and naturally learn English. They achieve this through total dipping of children in English-speaking environment. Graduates of kindergarten speak English at a sufficient level to continue the training on the international program with native speakers.

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